Fate of The Vampire Diaries, as revealed by the CW!!

May 19,2016

For all TVD fans, this year was nothing less than a roller coaster ride! From news coming in and ...Read more

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News Confirmed Finally: Nina Dobrev is coming back to The Vampire Diaries

May 18,2016

Did you see it? Nina Dobrev specially appeared in the season 7 finale of “The Vampire Dairies&...Read more

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Here’s all that you need to know about Nina Dobrev’s cameo in TVD season 7 finale

May 16,2016

Before we begin, here’s a heads up: Apart from some surprising news, this article contains spo...Read more

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The Vampire Diaries Ending Confirmed by Julie Plec and Ian Somerhalder!!

Apr 29,2016

Whether The Vampire Diaries’ is ending or not, this news is pretty soon for us to tell!  ...Read more

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Will Vampire Diaries Season 8 be our last chance to bid farewell to the Mystic Fall’s finest?

Apr 26,2016

A week earlier, TVD’s side actor, Kate Graham, who plays Benny Bonnet in the series, confessed...Read more

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12 Reasons Why We Can Never Be Ready to Bid Farewell to the Mystic falls Finest!

Apr 22,2016

From epic romance to killer drama, this series has been keeping us on the edge of our seats since 20...Read more

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Vampire Diaries Season 8, brings a promising DELENA baggage, excited much?

Apr 18,2016

Season 6 ended as a huge blow for TVD fans when they found out Nina Dobrev, who plays Elena in the s...Read more

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Spoiler Alert: The Vampire Dairies Season 8 teasers have caught some serious attention

May 20,2016

Matt Donovan has left behind the threatening, dark world of Mystic Falls in order to continue with h...Read more

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The Vampire Diaries: Will Nina Dobrev Return for the Series finale?

Jan 23,2017

The fans of Vampire Diaries are confused these days about the comeback of popular TV star Nina Dobre...Read more

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The Vampire Diaries: TVD Finale to Feature Nina Dobrev

Jan 27,2017

Fans of Vampire Diaries may be sad at the forthcoming demise of the long running show but there is c...Read more

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Things are Getting Emotional As Nina Dobrev is Back on The Vampire Diaries Set

Jan 30,2017

After an absence of almost two seasons, Nina Dobrev has finally returned to the sets of The Vampire ...Read more

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The Vampire Diaries

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