About Upsmash

About Upsmash

Up Smash is a world leading lifestyle website appealing to people of all ages.

At Up Smash, we bring you the very latest trends, news and information on a wide variety of subjects, such as dating, food, diy, health, humor, life, weddings, music, women, men, travel, entertainment and much more. Whether you are looking to be inspired by an interesting article, the latest celeb gossip or you simply want to sit back, relax and read some good quality digital content, with Up Smash, you really are spoiled for choice because we are constantly adding new content to our site, which means that we are the number one platform for many people around the world!

Founded in 2013 where our website initially related solely to The Vampire Diaries and Game of Thrones, Up Smash has since taken the world by storm and we are now regarded as a premier source of digital entertainment by our many fans throughout the world who simply love to share our exciting posts on numerous social media sites!

At Up Smash, we like to do things a little differently in that we always ensure that our posts are relevant and highly entertaining for our readers. This is why you will often find a Up Smash article, post, listicle or video going viral on social media networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or Google+!

The Up Smash team is incredibly passionate about bringing a smile to your face (and, even better, making our burst out with laughter). We also absolutely love bringing you posts with innovative information and facts to stimulate your brain so that you will walk away from your computer, mobile phone or tablet knowing much more than you did before.

With a wealth of experience in creating the most amazing content, the highly skilled team here at Up Smash is dedicated to delivering you, our valued site visitor, a great online experience at all times. When visiting Up Smash, you will therefore be guaranteed to never ever be bored, unstimulated or find posts that you would find else where on the web.

At Up Smash, we believe that spending time reading our humor, life, diy, entertainment and music posts should never be time wasted! In fact, if you need to pass some time (for example, you are stuck in a boring meeting, you don’t feel like studying or you need to pass some time during a long and tedious bus or plane trip), reading our comprehensive selection of articles and listicles will be sure to not be classified as time wasted!

So, what are you waiting for? Become a member of the Up Smash family today by reading your first post! It’s highly addictive!

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