7 Best ways to Propose a Girl

Are you a medical student?

Because boy, oh boy! To propose a girl is way more complicated than physics and human anatomy.

Let me warn you of what you’re getting yourself into;

You’re about to deal with a girls’ hormones, her pms situation and her casual mood swings. This shall be an emotional roller coaster, except this one has NO BELTS, and only stops when it wants to!

Be prepared to ask yourself, a million times; what you did to upset her. Because! She won’t tell you what she feels, inside her feelings, which lie deeper inside her feelings, and feelings she has yet to feel. It’s like a


With the title stating; ways to make her say yes, you are obviously on this page, because you’re sweating in your pants, over thinking about whether or not she’ll take your hand.


For all we know, you could be that girl who’s dieing out of curiosity on how her man can propose her; so she’s exploring her options, and deciding what to wear on each occasion, IF he suddenly plans to do one of the following.

P.s: Girls are big drama queens. We can totally fake “an OMG look” even if we knew all about it, or even if we have been prepared quite well for the “big surprise”

7 Creative Ways to Propose a Girl


1. Utilize the movie break

7 Best ways to Propose a Girl 15

Proposals are not about how well dressed both of you are. They are about that moment when it just feels right. She may be in her ripped jeans, while you’re in your shorts. But as soon as the screen shows “intermission” and the lights turn on, get up and scream “will you marry me” or “will you be my girlfriend”

I can guarantee, the crowd will clap, and this will give her greater confidence to hold your hand and scream YESS!

2. Keep it simple, stay home

7 Best ways to Propose a Girl 16

This varies from girl to girl. Many girls prefer to have such intimate moments in a private place, around her comfort zone, where it’s just the two of you. Stay-at-home proposals can have many forms

  • Set a table with cake, candle and a letter. Close the lights and wait for her to come home from work
  • Wait for her to wake up and leave a ring in her breakfast-in-bed service
  • Record a video, burn it in a CD, put it in your dvd player and convince her to watch a movie with you. As soon as you open the television, there you go!

There can be many more ways, use your creative head!

But be sure to have a camera somewhere to record that moment.

3. Order a proposal service

7 Best ways to Propose a Girl 17

Any plans of ordering food tonight? Make her order food, and wait outside the house for the delivery man to come. Catch him before he rings the bell and tell him to hand her pizza first, following a ring or a note. She will be super surprised and overwhelmed!

4. Destination proposal

7 Best ways to Propose a Girl 18

Has she ever shared her desire to travel to this one “dream place?”


Buy two tickets and deliver them to her office. She will obviously call you in shock.But do act normal, because, you’re proposing her in the plane.

YESS! In the plane.

It’s too generic to propose a girl with tickets and a ring box, or at the destination. Be different. Use the plane. After all, “you’re paying hell lotta money for that seat!” Aint it!

The best part about this is, even if it’s a NO, you’ll have a vacation ahead to get over it.

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5. Doggy style

7 Best ways to Propose a Girl 19

“Stop thinking what you’re thinking sick head!”

Buy her a dog or a cat for that matter, with a ring tied to the neck in the collar or a note saying “will you marry me”.

If she says no, TAKE THE DOG WITH YOU!

6. Dance off

7 Best ways to Propose a Girl 20

Prepare a dance with your friends and embarrass the life out of her in public. This is not a nasty, annoying kind of an embarrassment. It’s more like that “Omg I love him, he’s adorable” (with tears in her eyes) kind of an embarrassment.

GO FOR IT! Even if you’re absolutely terrible at dancing!

7. Food spree

7 Best ways to Propose a Girl 21

Is she a foodie? Does she go head over heals when she sees Leonardo Di Caprio…………coming in her favourite burger brands advertisement, because she loves that burger?

Then here’s what you must do!

Buy her favourite food items. Minimum 4! Leave a note in each bag, with anything that you want to say to propose her.

Warning: Make sure she doesn’t eat the notes with the food.

Well, well, well! I can’t imagine the struggle of guys, who are put into the position of proposing a girl. But what I know for sure is, no matter how many “tips to propose a girl” articles you read and learn, what will take it all away is you being yourself. Remember! That’s what she fell for in the first place. The rawest version of YOU!
Good luck!

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