7 Cute Ways To Ask A Girl On A Date

Millennials are constantly categorized as “wild cards” or an “out-of hand” generation!

A lot of these descriptions refer to the existence of the hook-up culture prevalent in modern society. Many adults believe that the new generation does not understand the chastity of commitment and quite a few youth echoes those sentiments.

For those who seek advice on how to ask someone to be your girlfriend.


1. Slip a Sticky Note into the Last Page of the Book She is Reading

This would specially work if her current book is a sappy, romantic love story.

In any case, when bookworms read, they get so involved in the book that the world around them gets forgotten. They are, at their most vulnerable, as they let the pages engulf them, and so if you strategically place the note in the book, she is sure to give your invitation some consideration.



2. Send a Pizza to her House with a Note

Everyone loves food, right?


Narrowing it down further, it is technically possible to come across someone who dislikes Pizza, but no one likes to base their decisions on minor aspects. So let’s just assume that everyone likes Pizza.

Consequently, everyone also likes cheese, so why not make your proposal slightly “cheesy” by writing a ‘punny’ note on the inside of the pizza box cover to surprise her with, when she opens the box.

Possible suggestions include “Do you want to go out with me or is that too cheesy?” or, if the Pizza is full of peppers, “I think you’re extra hot, will you go out with me?”


3. Make it Challenging

Make her go on a hunt!

Leave clues around her room or places that she routinely visits until she figures out what you are trying to ask. This keeps it extremely fun, mysterious and interesting, and you get points for creativity too. If you don’t want to make it too active, you can write her a note in code with a key so that she can figure it out. Creative ways to ask a girl to be your girlfriend are the best ways!


4. Fill Her Room with Balloons (and hide in them)

Like everyone loves Pizza, everyone also loves Balloons!

They bring color into a dull room and are a symbol of joy for any occasion. Walking into a room full of balloons is immediately uplifting, even after the worst of days. When you pop out from under them, their presence will automatically be associated with you and they will be overwhelmed by your presence.



5. Be BRUTALLY honest!

While it is generally believed that women like men who can be tough and strong, men who are not afraid to be honest about their feelings are always a great find.

If you are a boy and you like a girl, sit with her, hold her hand, look right into her eyes and say exactly how you feel, why you feel it and how long have you been feeling that way than take her out on a date. If your honesty comes through and she is interested then this could evolve as a long-time relationship.


6. Bring the Date to Her!

It is common for people to feel slightly lazy and want to stay at home, especially if they are young.

Anyhow, find out what her favorite food is, order it and show up at her place. Explain your motive, open the food and enjoy a lazy evening in sweatpants and Tshirts with her great company.



7. Be Shameless

This is definitely not for people who are asking out shy girls!

If the girl you are interested in is shy, you’d probably want to try number 5 or 6. This is more of a public display of interest, like the “I love you baby” scene in the movie, 10 things I Hate about You. Sing a song, get your friends involved, hold up posters, get her attention, and be heard and seen by not only her, but also others in the area.

This is sure to let her know that you would be proud to have her by your side, which is a reassuring thought, for anyone, indeed!


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