Snoring is the rattling and grunting sound,produced while you are asleep due to the difficulty in breathing.It happens when the movement of air through your nose and mouth is not free, either from the physical abnormalities in throat muscles or poor sleeping styles. This creates a trouble while breathing during sleep with a loud grunting sound. Snoring is a disorder like any other disease which needs to be treated. It is caused when the air passage is blocked because of the relaxation or flopping of throat muscles.

In its extreme case it can be termed as obstructive sleep apnea which is a serious medical problem and can be the reason of heart attack.The blockage of air passage can lead to the deficiency of oxygen in blood, hence headaches and fatigue follows. You need to treat snoring to avoid further complexities and embarrassments.

Reasons To Snore

Before curing the snore, one should be clear about the reasons behind snoring? Only then you will be able to cope with this problem effectively. Snoring is common and especially increases with old age as the muscles continue softening. 40 to 45% people snore and make snorting noises in their sleep. The ratio of snoring in men is higher than women. As snoring adversely affects the sleeping quality and quantity of the person himself as well as of the family members, thus it ultimately leads to a disturbed life; instigating irritation, fatigue, anger and poor health because of the deficiency of a peaceful and quite nap.

Snoring happens with the obstruction in inhalation ofoxygen, either by the relaxation of muscles or the accumulation of fatty tissues that produces vibration of the soft palate. People who have too much muscles and fatty tissues in their throat or nose are likely to be prone to snoring.

The Conditions And Common Causes That Promotes Snoring Includes:

  • Age factor
  • Individual’s physical attributes
  • Sinus and nasal problem
  • Excessive intake of alcohols
  • Smoking
  • Over-weight
  • Sleeping habits and styles
  • Taking sedating medicines

Reasons of snoring are not always the same, but vary from person to person. As everyone has different reasons to snore that is why they need a remedy to stop their snoring accordingly. Some snore only when they are exhausted and extremely tired. Others snore because of some serious physical and emotional problems, the position of the tongue and the posture of a person during sleep also matters a lot. Once you detect and evaluate the reason of your snoring, it would be easy for you to prevent and treat your problem. Snoring is an unconscious habit which is not under the individual’s control, but the experts today suggests different solutions for this issue.

15. Analysing

Analyzing and evaluating the root cause of snoring is the very first step of treating this problem. It is important to note the different manners and patterns of snoring and sleeping as these patterns and ways reveal the reasons of your snore. You can get closer to the solution only when you know the reason for your problem well.

  • If you are snoring with your mouth opened, then it means that you are troubled because of sinus and nasal problem.You need to consult your doctor to eliminate such complications.
  • Snoring with closed mouth means that the tongue inside your mouth is not in proper position and is blocking the way of air to move smoothly.
  • In case a person snores in any sleeping posture/position then it indicates that he/she might be suffering from sleep apnea which seriously requires a proper medical treatment.

Avoid things that incite snore.There is a variety of things that you can do to stop snoring and help to resolve your sleeping problems.

14. Smoking

As we all know that smoking is injurious to health and promotes high chances of snoring. It alone is enough to stimulate snoring; so if you really want to get rid of an irritating snore think of quitting smoking! You also need to avoid passive or second-hand smoking. So if you’re wondering how to stop snoring, first you’ve to stop smoking.

13. Overweight

Some people due to their overweight find difficulty in breathing. The fatty tissues that accumulate near the throat causes snore. Even a bit of weight loss can fix the problem and help you to stop snoring.

Weight loss may be a good option for some people but not all, as it is seen that thin people often has the same problem. But yes, if the problem starts with gaining weight then losing weight would be an effective remedy.

12. Sedative Pills

Similarly if you are ingesting pills then you must consult your doctor for alternatives as certain sedative pills relaxes the throat muscles and soft palate resulting in the increase of snore. It means before trying snoring remedies, you should try to avoid the symptoms.

11. Low Humidity

Sometimes snoring is provoked by the dry atmosphere. To alleviate snoring, keep the throat moist by using a good humidifier.

10. Regular Sleep Patterns

Taking proper sleep can minimize snoring. You need to strictly follow your sleeping routine to cope with sleepiness. Taking rest after a prolong labor relaxes your muscles in the same manner as is done by alcohols or sedative medicines which incites snoring. So make sure to regulate your sleep pattern if you want to stop snoring.

9. Taking Exercise

Scientists and many experts suggest different types of exercises to strengthen the throat muscles for preventing snore. It will definitely help you to have a peaceful nap.  Different types of tongue exercises are found very effective. By sticking your tongue out for some time, practicing singing or repeatedly pronouncing vowels aloud for several times a day will strengthen the throat muscles and thereby relieves you of snoring. Exercise of legs and arms can also be helpful in stopping snore.  Experts suggest that if a snorer do exercise for 30 minutes daily it will help him greatly. So make sure to try these exercises if you want to learn how to stop snoring.

