Good looks and sheer talent is the best description of our young celebrities who among the most experienced and talented ones are making their mark in industry. We love all our teen icons and stars but some among them come a long way in achieving the hearts of million with their contributions in fashion and glamour industry and hard work in acting. These young celebrities are equally beautiful and smart because smart is new sexy today. Such young celebrities are sure the hottest teens of our clan and managed to achieve a place in this list. With this list we would like to present our gratitude and affection for these shinning young celebrities. Let’s have a look who qualifies as the hottest teen celebrities for us.

25. Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez Selena Gomez is one of the cutest and bubbly faced teen actresses. She started her career with children’s series “Barney and Friends” when she was very young. Till that age the failure never crossed her path. Gomez has an incredibly warm personality with a charming smile and she seems an ideal girl a guy wish for. Her hair is the most stylish among our young celebrities and also one of the main attractions of her personality. She is sure hottest teen around us today. With an amazing sense of style she even has her own clothing line you would love to shop from.

Who would believe that Gomez family had faced some financial difficulties while raising her and now she is among the richest teen actresses because of her hard work. In recent years Gomez made more news because of her boyfriend than her movies and work. Being a fan we hope to see some amazing work from this hottest teen in future.

24. Taylor Lautner

Taylor Lautner Our Jacob black from the twilight saga has the most intense and exotic looks that makes him teen idol and sex symbol. Her perfectly toned body makes him the hottest teen celebrity. He was ranked second by Glamour’s “50 sexiest men of 2010” and forth in the “Most amazing bodies” list by people’s magazine. He sure is the powerhouse of good looks and talent and is one among the most amazing young celebrities of today. If it were not for Taylor lautner I would not be able to love a werewolf.

23. Emma Roberts

Emma Roberts Emma Roberts inherited her good looks and talent from her super talented aunt Julia Roberts. At the age of nine, Emma started her career in small role in “Blow” after which she keeps on progressing as an actress and singer and bagged many awards. Emma Roberts is sure a young fashion icon and appeared in teen vogue’s best dressed celebrities list for consecutive three years.

Her screen presence and the way she carries her is phenomenal I think this list would not be complete with her name, as the hottest teens, from the industry today.

22. Logan Lerman

Logan Lerman The next in the list is Logan lerman for whom you will go gaga. And I have no shame to say that I am also one of you. Logan always has that connect with acting and he tried his hands in different commercials during 1990’s. But, logan actually came into light with his title role in “Percy Jackson” films. My most favorite characterization of Logan is as Charlie in “The perks of being a wallflower” for me he just nailed that character. The fact that Logan has the most amazingly gorgeous blue eyes which are deep as a sea made him the hottest teen among the other young celebrities.

21. Victoria Justice

Victoria Justice American singer and actress Victoria justice with her pretty face and amazing smile is hot teenage girl who is getting hotter with every passing moment. And those long chocolate brown colored willowy hair, who would not want them. She deserves to be in the list being one of the cute celebrities.

20. Josh Hutcherson

Josh Hutcherson Yes! Josh Hutcherson. He is also one of the hottest teen celebrities because he has all the innocence on his face. With deep and most expressive eyes he is a lady killer. Josh started his career with small roles and commercials but his romantic role in “Hunger Games” made him the heartthrob of nation. He is also in the top 50 hottest teen male celebrities on imdb. Who would resist such mixture of curtness and hotness?

19. Elle Fanning

Elle Fanning Born on 9th April 1998, Elle fanning made an early entry in Hollywood with an inspiration from her elder sister Dakota fanning. Elle fanning is among the most innocent faces in Hollywood. She is gorgeous but that’s not all about her, she is even talented and stylish but extremely modest person. In this little age she has come a long way and made her mark as the most stylish teen celebrities of the time. Just look at this cutie pie she sure is a teenage dream for all the guys out there.

“Choose your favorite from the list of mentioned hottest teen celebrities.”

18. Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber This young sensation is a clear winner in the race of his time. Bieber started his career with singing and soon become the singing and style sensation among the youth. His song “Baby” is not just famous in the country but outside the country and is a trademark of Bieber. With an adorable face and perfect hair he sure knows how to impress. What else I can say about this teenage obsession that even MS word has an autocorrect for his name.

