7 Movies you can’t watch with your family! (YOU KNOW WHY?!!)

Isn’t it pretty obvious from the statement, right?

Let’s be grown-ups about it!

We all know that we like to watch some things alone as it gets awkward with family if it is anything more than a kiss. We hear it somewhere that it is too dirty to watch with family and there’s outrage which makes yo want to see it more. It’s like a forbidden fruit! You want to see it!

We just want to know why these movies had a hard time with the censor board which makes us intrigued and we end up watching it alone. It’s like Game of Thrones, but the only difference is that it is TV series and we all are secretly and desperately waiting for season 6. Oh well, deviated again! Without having to wait

any further, let’s get to the point where we are presenting you with the top 10 dirtiest movies.

1. Wolf of wall street

Wolf of wall street

A very likable movie generally but oh God, can anyone say the F word that much.

Worse comes to worst with all the stupid partying, nudity and drugs. You will agree that the scene featuring the fight of Leonardo and his onscreen wife was just super awkward with your parent’s right beside you. What were they both trying to do, doing it or not doing it? Pick one and stick to it but fighting while doing it just makes it worse and don’t get me started on awkwardness!

2. American Pie Series

American Pie Series

Well, what to say?

You bring the ‘teen’ movies to watch with your parents but guess what? They actually paint a really different picture. One example is this American Pie Series. It shows that high school is all about getting your crushes and that is what one does. But that’s not the only thing he does! This series actually makes you question high school and those spoiled brats. It’s good to learn the tactics, but alone, alright! Teens sexy stuff is not what you want to watch with parents because that’d only make them stricter about studies!

3. Fifty shades (Do I need to say more?)

Fifty shades of Grey

Yes, let’s honor the name “50 shades of grey”!

You wonder, can this movie be about anything related to lust? But you bet, just when you think it can’t get any dirtier, it does and it does bad!! If you ever made a mistake of watching it with your parents, make sure you don’t look at them in eyes for next 30 days because boy-oh-boy, you can’t be more embarrassed. Watching a teen getting knocked up violently by a billionaire is something you just don’t want to watch with your parents beside you!

4. American Beauty

American Beauty

All about the wet dreams. Really?

You watched it with parents?

You are in the super embarrassment mode because you just didn’t want to watch something so dirty with your parents beside you! Anyways, you did it, honest mistake! Just go through the whole list to make sure such mistakes aren’t repeated. It is more awkward for parent’s maybe, a man dreaming about daughter’s best friend. Nevertheless, this is one of the best movies ever made in the history, both ways.

5. Borat


If you have seen it, you will agree what sort of vulgarity I refer to when I say this movie is full-load of vulgarity! Featuring one of the biggest stars “Sacha Baron Cohen”, this movie is the purest depiction of mockumentary. Most movies featuring this guy are pretty vulgar and dirty and this one is no exception.

6. American Psycho

American Psycho 

Again, an awesome movie…… Wait but with parents, NO never!

How can someone watch this much nudity and violence with parents? It’s like, inspired by Game of Thrones or something but has a totally different plot. A good amount of satire but really with parents, nothing beats nudity and violence! You will either be very uncomfortable or shut it off or you’ll just drop the idea of watching movies with your parents because never judge a book by its cover! (Movie is this case).

7. Shame


It’s fun if you are alone and watch this!

Some might even relate to it but definitely not with the elders around, watching the same thing as you, right? It is totally centered around a life of a sophomore and his vicious lust. Well, you wonder if it can be that uncontrollable but YES, it gets worse as movie proceeds. It’s made for watching so yeah watch it but if you have any elder around you, just make sure to schedule it some other time because it’s not something that you’ll ever be able to watch it with your parents!

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