6 easy beach snacks to make you drool!

Summers call for loads of picnics and beach adventures, which shouts out to truckloads of fun and well…… delicious snacks!

While packing a picnic basket may be fairly easy, packing up eatables for a beach trip isn’t a piece of cake.

Plus, who wants to have sandy mouthfuls of food? I guess none, right?

So to make your beach trip a hit this season, we scavenged for some easy to make and take, beach snacks ideas. We tried and tested a few beach snack recipes ourselves and boy were they delish!

So without further ado, let’s begin with our go-to beach snack recipes that are easy to pack, easy to carry and yum to eat!

1. Healthy Kale chips

6 easy beach snacks to make you drool! 13

A perfect alternative to bagged chips!

If you have gotten bored of the usual crisps, this easy to make beach snack recipe is not only healthy to the core but tastes amazingly good! Crisped kale topped with seasoning and a healthy dose of nacho cheese, makes for the perfect beach snack. This is by far, easiest to carry as well as mess-free and cutlery-free, so munch on!

Yes, all you need is an air-tight container or a zip-lock plastic bag, to pack the chips. And with the use of nothing but your hands, savor the crispy treat!

You will have to try it, to believe it!

Here’s where you can find the complete version of this beach snack recipe.

2. Fruit skewers


6 easy beach snacks to make you drool! 14

Beach calls out for cutlery free food, so what’s better than food on a skewer, in that case?

The salty water often makes the mouth go dry and one craves for something refreshing. At this point, water is not enough and carbonated drinks make the situation worse.

What works best in such situations, are fruits! But how are they fun to eat?

Well, to make eating fruits fun, pack your cooler with fruit skewers.

    • Take a combination of fruits. I prefer mangoes, strawberries, raspberries, blue-berries, pineapple and papaya.
    • Dice each fruit into bite sized pieces.
    • Screw each fruit into the skewer and pack over an icepack, in your cooler for an ultimately refreshing treat!

3. Homemade trail mix

6 easy beach snacks to make you drool! 15

No trip is complete without a trail mix, but not everyone loves trail mixes, especially those packaged ones!

But this Asian inspired trail mix recipe I have in hand is truly an exception. Not only is it tasteful to the last bit, but an amazingly healthy option to munch on when laying under the summer sun.

It’s not just a snack, but a complete savory meal, which includes wheat crackers, sesame sticks, wasabi peas and a whole lot of spices.

Easy to pack and even easier to munch on. An air tight container is all that you need to pack this delicious treat!

Here’s the complete recipe that takes no more than 15 minutes to prepare and an hour to bake.

4. Homemade power bars

6 easy beach snacks to make you drool! 16

Surfing and volley with friends calls for high levels of energy. What better to munch on other than our homemade, power packed, munch bars!

You can find a variety of granola bar recipes over the internet, such as here.

But our favorite is the Banana, Apricot and Dried Fruit Power Bar, which is both tasty and packed with power to keep your energy levels always on the go, so that you can make the most out of your trip!

5. Who’s up for a wrap?


6 easy beach snacks to make you drool! 17

Sandwiches and burgers are definitely our first choice, but when it comes to mess free, easy eating, there is nothing better than a filling wrap!

And this recipe of a wrap is nothing but drool-worthy! Yup, it includes our fav steak cuttings, sweet corn, salsa and fajita toppings, securely wrapped in a warm tortilla wrap.

Pack in an airtight container or a zip-lock bag and enjoy the juicy wrap while you get some tan!

6. Three dips with homemade chips platter:


6 easy beach snacks to make you drool! 18

If you are visiting a beach located in a fancy and developed place, you are sure to find a fancy chip and dip on the menu of the beach bar. But we all know how pricey they are and many at times not as hygienically prepared.

But just the thought of a gorgeously prepared dip with some nacho chips on a sunny evening on the beach makes all of us drool, doesn’t it?

Well, worry not! You can make some at home and take with you!!

That’s right, your very own, home-made chip and dip platter! And not just one but three, oozing with flavor, dips.

Click here and see the recipe for yourself. Easy to make and scrumptiously good to devour!

Pack the chips in an air-tight container or zip-lock bag and the dips in three separate air tight jars and you are good to go!

Well! that’s all we have for today, make sure to dive in on a good amount of sunscreen. Not sure what else to pack? Check our list of beach bag essentials and we are sure you will need nothing more!


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