17. Taylor Momsen

Taylor Momsen Real life Barbie doll Taylor momsen is all dolled up always. I always thought that she is a very talented and good singer but with Spy Kids 2 and Gossip Girl she changed my thinking totally. I even love her magazine covers which she nail always.

Always in heavy eye makeup and bold avatar Taylor bagged a Kerrang! Hottest Female Award 2014. I mean just look at those expressions. These qualities make her the hottest teen actress and loved by many.

16. Zayn Malik

Zayn Malik Zayn Malik is very popular among the youth because of his different experiments with looks. Recently, he has dyed her hair green and praised by many. Zayn being former member of One Direction has a great fan following and this young man is considered a hottest lads in the industry. Zayn was ranked 27 on the world’s sexiest man list by Glamour in 2012. With her eastern looks mixed with western style, girls find Zayn very exotic and sexy. Despite many controversies linked with this young celebrity he sure is hottest teen of this generation.

15. Chloe Moretz

Chloe Moretz Who would not find her hot! With such expressive eyes Chloe mortez sure is the hottest teen. Whatever she does she is always spot on whether it is her styling sense or acting talent. Though she has not been in many projects lately and only few of us know her but she is always a delight to watch. I wish to see her in more movies like “Let me in” and “Hit-Girl”.

14. Cody Simpson

Cody Simpson New age pop star Cody Simpson is cute and his accent make him even cuter. Cody is considered as the Justin beiber of Australia and is liked by many. I would rate him 6 out of 10 on my hotness meter because of those pretty eyes. Born on 11 January 1997, Cody Simpson is one among the young celebrities capturing space among the matured stars and improving day by day.

13. Miranda Cosgrove

Miranda Cosgrove Since portraying a little girl in “school of rock” till today Miranda cosgrove has grown perfectly but the fact that she is beautiful remained the same in all these years. Miranda is talented not just as an actress but as a singer also. In 2012 she was the highest paid teen celebrity and recorded her name in Guinness book of world. With plenty of awards under the belt Miranda cosgrove is such talented and hot teenage girl, youth must follow. Lastly, I just want to say her “Way to go Miranda”.

12. Georgie Henley

Georgie Henley Remember little Lucy from Narnia? You will not believe how she has grown, graceful is the right word. From the valiant queen Lucy of Narnia to a charming and stylish young Georgie, she sure has come a really long way in her journey. Cute and innocent Georgie is a self-made girl and her confidence and unlimited acting talent made her one of the most loved young celebrities. The teen queen also has a beautiful heart and is a supporter of SOS children’s villages. Now this is what we call actual teen celebrity.

11. Harry Styles

Harry Styles Who has a crush on one of the One direction hotties? All four of them are equally brilliant and hot for me but the one who has made more fans than the others because of his style is Harry Styles. Harry is a singer and song writer and bagged many awards in this age. He always experiments with his hair styles and always looks stylish whatever he experiments. Youth is always interested in knowing what is new in his styles to follow. Personally I don’t follow him much but that doesn’t make him any less in the list of hottest teens.

10. Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande Many of you would agree with my selection of Ariana Grande for the list of hottest teen celebrities because she is our hottest teen rock star. In start of her career she was underrated completely because like many other artists she doesn’t care about how she looks and what she wears. She stated in an interview that she wants people to listen to her music “instead of look and judge”. But now she too is in the same race and made it to the list of billboard hot 100. She was also named in the list of most beautiful people by people’s magazine. With all these achievements and milestones, there is no doubt that she is a hot teenage girl.

9. Ansel Elgort

Ansel Elgort I was astonished to see this young man for the first time, I mean how cute one can be? Ansel Elgort with the cutest smile ever and boy next door looks is sure a next big thing. He drew much attention with his role as Augustus Waters in the “Fault in our stars” opposite teenage actress shailanne Woodley. In a very short period of time he has baged 4 teen choice awards under different categories. I just cannot resist his cute smile which makes him teen favorite start.

