5 Meaningful Tattoo ideas for Women

If you’re on this article, you’re probably on the hike for some heartfelt tattoo ideas!

I personally love the thought of a tattoo!

In fact! I was having a deep conversation with my best friend the other day, and I shared with her, how getting a sleeve tattoo is on my bucket list.

What a great, heart to heart conversation, with my best friend it was;

Until she started talking,…

“What if, 50 years from now, when you have 5 kids and 40 grand kids, you’re almost deaf and your skin is as wrinkly as your cat’s fat stomach; you come out of the shower and there it is; a tattoo that has absolutely no meaning! You’re half way into the grave with a tattoo that makes you think “why the hell did I get that?”

“What will you do?”

At first I wanted to punch her in the face for messing with my head. But then, I thought about it….

She was right!

Just like that one nasty zit which leaves an un-wanted mark that never goes away, tattoos remain on your body forever; whether good or bad.

Here are a few meaningful tattoo ideas for all the gorgeous ladies out there, to save you the trouble of regret later!


5 meaningful tattoos for women

1. Butterfly


The independent women of today represent the many suppressed women of the olden times, who could have only dreamt of freedom.

A butterfly tattoo symbolizes the wild and free women. The women who are not afraid to spread their wings and blossom in the world full of opportunities.

This tattoo also speaks up for the women who have wings as strong as an eagle, but the patriarchy has bounded them with the social stigmas.

The butterfly is their hope to an autonomous future.

2. Breast cancer symbol

5 Meaningful Tattoo ideas for Women 7

This one is my personal favourite!

About 246,660 invasive breast cancer cases have been diagnosed in the United States so far in 2016. Many women survive, many don’t! Regardless, each one of them is a fighter, each one of them is a survivor in this World.

As women, we must embrace this cause and spread as much awareness and strength as we can.

This tattoo represents the fearless women out there who fought with this disease, or are still fighting. Many get this tattoo on their biopsy scar, while others get it else where.

Let’s kill cancer together!

3. The Moon


This one, hands down, is one of the classiest tattoo designs ever!

Moon tattoos represent eternity, mystery, energy, life, time, divinity, dreams, magic and intuition to name a few.

The moon is a huge part of the world and life; it holds meaning for everyone even if they don’t perceive it.

Tattoos of the moon can be varying, some are of a full moon while others are half and quartered. Some are covered with clouds and some are rather creatively linked to the sun and stars.


4. Feathers

5 Meaningful Tattoo ideas for Women 8

The symbol of ‘feather’ has a very rich history and great significance.

Typically a single fallen feather can represent loss and death. But it can also mean luck or birth, depending on how you look at things.

The great thing about a feather tattoo is, it can look charming anywhere on the body. Whether it’s the wrist, the waist, the calf or the shoulder; Feathers slay at all locations!

Different types of feathers vary in meaning. So before you put your hands down on any feather design, be sure to look up its meaning.

5. The zodiac sign

5 Meaningful Tattoo ideas for Women 9

Many people (including myself) believe immensely on zodiacs and the myths associated with them.

For women who hold interest in zodiac signs; this can be not just an attractive, but a very safe tattoo design.

Besides the tattoo ideas explained above, if you are a victim of your thoughts, fears, life experiences, loosing someone you love and any other event that has marked a sca at you, forever, sew it to your skin and let the world know that you’re way fiercer than the demons surrounding you. Here are 5 Amazing Tattoo Sleeve Ideas For Women.

Maybe, in the upcoming years, science will advance in the most unusual ways and develops techniques to eradicate tattoo bloopers. But till then, choose wisely!

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