The cause of influenza usually describes a ‘flu’ resides in RNA viruses which directly affect the respiratory system. Furthermore, it leads to fever, cough, headachenausea and sore throat. Moreover, this illness drags one’s sickness for about two weeks or so and then gets cured without leaving any side effects or issues behind. However, apart from all other viral diseases and infections, influenza (flu) can also result in a common cold attacking the lungs, throat and nose which can sometimes be termed as a severe fatal disease as well. It turns out to be severe and fatal once it has been widespread across the nation and the people have no resistance to combat against it. You can always take flu shot but sometimes even flu shot or influenza vaccine doesn’t work if you haven’t taken it at time.

Moreover, influenza (flu) is found in a humans of all ages be it; kids, oldies or even adolescents. The risks to this disease can multiply due to a weak immune system. Cardiac and other health conditions such as asthma and diabetes can push the vulnerability to this condition too. You’re most likely to be suffering from influenza (flu) if you’re undergoing weakness, dry cough, muscle pain, runny nose, sore throat, headaches and repetitive sneezing. Consequently, you should get it treated soon by trying the home remedies provided for you below.

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“Are you sick and tired of wasting in numerous tissues, have a red nose and itchy throat? Well not anymore, as I’ve gathered one of the best home remedies to help you get cured against it.”

15. Sip On Soup

Since chicken soups came into being, they’ve been used as a primary home remedy to treat influenza (flu). The tradition of having chicken soup when suffering from this disease has been coming along from our great ancestors and is strictly followed until date. Moreover, it has been recognized that bending towards the bowl to sip hot chicken soup leads to warm water vapors rising and hitting the nose which helps a great deal in making the sick feel better. Adding to it, a warm soup can do great wonders to cure a sore throat and infected chest and somehow, the sick feels high on emotions and better when someone prepares soup for their steady recovery. So, if you or any of your dear one is foddering from influenza (flu) just follow the simple steps described below in order to make a warm chicken soup.

  • Boil some shredded chicken pieces in two coups water.
  • Once it gets boiled nice and good then add a pinch of black pepper and salt to taste to it.
  • Cover the soup unless it’s cooked more and heated.
  • Later, let it get a bit warm according to room temperature before serving.

14. Liquid Intake

All you need to do is keep dehydrated quite often. This is particularly important when one is suffering from vomiting and diarrhea along with influenza (flu). So high alert, dear readers! Water can work pretty fine for you or if not water then some other juices and sodas too. However, you should stay at a distance from caffeinated drinks and alcohol as well while suffering from influenza (flu). An intake of such fluids and liquid can further help you in easing a scratchy throat and helping stay the mucus thin while an herbal tea inclusive of honey can help you in curing sore throat. Make sure to drink healthy liquids if you’re feeling influenza symptoms.  Other liquids which you can drink are,

  • Soup.
  • Fresh fruit juices.
  • Electrolyte beverages.

13. Honey & Black Pepper

I vividly remember a vision from my childhood that when I used to be sick and suffering from a severe cold and influenza (flu) my granny used to prepare a spoonful of honey and black pepper and used to feed it to me before I went to bed. Moreover, it definitely helped me a great deal and turned out to be quite effective against it as well.  So make sure to use this simple remedy if you’re feeling symptoms of flu. In order to prepare this simple DIY home remedy all you need to do is,

  • Heat a spoonful of honey and black pepper.
  • Once it’s warm enough, eat it in one gulp.
  • It’ll help you get over influenza (flu) pretty soon.

12. Fenugreek Seeds

Fenugreek seeds are considered as one of the most effective and readily used home remedies. They help in working for beautifying all sorts of skin types, helps in reducing weight and acts as a protection shield against influenza (flu). You can use these as an effective alternative for flu shot or influenza vaccine. Moreover, crushed fenugreek seeds or fenugreek powder is also used in enhancing the curves of one’s body and for maintaining a beautiful and healthy figure. You can use them in the following manner,

  • Boil one tbsp. of fenugreek seeds in half liter of water.
  • Continue boiling them.
  • Next, include one tea spoon of ginger juice and honey to it.
  • Later, drink when warm.

11. Ginger Tea

It’s widely used to combat against cold, cough and influenza (flu). Be it a consequence of going out in a winter rain, bathing at night during a cold weather, viral infection, sinus or sitting under the fan after a hair wash. Ginger tea acts as your ultimate survivor against this and helps you revitalize yourself all over again. Furthermore, it has great effects on the body and helps in curing influenza (flu) a great deal.  Make sure to drink ginger tea to heal symptoms of flu instantly. To prepare this tea,

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  • Boil 2 to 3 pieces of ginger for the preparation of this tea.
  • Once it has been made, let it warm.
  • Later, drink it on intervals during the day.

10. Warm Milk

Milk is known to be quite essential for one’s health. Most of the people make it a habit to have a glass of milk in a day which is an excellent habit because it helps in keeping one’s bones strong and provides extensive calcium as well. Furthermore, it helps in boosting one’s energy and keeps them fit and strong rather than letting them be dull and lazy. Moreover you can even use milk with turmeric powder to help in curing influenza (flu).