8. Shailene Woodley

shaliene woodley Shailene Woodley is my most favorite American actress after her role Beatrice in The Divergent series and Hazel Grace in The Fault in our stars. She is a combination of grace, strength and style and fits in all type of roles. Her ultimate cool nature is the main attraction of her personality that makes her the hottest teen celebrity today. She was diagnosed with scoliosis at the age of 15 and undergone a major surgery. There was a time when doctors were doubtful about the full recovery but she has survived and fight back and now she is doing all type of roles and is loved by the people of all age groups. Woodley was awarded GQ-crush of the year 2014. She has step on the path of success and there is no coming back now.

“Is your teen idol is on the list or not? find out yourself.”

7. Nick Robinson

Nick Robinson Watch Jurassic park and you all will wonder who this young hottie is. Even alongside Chris Pratt he managed to cover equal space on screen. This young hottie is none other than nick Robinson. Nick Robinson has suddenly found himself in high demand after his role in the critically acclaimed “The kings of summer” films. With intense looks this boy is the next big thing to follow and is perfect to be titled as “Hottest teen celebrity”. Still not convinced, wait and watch his next flick with Chloe martez named “The 5th wave”.

6. Sophie Turner

Sophie Turner This list is not complete without our new emerging hot teenage girl Sophie turner. Sophie is a well known artist for her role in Game of Thrones. She even bagged some awards for her performance in this television series. Sophie is beautiful but the trade mark of her personality is her long red hair which she had dyed for her role. I mean any one can kill for such hair. With every day progressing she is making her mark on the hearts of her fans and I wish her more success.

5. Brooklyn Beckham

Brooklyn Beckham I know some of you might don’t get my idea of putting Brooklyn beckam in the list because he is not successful in any career but being the eldest son of David Beckham and Victoria Beckham he sure is a teen celebrity. Brooklyn himself is also making ways in fashion industry as a model and can be seen on the covers of different magazines now days. He is sure hot and inherited the personified charm of his father. Brooklyn is followed by many on social networks and if I say he is the future face of a super model, I will not be wrong.

4. Dakota Fanning

Dakota Fanning Older of the fanning sisters, Dakota is also a powerhouse of good looks with amazing talent. The wow factor of Dakota is her unmatchable styling sense and screen presence. With a refreshing and smiling face Dakota is a treat to watch. You can even see her progressing in everything she does, day by day. The young hot teen actress is also among the richest teenage celebrities because she was the most paid actress for her role in breaking dawn part 1. If I have to describe this teen celebrity in one line I would say “Beauty with Brains”.

3. Augus T. Jones

Augus T. Jones Augus T. Jones is one of such young celebrities whom you don’t see often because they are very choosy about their roles. Augus is also very critical about his roles and wants to portray each role with perfection. Augus is an American actor and is known for his role as Jake harper in “Two and a Half Men”. He has won many awards and a lot of appreciation by the fans for his role. At this age he is among the 9 the richest young celebrities of time. He is talented and smart because smart is new sexy.

2. Jaden Smith

Jaden Smith Like father, like son. Jaden smith inherited the amazing talent of acting from his father and proved his talent to world as “Karate Kid”. Apart from the acting talent, Jaden has also inherited the looks from his father and looks totally cool in his own style. He sure is going to grow up as a very handsome man one day.

1. Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato After reading this name a tough and bold face pop up in mind. Demi Lovato born on August 20, 1992 and started her carrer in singing. Demi Lovato is a singing sensation and had made her space in the industry with her heart touching voice and lyrics. I love the fact that she is very open about sharing her life experiences but I hate how people (Media in particular) can’t stand her and made fun of her. She is an inspiration for all the teens because she herself has gone through all the teen problems like bullying, heartbreak, bipolar disorder but stood strong and now she is a star and achieved the label of “Hot teenage girl”.

This list completely justified and covered all the hottest teen celebrities of today. Aren’t they all wonderful? Just have a look at the list and conclude yourself. My most favorite among all are Logan Lerman and Shailanne Woodley. Who is your favorite?