7 Things to do when Depression Strikes!

Depression, as we all know, makes one feel down and utterly worthless! If not taken care on time, this might make the person suicidal or worse.

As much as we suggest you to get it checked by a therapist, we also recommend you to work on your own self. We believe, depression is not always triggered by biochemical imbalance, but it often strikes due to circumstances such as your environment, relationship status, financial standing etc.

We are in no way, suggesting you to overlook your doctor’s advice because they know best what is going on with your body and mind. But alongside, try out these natural remedies for depression and note if it makes any difference, which I’m pretty sure, will!

1. Create a routine:

Create a routine

This natural cure for depression is something I vouch by. Usually in depression, one thinks of themselves as completely useless and worthless. Nothing seems to be going the right way.

That’s what your brain is trying to portray. The only way you can counteract is by proving yourself worthy.

    • Start by setting up a routine.
    • Make sure the routine set is not tedious.
    • Eat, sleep and work according to the routine.
    • Do not overburden yourself.

Once you are able to stick to the routine, the feeling of being accomplished and stable will make you swoon with joy.

2. Sleep right:

Sleep right

When depression strikes, one either gets insomniac or sleeps a little too much. Neither of which are good for your health. As we have mentioned earlier, start with a routine.

Nothing makes depression worse than a tired mind.

    • Start by setting up a sleep routine.
    • Set a goal to be in bed by 8 and up before 6.
    • Yes, studies show the earlier you sleep, the fresher you wake up. While the later you sleep, the more tired you will feel, despite having slept for 12 hours.
    • In spite of having set a routine, you still can’t seem to get a good night’s sleep? Remove all sorts of gadgets from your room. Yes, even your phone.
    • Turn your bedroom into a safe haven, for sleep and sleep alone!

3. Get yourself enrolled in a gym:

Get yourself enrolled in a gym

This is the best natural cure for depression, by far and works amazingly well, for both clinical as well as other means of depressions.

Where most would suggest you to start exercising, I would suggest you get yourself into a gym or a club, where people of same interests get together.

    • Exercising will help release endorphins, which help lighten your mood.
    • Socializing will also help boost your confidence and bring positivity in your life.

4. Watch what you eat:

Watch what you eat

Anything and everything are related to what you eat! That, my dear, is a fact we aren’t well aware of. The first step towards curing depression is changing your lifestyle and making healthier choices. And what can be healthier than choosing to eat healthy food?

Depression makes most people over-eat which results in an increased risk of diseases such as cholesterol, sugar, and the likes.

But even if you are over-eating, concentrating on making healthier foods your priority can lessen your risk, by almost half.

5. Stay positive:

Stay positive

We are well aware of the fact that when depression hits, it hits hard and during that, it seems impossible to remain positive. But keep in mind it is in no way, impossible! Yes, it can be a little difficult but very much possible.

When negativity prevails, it forces the mind to imagine the worst possible scenarios that are very unlikely to happen, but there is no stopping the mind. Though, the below-mentioned steps have helped keep the negativity at bay amazingly well:

    • It’s all a mental game. You can fight the negative thoughts by keeping your mind busy with pleasant thoughts.
    • If that fails, use logic to counter attack the negativity. When your mind makes you think you are nothing but a useless self, ask your mind if there is any proof of it. Look to find any pieces of evidence that defend your self-accusation.

6. Do what you love doing:

Do what you love doing

Depression usually sprouts in an empty mind. That is why most therapists would first recommend the person suffering from depression to involve themselves into something they love doing.

Make this habit your safe haven which blocks away all negative thoughts and keeps you busy. In return, this sprouts positivity and a feeling of accomplishment in oneself.

    • If you love to cook, go get busy!
    • If it’s art that makes you release the depressing thoughts, don’t wait up.
    • If reading makes you forget everything happening around you, get into it, right away!

7. Believe in yourself:

Believe in yourself

Last, but without a doubt, not the least way to cure depression, is to keep faith in yourself. Believe that you can be anything and everything. You alone contain enough potential to turn tables around, if only you truly believe in yourself!

Never stop enjoying the pleasures of life. Keep calm and keep enjoying, don’t let depression break you!

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