  • Boil the milk until its warm enough.
  • Mix one teaspoon of turmeric powder in it.
  • Later, drink it before going to bed.

9. Apply Petroleum Jelly

One of the many demerits of suffering from influenza (flu) is having a runny nose. Consequently, it leads to an excessive use of tissue as one repeatedly rubs it against their nose which results in making that part of the face dry and sore. So in order to get rid of it, use tissues which contain lotions or apply petroleum jelly which is an effective remedy to help combat against it. you can use it for an immediate relief , if you’re feeling influenza symptoms.

8. Humidify

If one is suffering influenza (flu) then they need to breathe in warm and moist air to help them recover it. Furthermore, it works on combating against chest congestion and throat infections too. This is considered as one of the oldest home remedies to treat this illness and leaves with considerable and remarkable results. Just a repetitive use of this technique can make one easily get cured of it. There are numerous ways for this such as,

  • Using a humidifier.
  • Taking a steam of warm water.
  • Taking a steamy shower at least twice a day.

“Have you found yourself sick due to influenza? Don’t worry and get cured while staying at home.”

7. Chews & Gargles

Ladies, gather your attention to the most simplest and unique home remedy! All it takes is some gargles and a bit of chewing and then you’re good to go. It has been considered that gargling with salt water works against clearing one’s nose and throat. Moreover, chewing on small garlic pieces can work just the same as all’s that required is consistency and soon you’ll be free of the awful illness named influenza (flu). Both these remedies are equally effective in healing symptoms of flu.

6. Use A Compress

While one is suffering from influenza (flu) and has a fever due to it then lukewarm or cold compressors work a great deal. Although their use can’t make the illness go away at a fast pace but can make the ill feel comfortable and help cure their fever. Compressors are a good and quick home remedy to make the influenza (flu) goes away. All one needs to do is,

  • Soak a sponge/cloth or compressor in lukewarm water.
  • Gently rub it against your forehead, arms and legs.
  • Continue this until you feel comfortable and at ease.

5. NO To Smoking

Whether you’re a chain smoker or a compulsive one you should try and learn to keep a safe distance from cigarettes and smoking. Even cigarette packs have a cautious warning written on them which goes something like ‘smoking is injurious to health.’ However, I don’t realize that since most of the people are literate enough and even if they aren’t they know the most unwelcoming consequences that smoking can cause and yet don’t quit smoking. Moreover, if you’re suffering a common cold or influenza (flu) you should get rid of it as well as secondhand smoking right away!

4. Nasal Irrigation

This is one heck of a useful remedy which can be easily conducted at home to cure stuffiness and the flu. It helps the sick feel comfortable and at much ease compared to the state that they were previously in. Furthermore, it’s a helpful technique to combat against such an illness and makes it curable within no time. If you’re feeling influenza symptoms, all you need to do is,

  • Either buy a neti pot from the market or use a saline squeeze bottle.
  • Next, add salt water to one of the nostrils and let it clean its way out through the other.
  • This helps in clearing the nasal passages.

3. Oregano Oil

Oregano is a spice found lying in one’s kitchen which belongs from the mint family. It’s used for culinary purposes and has an aromatic but a slight bitter taste too. It’s widely used in Italian, American, Spanish, Turkish, Egyptian and Greek cuisines. Moreover, Turkish cuisines make use of it to flavor meat. However, Oregano oil is completely different from the Oregano herb itself. It’s known as an amazing home remedy to make use of in order to get rid of influenza symptoms.

  • It can be used with water, by adding a few drops of it into water.
  • Can be used alongside olive oil.
  • However, it need NOT be used while pregnancy.

2. Organic Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar is used as an essential element of home remedies which serves a wide range of purposes. These begin from clearing the skin, protecting it against blemishes, safeguarding against hair damage and working as a shield which helps in combating against influenza (flu). Moreover, Apple Cider Vinegar should be used with water after an interval of 3 hours as it helps in alkalizing the body and fighting against any growing infections. Make sure to use it for reducing symptoms of flu.

1.Become A Couch Potato!

Become your body’s slave through this illness, if your body says ‘girl, don’t exercise’ then simply don’t. Moreover, if it demands more rest then give it, turn into a legit couch potato during this period of time as after all everyone needs time off their busy schedule to rest and feel relaxed. Don’t feel guilty if you take an off from work or school, get your beauty rest and enjoy staying at home for the day while watching TV, eating a healthy snack and spending time stalking your crush on a social website.


  • Maintain a healthy diet which includes loads of vegetables, fruits and complex carbs.
  • Eat green and leafy vegetables such as, Spinach, Cabbage, Kate and Brussels sprout.
  • Also include Carrots, Ginger, Garlic, Onion, Oranges and Lemons as a part of your diet.
  • However eliminate spicy foods, alcohol, sugar and sweets, caffeinated beverages, red meat and bakery products from your diet while you’re suffering from influenza (flu).
  • Keep up with influenza (flu) vaccines.
  • Avoid smoking.
  • Stay away from cold edibles and drinks while you’re ill because of influenza (flu).
  • Ginger tea helps a lot.
  • Take extra care of your health during its widespread infection amongst others.
  • Avoid direct contact with the fan after a hair wash.