7 Stages –How Men Fall in Love

So, Are you curious about how men fall in love ?


“Let’s fall in love tonight, after I’m done catching Pokemons”- The unheard voice of all men!


To begin with,

Men are rather shallow when it comes to love.

Well, to be fair “most” men!

A girl speaking biology in ripped jeans will probably fall short of a man’s appreciation compared to a girl bumpin’ gums in her perfectly green fit dress.


While a woman may have a tsunami of affection inside her, a man with feelings would mostly be confused of what’s happening and what he needs to do next. Then, he’ll just go and sleep over it. *bummer*

The feeling of Finding Your Soulmate may be same for both of the genders, but the stages they experience are whole different worlds of illusion, delusion and realization!

Here’s how men fall in love in their side of the universe!


Stages of How Men Fall In Love

Stage 1 – Admiration

Taking the superficial love at first sight to further encounter in men – it all begins with physical attraction.

This stage varies from men to men; a beautiful smile, the way she flips her hair, the curves of her body or the dimple on her cheek. Each man would opt for a different feature.

As a matter of fact, some guys won’t even know what exactly they like of a woman, but if you’re in awe of a girl you saw last night. Its stage-1 love, indeed!

Stage 2 – Confusion/Infatuation

Why am I still thinking about her? She was cute yeah! But so was Jenna-And Bella, and Rosy!

Jay Sean explains this;

And maybe it’s true I’m caught up on you

Maybe there’s a chance you’re stuck on me too

Maybe I’m wrong it’s all in my head – (Maybe)

Stage 3 – Reciprocation

The historical moment; when she turns around and smiles while looking at you. Or if she’s a corky young lady, she may just check you out and walk away.

*drum rolls*

It’s mutual!

When men find out she has the hots for them too, stage 3 kicks in!

Here’s what Jay Sean has to say about this;

Got my eyes on you

Won’t you bring that back to me

Got my eyes on you

You know where I’m gonna be

Got my eyes on you

And I see you checkin me

Got my eyes on you

And I like what I see — (Eyes on you)

At this very point, since the gentleman knows he has a chance (low risk of the fragile ego getting crushed) he starts mapping the moves.

Stage 4 – Impression

Let me get this clear; I have a total of 7 stages planned and I’m more than half way across, but this guy is NOWHERE close to being in love, right now.

Temporarily, what he’s trying to do is affirm the fact that she likes him too or not? Never underestimate the power of a man’s ego. They despise rejection.

The clichéd statements about men being practical are mostly confused with men protecting their amour proper (French for self-esteem)

The flowers she likes and the foods she eats, the bands she listens to. He’s done his homework!

The bull is ready to chase victory!

Stage 5 – Impression to conviction

He’s insecure! Even if he’s the “cool dude” handsome hunk all girls fall for. If he’s developing affection for you, his game has taken a 360 degree turn.

All he wants pronto is a damned confirmation screaming YES I LOVE YOU TOO!

At this stage, he likes her, REALLY likes her. But the uncertain “might slap me if I confess” thought is getting onto him. So he’ll act cool and continue to charm you with his undying efforts!

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Stage 6 – Declaration

Romeo, take me somewhere we can be alone.

I’ll be waiting; all that’s left to do is run.

You’ll be the prince and I’ll be the princess,

It’s a love story, baby, just say “Yes”. – Taylor Swift (Lovestory)

It’s out. She loves him!

Now that it’s there, guess what he’s going to do?

Ask himself if he loves her too!.

YES! I’m serious. Close that jaw and hear me out.

Up till now, Mr had gotten so busy in the pursuit of getting the lady to love him; he forgot to ask himself the important question. “Do I love her enough to accept the female hormones?

If you look deeply into it, this is not just about him asking himself the question; it’s more about him freaking out! Momentarily, he knows its butterflies and candies but soon comes the PMS and fights.

Cold feet are what I would call this very situation. He’s scared to commit.

Stage 7 – Acceptance

Phew! I’ve known men so closely; it makes me bleed for them to have to go through the struggle.

He knows what he has got to do. It’s so funny, how women literally decide on the 1st day if they love him or not, while a man can’t decide till the last moment.

But what’s progress is, he was up all night thinking. That rarely ever happens to men. Unless they’re watching porn or playing games *Arghh*

It’s any time during all night that our men realize that they’re in love. It could be a moment when they remember your smile, or the beauty that lies within you. What so ever it may be. That VERY MOMENT is the moment we can say the man has fallen in love. Not before it, not after. The very specific moment of enlightenment!

Love is beautiful. I believe, we come down into this world incomplete and it’s only when we meet the love of our life, we are finally become whole. Men may not be the best at figuring this out, but we love them anyway.

Remember, it’s not rather important to fall in love, but to walk into it hand in hand, through thick and thin!


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