Today women are more conscious about how they look than ever before and not a single deficiency is acceptable. From Marilyn Monroe to Kim Basinger and Anglina Jolie, each celebrity has one common attraction and that is their glossy pink lips which complement their personalities. Lips are most striking feature of face of a human especially women, so they are always concern about their lip health and glow.

Every woman is beautiful and has beautiful lips but different factors from our adopted lifestyle damages the health of lips and made them dark. These factors could be:

  • sun rays
  • excessive use of low material cosmetics
  • and regular smoking

Once lips turn dark, they look dull, cold and unpleasant and steal the confidence of women. Obviously you cannot always wear lipstick or use lip glosses to look beautiful. A little care, out of your busy schedules, is required to make you beautiful by making your lips healthy and pink again. You must be wondering that now I will tell you a long list of products under expensive labels to get rid of dark lips. No I am not going to do that, rather I have some very useful and less expensive home remedies through which you can earn your confidence back and smile like a princess. Some home remedies which can bright up your lips with little effort are listed below.

15. Lemon juice

Out of so many health benefits of lemon, skin care is also one of the major benefits. Many cosmetic products in market have lemon in their product elements. Lemon, when applied to a skin part, restores its glow. A right amount of lemon, when applied to dark lips, have positive effects on the health of lips and restores their actual glow and pinkness. So if you’re wondering how to get pink lips, make sure to use this lemon remedy.

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Following are some tips to apply lemon on lips:

  • Cut lemon in two pieces.
  • Squeeze a part of lemon and store its juice in some pot.
  • Take a small amount of juice on your finger and rub it on your lips.
  • For improvement, do it before sleeping and clean your lips with warm water in morning.
  • Repeat the same procedure every night.

Note: For better results and shine you can mix honey with lemon juice and apply this paste to lips, instead of just lemon juice.

14. Honey

Honey is nature’s gift for human which is produced by bees with help of nectar from flowers. It has some natural qualities which makes it different.

  • Its antibacterial property prevents allergies.
  • It is a natural moisturizer.
  • It is an antioxidant to protect skin from ultraviolet rays of sun.
  • It has a healing quality.

These qualities make honey most suitable to apply for dry and dark lips.

You can apply honey in its natural form or you can mix it with other useful ingredients to make a scrub. Following is a list of possibilities for you:

  • Mix honey with sugar, blend the mixture to make a paste, apply this paste to your lips before going to bed.
  • Take 1tbsp olive oil and mix it with honey, apply with mixture to your lips before going to bed to lighten dark lips.

13. Milk cream

Fresh milk and the cream produced by it can help cure your lips from harm and restore its pink color. I am sure all of you had heard this remedy from your elders about lip care. Lip care with milk cream is an old but most commonly used remedy. Milk cream is also a natural moisturizer like honey and tends to smooth your lips. All you have to do is apply cream to your lips at least 2 times a day for soft and chapped free lips. Its an effective way to learn if you’re wondering how to get pink lips.

12. Almond oil

Almond, the nut, is full of nutrients which can help redeem essence to your body. Almond oil has many benefits for hair and skin especially lips. Almond oil has vitamin E, B2, B6, PP and minerals which help restore the skin from sun burns, prevent wrinkles and removes dark spots and scars. Almond oil with all such qualities, also protect skin from Ultraviolet rays of sun. Because of all these excellent qualities, almond oil is qualified to be in the list of remedies for dark lips

Following are some tips to apply almond oil on dark lips:

  • Apply almond oil to your lips and massage your lips with it with help of your finger.
  • Left it until absorbed.
  • Follow the same procedure every night to get rid of dark lips.

If you want to get better results and enhanced glow by using almond oil, it is suggested that you may use it with other ingredients. Some of the suggestion is as follows:

  • Add 1tbsp honey with almond oil and apply this mixture on your lips.
  • Mix 1tbsp castor oil with almond oil and then apply and massage your lips with it.
  • Almond oil can be mixed with coconut oil. Apply this mixture to your lips before going to sleep.
  • Mix avocado paste with almond oil and apply it for enhanced glow of your lips.

11. Sugar scrub

Sugar is not just tastes sweet but sweetly it takes off the dead skin cells of your lips without scratches. Dead cells are actually one of many reasons which make your lips look dark. So removal of these dead cells each day is important for lip health. Sugar is the best ingredient for this purpose and can be available at home every time. You can make a quick scrub including sugar to exfoliate your lips. Here is how to get pink lips using this amazing sugar scrub.

The process of making scrub is very simple and is as follows:

  • Take a pot with little amount of sugar in it.
  • Add 2 tbsp. butter in it and blend the mixture. Instead of butter you can add 2 tbsp olive oil or almond oil with sugar and mix it.
  • Apply the mixture on the lips and massage them with help of your finger.
  • Left the mixture on lips until absorbed.
  • Clean your lips with warm water.
  • Repeat the following every day to remove dead cells.

10. Strawberry

Strawberries and their flavors are widely used in many cosmetic products for women like lip gloss etc. Strawberries not just smell good but have many health benefits including digestive system alignment, teeth whitening and skin care. For lip care with strawberries:

  • Grind some strawberries (1 to 2 in quantity).
  • Add 1tbsp honey in it and mix to make a paste.
  • Massage your lips with this paste for 2-3 minutes.
  • Leave the solution on your lips until absorbed.
  • Wash it off with warm water.
  • Repeat the same once in a day to get rid of dark lips.

