15 Halloween Makeup Ideas to Try This Year

What’s Halloween without some crazy? HOLLOWEEN!

The night of the unleashed spirits is right around the corner. WHAT DAMN! 2016 is like a kid who’s rushing to the washroom coz’ he’s been holding his pee for too long!

It’s kinda scary! Is the world about to end?

Kidding, folks!

Nah I’m just being dramatic, trying to get into the Halloween mode. Speaking of witch! (Pun intended) have you decided your look yet?

What? Is that a NO?

Do you know that the spirits are listening?

Halloween is one of the most awaited events of the year. The air has it; some people plan their Halloween makeup looks & Halloween Costumes Ideas months before. Most of these creative stylists are usually the girls (trying to either win their ex back or scare the sh** out of them.)

Here’s what I think! Why waste money on some corny Halloween costume that you’ll probably donate or discard? How about creating art on the face that really counts on Halloween 2016!

So if that’s what you’re looking for, you’re at the right place!


15 Cool Halloween Makeup Looks

1. Snapchat filter!

Who would’ve thought?

After years of the same old super-hero gambit, I have decided to go snapchat this time! These filters are super chic and easy to do! All you need is glitter and colours (and patience to get it right!)


2. Daenerys Targaryen (Game of thrones)

If you are a GOT fan, how dare you not think about this before? Just because we are on a break DOES NOT mean you start cheating with vampires and Cinderella OKAY!


3. Maleficent

Has any woman pulled off horns like maleficent ever before? I don’t think so! Sharpen your cheekbones by contouring and rub your lips with a smoking red color, ta-daa!


4. Morticia Adams (The Adams Family)

If you’re looking for an icy-yet-seductive look; Morticia is your lady of the day.=!

2 teaspoons of pale, 5 spoons of contouring, 2 cups of shimmery eyes and lots and lots gallons of class. This is what you need to slay this Halloween!


5. Cruella!

There’s a thin line between Cruella and Clownella. Beware of that! ………Rest is easy, of course.

Tip: Focus on the eyebrows and hair (she’s obvious otherwise)



When words conceal, eyes reveal.

Funk up those batty eyes with the touch of originality and grab a mask from your closest store.

You could paint a mask, but sweat and BLACK paint aren’t a very good relationship after all! So choose wisely.


7. Joker

Thanks to Suicide Squad, we have a new (ahem sexy) joker in town and I can bet many men out there are ready to grab that look this Halloween!

Fake tattoos, lots of paint, your girlfriends red lips, and just maybe a little bit of Harley Quin madness on the side?


8.  Walking Dead Style

The white zombie lens is the key to your ultimate dead look! Along with which, you will need paint, old clothes deported to being used as house cleaning trash and a face cut open (if you’re a fan) YOU BETTER BE A FAN!


9. Jack Sparrow

The most effortless look every damn year! Grab a wig and the captains’ famous eye!


10. Pop Art Inspired by Comic books!

Go Marvel this Halloween with a fancy costume and only little bit of makeup; that too if needed!


11. Damon Salvatore? Anybody?

Can we have a few Damon Salvatores in the room, please? I’m ready to have a few bites on the neck (last I checked my blood count was adequate and healthy)

And since Elena is dead……. you know what I’m saying *winks*


12. Mr Chaplin

A hat, Hitlers’ moustache, the typical Charlie dress code, and a fair amount of laughter.

You’re good to go, my friend!


13. Dead Man Walking

Skinny people are skeletons none the less (no offence though, I’m skinny too-let’s face it). You all should be proud to be fat and skelly!

That would be real-bad fun! (As zombies, I mean)


14. Good Cop Bad Cop

Every Halloween party deserves a smoking hot cop! All you need is a uniform and class.


15. Harley Quinn

Literally all you have to do is wear the life of a last year student on your face and hair. Messy yet sexy (coz them adult hormones you know)

Ditch the good-old sexy nurse or vampirella costume and try something completely new this Halloween! Challenge the crazy in you and attempt your least probably Halloween makeup ideas!

Because it’s better to be absolutely crazy than absolutely boring-Monroe