‘Close the windows else mosquitos will enter the house’, ‘wear long sleeves while going to the park else you can get a mosquito bite’ and ‘moisturize your skin before going to bed as it will prevent mosquitos from sucking on your blood.’ These are some of the few statements that almost everyone has heard from their mothers. After all, mothers are naturally known to be so over protective about their children and especially when it comes to mosquito bites.

Mosquito bites can be defined and recognized as the itchy bumps that evidently appear on the skin and various parts of one’s body as a result of a mosquito biting them. Moreover, they tend to do so by injecting their mouthpiece on one’s skin and sucking out the blood found in there. However, such mosquito bites can be termed as harmless but it does lead to redness, swelling and loads of itching. Furthermore, some mosquitos can turn out to be very harmful and even fatal to the human body as they carry various viruses and parasites along with them. Such as malaria, yellow fever and other brain infections too.

You can easily recognize mosquito bites if your skin is swelling, it has bumps and blisters, hives, redness and extreme itching, However, if you never knew effective home remedies for mosquito bites to treat these then this won’t be the case anymore as now you’ll be opened to quick, easy and effective home remedies that will help cure such mosquito bites within no time. Just continue reading below.

“Are you sick of itching over the large and hard lumps on your skin which are a result of the mosquito bites? Not anymore.”

15. Aloe Vera

Give yourself a soothing mosquito bite relief with amazing Aloe Vera. Where ever you read and whatever you read regarding home remedies for various and differentiated purposes you’ll definitely find Aloe Vera, even if not in all of them but in most of them. Although it has spiky edges but if handled with care, the pulp and gel found inside it helps a great deal. It’s used as a skin glowing, cleaning agent and as a perfect remedy to treat damaged hair as well. Moreover, Aloe Vera is termed as an amazing remedy to combat against mosquito bites. It will further work towards healing the bump and providing a relief from the itching and swelling which are caused as a result of the bite.

  • Just extract the gel from the Aloe Vera stem.
  • Next, gently massage it on the infected region.
  • You can even eat the gel directly or drink its juice for effective results.
  • All of the three can tend to provide a quick escape from the mosquito bite.

14. Toothpaste

‘Oh you got scratch? Apply toothpaste’; ‘Is it burning? Apply toothpaste’ or ‘Are you suffering from a mosquito bite or want to know how to get rid of mosquito bites? Apply toothpaste quick.’ These are some of the statements that one tends to hear at home when they’ve fallen prey to any of the three mentioned above. Furthermore, toothpaste consists of mint, peppermint and menthol which results in providing you with a soothing cool sensation once applied on the affected area. Consequently, you’ll be free from all sorts of burning sensations.

  • Your brain will end up liking the cooling feeling and will eventually give up on the itching and burning sensation.
  • Later, the inner element of the toothpaste will make you get over your swelling soon enough.

13. Onion

Dear readers, an onion can turn out to be much more beneficial for you other than just working for culinary purposes. Although it will bring tears to your eyes but along with those tiny droplets you’ll soon be familiarized to tasty food buds on one end and getting rid of mosquito bites on the other. Furthermore, it will quite efficiently work towards extracting the harmful sting out of the mosquito bite on your skin. All that you’re required to do for a quick mosquito bite relief is,

  • Chop an onion into equal round slices.
  • Place one of the slices on the affected area.
  • Let it be until the itching subsides and you feel comfortable.
  • Later, wash it off thoroughly.

12. Tea Bags

It’s actually a sealed bag which consists of tea leaves and is used to brew several sorts of beverages. Apart from using tea bags as an essential item for treating dark circles at home, they can even be used to help cure mosquito bites. Now you know that you can treat itchy and irritable mosquito bites pretty easily just by,

  • Placing an old yet cold tea bag on the area where the mosquito has singed.
  • Let it be for ‘round 10 minutes.
  • Continue with it until you feel evident relief.

11. A Dab of Honey

So Winnie-The-Pooh is not just going to be the only honey lover from now because once you get an insight to the benefits of honey I’m sure that you’ll hold on to it for the rest of your life as well. All praises to God that he created honey bees that further created this liquid which is sweet as sugar and which carries loads and loads of merits by its side. Furthermore, it’s an excellent remedy to treat mosquito bites too because of the anti-septic element present in it. Moreover, it’s antibacterial too and can certainly stop the bite from turning out to be infectious. All these benefits make honey one of the best home remedies for mosquito bites.

  • Take a small amount of honey.
  • Gently massage it on the infected area.
  • Later, wash it off so that you don’t further attract any other mosquitos or bees towards its sweetness!

10. Ice-Cubes

‘Oh you seem to have a swollen eye, go ice it’, ‘Fell down and got a hard bump? Ice it’ or ‘Had an awful mosquito bite on your face? Ice it before it causes any further harm.’ Consequently, ice is known to be an effective remedy to cure a mosquito bite because it can easily tighten the blood vessels and doesn’t spread out inflammatory elements any further making the skin numb leading to less itching as a result of it. So make sure to use this simple mosquito bite relief to relieve from pain.

“Now you can be relieved of not having an anti-allergy or applying expensive ointments and creams to heal mosquito bites. Now all of this can be done just by sitting at home.”

9. White Vinegar

Learn how to get rid of mosquito bites using vinegar. White vinegar is a liquid which contains a combination of water and acetic acid. Moreover, it can be used for various purposes per the user’s requirement. White vinegar is very essential for treating mosquito bites as well! As it contains acetic acid then it certainly has minor acidic points which can turn out to be an efficient help which can be used in order to block or tone down itching caused by the mosquito bite. You can use it in the following ways,

  • Pour and dab it onto particular affected regions and rub it over.
  • Otherwise, pour a bit into a bath of lukewarm water and take out some time for yourself and relax in the lukewarm bath. This way you’ll get added benefits i.e. of being cured form a mosquito bite and having a warm bath to relax for some time in.