Get rid of all the artificial flavored lip balms in the market. Avoid artificial lip balms to use because now you can make your own lip balm with help of strawberries. It’s a onetime process to undergo and after that you can use this balm anytime for classy and pink lips.

  • Make strawberry paste by grinding 1-2 strawberries raw.
  • Add 2 spoon of glycerin to this paste.
  • Mix both ingredients and your lip balm is ready to be used.

Just by following few of these tips and techniques you can enhance your smile and make your lips glow again. Always keep in mind, glossy and pink lips are main attraction of your personality which compliments your smile and are complimented by others.

9. Glycerin

Summer season is always crucial for skin and lips because in summer season dryness increase in human body if it is not taken care of properly. Dryness is also a main cause for chapped and dark lips. It is very important in this season to maintain required moisture in your body and lips. Glycerin is a sugar alcohol compound and is a natural moisturizer. Use of Glycerin helps soften lips by preventing dryness. Apply glycerin to your dry lips and leave it applied for some time, you will see the difference yourself. This is the simplest but one of the most effective ways to learn if you’re wondering how to get pink lips.

8. Water

H2O water is the basic element of human life without it a human cannot survive for long. In summer season, dehydration because dry lips which automatically darkens them. To avoid dehydration drink a lot of water. Water is the simplest remedy for dark lips. Try to drink at least 6-7 glass of water a day.

7. Pomegranate

Pomegranate is one of the oldest known fruits in this world. Pomegranate is antioxidant rich fruit and is a symbol of skin health. Because of its nourishing and hydration properties it has been used in many lip balms and is considered as a best lip care remedy. Consume it raw, for its full nutrient value or you can produce pomegranate juice from the seeds. To get desirable result you can also:

  • Crush and get pomegranate juice from seeds.
  • Add some rose water and milk cream to it for making a paste.
  • Apply this paste to your lips for 2 to 3 minutes.
  • Clear your lips with warm water after that.

Pomegranate juice mixed with carrot juice, when applied, can have double enhanced effects for your dark lips.

6. Olive oil

Olive oil is special delivery of oil right from the gardens of olives with a different taste and rich nutrients.

Olive oil contains several minerals, vitamins and other nutrients for skin care including lips. Take a bottle of olive oil. Use it to massage your lips before going to sleep. This will enhance the natural glow of your lips. Just a little more time is required and you will have beautiful lips:

  • Mix olive oil and sugar.
  • Massage your lips with the following mixture.
  • Clean your lips after 5 minutes.
  • Practice this every week to get rid of dark lips.

5. Cucumber

Every women with little or high fashion sense know that value of a cucumber. It is a natural moisturizer and often used in herbal facials and skin products. It has a strong ingredient to reduce pigmentation and restore the natural color of your lips. If you cannot eat cucumber daily you can use it on your dark lips for glossy and pink lips.

  • Slice a cucumber. Use a small slice of cucumber and scrub gently across your lips.
  • You can also rub your lips with cucumber juice.
  • If you are scrubbing, does it for at least 5 minutes else leave the juice on your lips for 15 – 20 minutes.
  • Wash your lips with warm water.
  • Do the same once or twice a day.

4. Potatoes

Every one of us loves French fries which are made of potatoes. This vegetable fits in every dish and considered as a vegetable for all age groups.  Apart from the best source of different vitamins, potato also has some amazing properties to lighten dark lips naturally. You can use potato juice for this purpose or like cucumber use its slice to scrub lips.

3. Beet Roots

Do you know that beetroot juice can light up your lips in minutes? Yes you heard it right; you can also have gorgeous red color by applying beet roots. It is the quickest and simplest remedy for pink lips but the color do not last long. Here is how to get pink lips using beet root.

  • You can rub beet root on your lips before going to sleep. And in morning you will witness actual difference in your dry and dull color of lips.
  • For a lasting effect on lips just raw beetroot is not enough, you may use it with other ingredients.
  • Make a paste by adding slices of beetroots in milk cream.
  • Massage your lips with help of this paste.
  • Leave the paste on your lips until it is dry.
  • Wash the lips with warm water.
  • Repeat the same procedure every night.

2. Rose water

Rose is a beautiful and attractive flower with different fragment and soothing properties. Rose water is a natural partner of your skin to moisturize it. Rose water is easily available in the market or you can use its properties with help of rose petals as well. Its an effective treatment to lighten dark lips.

There are different ways of applying rose water to your lips for improved color and health.

  • Mash rose petals to make a paste and apply it on the dry lips.
  • Take rose petals and dip them in milk for few hours and use the mixture as lip balm.
  • You can also add honey in the mixture for good results.
  • Glycerin is also a good choice of ingredient which goes best with rose petals for your lips.

 1. Mustard oil

Mustard oil is a rich source of some very important vitamins like omegaAlpha3, Vitamin E and antioxidants. These vitamins are beneficial for human skin especially lips.

But there application on skin can be a little itchy at times this is why avoid its direct application.

  • You can mix mustard oil with glycerin.
  • You can add rose water to lessen itchy feelings.

While adopting some of the home remedies remember some Do’s and Don’ts to avoid any kind of harsh circumstances. We have listed some Do’s of Don’ts that will help you understand the best and worst practices for dark lips.


  • Apply some lip balm containing SPF while exposure with sun.
  • Remove your lipstick properly.
  • Scrub your lips with help of tooth brush daily to remove dead skin.
  • While massaging you lips, always be gentle.


  • Avoid smoking.
  • Avoid excessive use of cosmetics.
  • Avoid dehydration in summers.