8. Sleep Styles

The position of your head also matters a lot. If you are sleeping on your back then raise your head three or four inches with a comfortable pillow. This will prevent your tongue to slip back and block the airway and works best to heal the sore tongue cases.

Make it your habit to sleep on your side this might be helpful in reduction of snore.As by lying straight, your tongue and soft palate collapse to the back wall of your throat, blocking the air to flow smoothly. This creates vibration and produces a rattling noise. This is one of the simplest snoring remedies you try.

7. A Threat To Relations

Snoring is not only distressful for one’s own self but also disturbs the calm slumber of others. It can create distance among partners if not discussed rightly. These issues are delicate and if not handled properly inflames the argument and causes resentment. The solution to this problem is not the separation of rooms but to be solved together. A snorer does not disturbs the other partner deliberately, in fact it is beyond his control and is unaware of it during his sleep. So there is no point to be angry upon and be embarrassed. All you need to do is find perfect remedy and learn how to stop snoring.

Snoring can be avoided with planning ‘how to cope with this problem effectively’. Separating rooms only creates a distance in married life and is distressful for both the partners. The snorer feels lonely and gloomy at the same time. Try not to attack each other but work collectively to solve the snoring problem. Working as a team to combat snoring is the best way to sleep soundly.

6. Discuss The Problem

  • If your room-mate or your spouse complains about your snoring, then do not ignore and take it seriously.
  • If your partner is a chronic snorer, then talk to him/her about this problem and try to cure it together. Do not avoid the discussion out of shame as it will be helpful for you to stop snoring.
  • Communicate in a very tactful and light manner so that the person is not hurt. Try not to affect your relation adversely.

Feeling hurt by listening to complaints from your partner about your snoring is common but one needs to be patient about it. It might be silly to dismiss the discussion. It can cause a rift in the relationship and can further increase the problems. Snoring is a serious issue that leads to frustration and moodiness, but it is not a thing to be ashamed of and is curable if one desires.

5. Improve Your Sleeping Hygiene

If you are overtired and your sleeping hygiene is poor, then you are more prone to it. Working for a longer period of time without taking enough sleep stimulates the snoring. You need to take a proper rest and make it your routine to avoid snoring. Resting properly is one of the most important snoring remedies you can try.

4. Stuffy Nose And Sinus

If snoring is caused due to the thin and narrow nasal passage then by keeping the passage open solves the issue. Those having a stuffy nose feels difficulty in breathing because of the blockage of nose that creates a vacuumin throat and ultimately leads to snoring. Moreover the sinus patients are usually found snoring in their sleep due to the blockage of fast moving air that produces vibrations thus results in a snorting loud sounds. So if you want to learn how to stop snoring make sure to clear your stuffy nose first.

3. Allergy

Sometimes snoring starts in a particular season or exposure to allergic stuff. Men and women who are at risk to specific allergies needs to avoid the allergy causing agents that might also be the reason of snoring. So take care of your allergy problems to stop snoring.

2. Medical Cures

Today many devices are available in markets that claim to help you in the elimination of snoring,but not all the techniques are equally effective. Finding a right solution to stop snoring is a formidable task. You need to be patient and willing to change your lifestyle.

If you are tired of self-remedying then you can take the assistance of your physician or otolaryngologist (ENT). The dental appliances suggested by your dentist might be helpful in stopping your snore for instance a mouth guard. A machine known as CPAP is also recommended to some of the patients suffering from snoring. So it’s not bad to try these snoring remedies if you can get relief.

1. When To Take The Doctor’s Assistance

If you snore heavily and loudly, and feel difficulty in breathing then you must consult a doctor. If you fall asleep inappropriately during your routine works and often choke and gasp in your sleep then it is a serious matter to discuss with your physician.

Do’s And Do Not’s:

Fortunately there are some tips and natural remedies for snorer to stop worrying about snoring.


  1. If you are sleeping straight on your back then you need to change your sleeping style and make it a habit to sleep on your right side. Avoid sleeping straight on your back to stop snoring.
  2. People who are experiencing snoring after gaining weight then they must lose some weight. It will help in losing the bulkiness of their throat tissues and fats, eventually they will be able to get rid of these irritating noises. You must not be careless about your diet.
  3. Anyone who desires for a calm and quite sleep should avoid taking drinks like wine, alcohol and coffees before going to bed, as it enhances the chances of snoring.
  4. Do not miss your exercise as a regular exercise for 30 to 60 minutes strengthen the throat muscles that are weakening by the growing age.
  5. Keep the nostrils apart by using nasal strips. Nasal dilators and chin strips that are easily available at any pharmacy store are also highly effective to reduce snoring.
  6. Do not let your surrounding dirty and improve cleanliness and sleeping hygiene to prevent yourself from any kind of allergy that promotes snoring.