8. Spoon

Hello cutlery lovers! Aren’t spoons supposed to be the best in the cutlery set? Well certainly! They come in all designs, color schemes and sizes. Spoons are a part of the cutlery set which enhance the look of the dinner table and on the other end are specifically useful while dining as well. Furthermore, just like they can be used to straighten your hair when your straightening iron has broken down they can even help cure a mosquito bite too. Yes it’s true; you can definitely tone down the itchiness of a bug bite by applying a warm spoon to the affected area.

7. Salt Paste

Talking about the best home remedies for mosquito bites, this one is very effective one. Apart from its culinary uses, salt can be used to treat mosquito bites as well. However, if you didn’t know that as yet but it does a great deal in extracting the harmful sting of your body and safeguarding you against it. Come to think of it, even I never thought of the fact that the cure to a mosquito bite would be hidden in the small jar of my kitchen cabinet. Moreover, it’s a good anti-mosquito bite agent because it consists of anti-septic and anti-inflammatory elements.

  • Begin by creating a salt paste.
  • In order to make a salt paste, mix water and table salt together.
  • Later, apply that paste on the infected area.
  • You can even make a different paste by mixing together garlic salt, seasoning salt and water equally.
  • Next, apply it on the affected region.
  • However it will burn in the beginning but will be back to normal soon after.
  • Natural salt found on the beach can be considered as an effective option too.

6. Minced Garlic

Yes, a cure to your mosquito bite is found in your vegetable basket too! It’s in the form of freshly bought white colored garlics. It will further help in reducing the swelling and itchiness which is a caused by the awful mosquito bite. Furthermore, it has a strong smell which will push away the mosquitos or bugs even from coming near you. For a quick mosquito bite relief, all you need to do is,

  • Mince a bit of garlic cloves.
  • Apply it directly on the infected area.
  • Let it be for 15 minutes or so.
  • Later, wash it off thoroughly.

5. Lemon

Learn this amazing lemon remedy, If you really want to know how to get rid of mosquito bites. Be it lime, lemonade, lemon juice or even raw lemon chunks all of them are recognized to be rich in and full of anti-inflammatory and acidic properties. Since lemon consists of such elements that’s why it’s known to be very beneficial for combating against mosquito bites as well. All that you’re required to do is,

Quick link = Benefits of lemon water

  • Chop a lemon into two.
  • Rub the inner side on the infected area.
  • You can rub the lemon peel against your skin too.
  • Sprinkle the lemon juice over the bite so that no infection is further caused.
  • You can even apply lemon juice and crushed basil leaves together for an effective result.

4. Rub Alcohol

Alcohol is widely recognized as a bug poison because of its antiseptic and anti-inflammatory elements. Furthermore, it can be used to tone down the irritation and irritable feeling caused by a mosquito bite and can even prevent against an infection. However, you’ll feel a sting once it’s rubbed against the hard bump but even that will help you distract from the irritation and pain. It’s not necessary that you have to use a strong and hard alcohol but you can even substitute it with alcohol found in hand sanitizers, mouthwashes and perfumes. You’re required to,

  • Dab a small amount of alcohol on a cotton bud.
  • Next, apply it on the affected region.
  • And you’ll soon be escaped from the itching and swelling caused by the mosquito bite.

3. Soothing Basil

So basil leaves won’t be used just for culinary purposes only such as including them as an ingredient while cooking lasagna, spaghetti, noodles and others. Dear ladies, don’t think that it is meant to be limited until the horizons of your kitchen only but it has many other uses too, one of which is treating mosquito bites. This is the case because basil consists of certain chemicals inclusive of camphor as well which is a good escape to provide against itchiness, redness, irritation and bumps caused by mosquito and bug bites. Moreover, camphor has a cooling affect similar to that of menthol which soothes the bumps caused. All these health benefits make basil leaves one of the best home remedies for mosquito bites.

2. Aspirin

The Aspirin pills serve a wide purpose inclusive of curing mosquito bites too. Moreover, it’s rich with anti-inflammatory elements which can lower down the swelling which is a consequence of the mosquito or bug bite. All you have to do to get a quick mosquito bite relief is,

  • Grind or crush the Aspirin tablets into powder form.
  • Next, add a small amount of water to it so that a paste is made of it.
  • Then apply that paste on the infected region and let it be for quite some time, even an hour or two.
  • Later, thoroughly wash it off with lukewarm water.
  • Or just directly apply the Aspirin after rubbing the infected area with water.

1. Dry Soap Bar

Got a mosquito bite? Have a bar of soap in your wash room? Then all you need to do is apply the soap directly on the infected region. This will further help in getting rid of the itching sensation but be sure to thoroughly clean it off with water after applying it on the mosquito bite. This is one of the simplest home remedies for mosquito bites you can use at home.


  • Apply a moisturizer before going to sleep.
  • Lit anti-mosquito coils at intervals.
  • Install mosquito killer machines in every room and switch them on when you’re in the room. However, turn it off when you aren’t.
  • Regularly have fumigation done at your place.
  • Spray mosquito killers on every alternate day.


  • Avoid sitting in the garden or going in the balcony right after sunset, that’s when mosquitoes are prepared to attack you.
  • Don’t sit in the garden at night wearing sleeveless as this will make a way for them to attack and bite at your skin.
  • Avoid leaving the door open.
  • Try not to dine-out at places which are in open air when the mosquito viral is at a peak, prefer a covered area instead.