7 Best Ways to Cope Abandonment Issues in Relationships

Relationships are the most important part of our life, right? Any kind of abandonment issues in any relationship can not only destroy your relationship but also cast negative impacts on your persona, behavior and emotional stability.

The worst aspect of this psychological disorder is, no one admits that he or she is suffering from abandonment. Therefore, it becomes even difficult to cope with abandonment issues in relationships.

People consider it a natural thing and defend themselves by quoting, “I don’t want any interference in my personal matters!” you must have heard this too from your companions or relatives, right?

It is the biggest dilemma of this disorder. It silently attacks and takes away everything you have ever loved or wanted! Abandonment issues in relationships are identifiable and curable as well!

Before moving towards the solution, let’s get a glimpse of some factors or symptoms (more appropriately) that trigger abandonment issues in relationships.

Some Symptoms of Abandonment issues in Relationships

    • You take too short time to attach with a person emotionally as well as physically.
    • You can’t control yourself to discuss the past experiences (bad experiences) even with the person whom you don’t know too much!
    • You can’t stop yourself to inquire about the past relationships, present interactions, and nature of relationships of your counterpart with the other people especially mutual friends.
    • It is impossible for you to find any point of interest in your potential mates.
    • You want a person that can not only adapt your lifestyle but also follow your rules. In short, you don’t want to make any adjustment but expect the same from your partner. Isn’t it hilarious? I bet, it is…!
    • You constantly fear about the loyalty and fidelity of your partner – No matter how loyal he/she is with you!
    • You have severe commitment issues. You always find a reason to say GOOD BYE!
    • The ultimate sign of abandonment issues in relationships is, you expect perfection from your partner. Since no one can be perfect, there’s no chance of a long-term relationship!

Causes of Abandonment issues in Relationships

You must be aware about the reasons or causes that create abandonment issues in relationships. A person can suffer from abandonment issues because of many reasons. Some of the common causes are:

    • You have suffered from severe psychological pressure because of the divorce of your parents.
    • You grew up in an environment where all of your siblings were treated better than you.
    • You lost your parents in the childhood – Resulted in your emotional insecurity.
    • In your childhood, you were bullied by your fellows, teachers or siblings.
    • You passed through any sexual abuse in your childhood.
    • You possess a history of low self-esteem.
    • You suffered from verbal abuse by your ex at any time of your life.

Steps to Cope with Abandonment Issues in Relations

Now, you have a clear idea about the symptoms as wells as reasons of Abandonment issues in relationships; it is time to move ahead to get rid of this psychological disorder.

Let’s get started!

Stop Judging Others

It is the first and foremost step to cope with abandonment issues. Make yourself think, how can you be a judge when you, yourself have so many flaws and weak points?

If you are able to do this. Certainly, you have bright chances to get rid of the negative impacts of this messy disease.

Don’t be in Rush to fall in LOVE

Stop yourself from being a laughing stoke and try to hide your emotions and feelings for quite some time. It’ll help you to become a faithful person.

Moreover, it’ll make you a strong person – emotionally stable person.

Don’t Disclose your Past

The best way to deal with abandonment issues is to live the moment rather than sharing regretful past experiences. Also, don’t share everything in the first meeting. Rather than sharing your bad experiences, discuss you routine, plans and goal of life.

Think Positively

To recover from abandonment issues in relationships, you have to redirect your mindset and way of thinking in a positive dimension.

Avoid making false assumptions about the social and private life of your partner. Instead, respect his/her privacy and try to flourish your relationship in a friendly, trustful and supportive environment.

Don’t take it to heart if your partner is unable to attend a dinner that you have planned together. It doesn’t mean at all that he/she don’t want to spend time with you. There must be some reason behind her denial.

In short, you have to get rid of such negative thoughts if you wanna cope with abandonment issues in relationships.

Control your anger

Lack of self-control is the worst aspect of abandonment. You have to find a way to control your anger and anxiety if something goes off the schedule.

Don’t assume a wrong reason by yourself instead ask your partner politely. Moreover, try to understand the reason he/she is giving rather than enforcing your opinion.

Immediately Quit Drugs – If you are taking

Smoking and drugs can’t solve your problem at all. Moreover, avoid using anti-depression pills if you want to get out of this psychological disorder.

Monetize a Healthy Routine

Be active and athletic. Adopt a healthy timeline. Improve your diet by taking vital fresh fruits, vegetables and salads. Moreover, reduce consumption beverages that contain a high percentage of caffeine as coffee and coke.

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