10 Hacks about How to Find a Right Husband

People say couples are made up in heaven and soul mates are matched up in the 7th sky!Our God has paired us with the love of our life and all we have to do is wait for them to appear in front of us like magic….

NO!! Your life isn’t a Disney movie!

Here we discuss How to Find a Husband who’d come on a beautiful black horse and sweep you off your feet, then sweetheart, you’re about to get a serious reality check.

Your future husband is probably begging for a job or breaking up with his current girlfriend right now….. In fact, he may even be proposing to a new girl for all we know and if you think waiting is all you have to do till he comes up to you and you live your happily ever after THEN darling snap out of your dreams because you’re surely not cinderella and he’s definately not a rich kings son.

Dear ladies! Being a woman, I know how much we dream and pray for a good husband. Especially after watching our high school sweet hearts getting divorced and the happiest couple in town getting separated, it has become no less than a phobia to find the right man and I don’t blame our expectations for that. Maybe men can afford marrying more than once but with the kind of a strict job market out there for women, I wouldn’t want to spend lacs on my makeup again!

For a woman to get married means sacrifice. She leaves her home, let’s down her shield, accepts a new house which may be completely different from the one she was raised in, builds it for the comfort of her husband and most of all becomes a mother. This does not mean it comes any easy for men. Indeed, men go through their own kind of struggle but they may not have to sacrifice as much as a woman.

Marriage is a choice. We choose the one we want to spend eternity with For eternity to be the way we had always imagined, we must choose wisely


10 Tips about How to Find a Husband



1) Take your time

Dear daughter, please don’t rush!. If you marry because of pressure, even if the guy is absolutely amazing, you will loathe this relationship, because it was a decision made under stress and not a decision that came from the heart. Remind yourself that marriage involves the life of two people, so if one makes a healf hearted decision, it’s going to ruin two lives and not one. For those who’re already in relationships, get to know him better. Wait till you’re absolutely sure that he’s the one.

2) Go for the books, not the looks

Looks will fade away with age, but what will remain forever is his knowledge and intellect. If a good-looking, tall, dark and handsome man is absolutely gaga in the head then he might as well be ugly.

3) Let not fear decide for you

If you’re 25 and not married, you’re probably busy building your career or jumping into the deep blue sea with your best friends. Both of which are great things to be done but at the same time, watching all your batch mates get engaged may be bothering you silently.

Are you afraid of being left alone? Indeed loneliness is depressing but don’t let your phobias force you into making a baseless decision and tying knots with someone you would’ve never wanted to.

4) Get rid of the word “perfect”

This word only sounds nice when it comes out of simon cowells classy accent. Other than that, it’s just an unrealistic imagination that we create in our heads. It’s an illusion! There is no such thing as a perfect husband! Look for a partner who has flaws because ….so do YOU. What matters is how real he is around you and how real can you be around him. Perfection is not fun.

5) Respect

Mr Amari soul writes in his book Reflections of a Man

“ he could have the right face, the right smile, with the right job, making the right amount of money, but if he doesn’t love and respect you he’s still the wrong man for you”

Never settle for someone who treats you like you’re his possession. Being a good husband, a man must respect that you’re an entity in yourself and that you must be treated with high regard.

6) Mental compatibility


Can you two sit in a room for hours without killing each other? If yes, then he may be the one!

Mental compatibility doesn’t mean you have to reach his IQ level or he has to reach yours. It means both of you have the patience to accept that your opinions may differ and that it’s okay to think differently as far as you share your heart and soul out to him. He can also make you feel comforted that helps you get over the situation that you’re juggling with.

7) Mental and financial stability

Many of you might disagree but marriage is half way an emotional decision and half way a practical one. If the man you’re looking into is lazy and lives on his father’s money than there’s a lot you may want to re consider.

I’m not saying he has to be rich. NO, not at all. He just has to have the passion to achieve greatness so that he can take care of you and the future children. More than financial stability, emotional stability is important. Asses his emotions. See how he tackles stressful situations. Does he snap for no reason? It’s hard to live with a man who has anger issues. Chose a man who can balance his emotions or choose a man whose emotions you can handle

8) Family and friends

Marriage is not just a knot between the man and the woman but it’s a binding between both the families. Choose a man whose family loves and respects you as much as he does and tell yourself that you must love and respect them the same way. As far as the friends are concerned, although we may think that at the time of marriage men are smart enough to not get manipulated, but friends can be harmful. Get to know them, make them comfortable around you and make yourself comfortable around them.

“if he doesn’t changes the way he treats you when he’s around his friends, he either hasn’t been keeping it real with them or her hasn’t been keeping it real with you” Amari soul.

9) Habits

In the beginning, his messiness and craziness may feel and look cute but in the longer run, they will be the most annoying things ever. Choose a man you’re ready to get annoyed for.

10) Does he like the way you are or the way you aren’t?

The last and the most important thing to see in a good husband is does he accept you the way you are or are you faking it with him as well? If the man you’re going to share the bed with cannot accept you for your imperfections, is he really the one? If he complements you when you’re perfectly dressed and doesn’t look at you the same way when you’re in your pj’s, is he really worth it?

Dear women, marriage is a big decision not just for you but for your husband and most importantly your children to come. Embrace your marriage and don’t expect the man to control it all for you. It’s a two way relationship; work through your part so he can do his.

Most of all learn to forgive. No matter what, it’s inevitable to not fight, what’s important is overlooking the mistakes and forgiving each other. As far as the men who’re reading this, truth is she’s not difficult, she just wants you to look at her as if she was the only one you’d ever want to be with.

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