Best Affordable and Cheap Honeymoon Destinations in the World

Best Affordable and Cheap Honeymoon Destinations in the World

Looking for cheap honeymoon destinations? Check out our listed below destinations in US, Asia, Europe and even in your hometown.

A romantic suite with a view of luxurious city life or a beautiful resort on a heavenly Island, who wouldn’t love it for relaxing after a tiring wedding party. Choices can be numberless, but planning for that one perfect place is as tough as planning a wedding. Especially when your budget is low.

At this early stage of marriage keeping your expenses in budget is crucial. Spending more than you afford is a big No-No. Since, it may cause financial issues for you in future. Therefore, plan it smart. Set your budget and keep a note of every penny you spend on shopping, eating and outing. One good thing you can do is to keep a close eye on honeymoon packages and inclusive deals. After all, honeymoon is not about a lavish place but about you and your love relaxing together.

Cause we know your struggle. Hence, we have done some homework for you and handpicked the best affordable honeymoon destinations for you and your better half from around the globe.


Cheap honeymoon destinations in US

From modern sites to breathtaking landscapes, US has it all. But what’s on budget? Have a glimpse!

Las Vegas, Nevada

Some amazing dinning’s, world class shopping centers, parties, night life and whatnot? Vegas has a lot to offer. And let me tell you climbing the Eiffel tower, watching the gondola ride in the Venetian hotel and enjoying the award winning shows together won’t be heavy on your pocketbook.



Key West, Florida

For two lovers of beach, Key West is one heck of a choice. The impressive highway that extends over 100 miles gives its visitors some unforgettable scenic views. To make your honeymoon extra special you may book a budget friendly resort and enjoy the BBQ parties at the beach.


Oahu, Hawaii

And if you don’t like our idea of Key West, we have a second option. After a tiring wedding, Oahu is the very suitable for relaxing. Plus you won’t have to worry about the expenditure. Oahu has few great choices like Banzai Pipeline surf break, Waikiki Beach and Diamond Head crater that will cost you reasonable.


Charleston, South Carolina

There is a reason why Charleston is ranked as the best city for a romantic escape by Travel and Leisure readers in 2015. This fascinating town has its root in history. Lovers of art and history can find Centuries-old mansions, art galleries and antebellum architectures to explore with their one special.


Cheap honeymoon destinations in Asia

This largest and most populated continent of the Earth owns some heavenly countries that are perfect for honeymoon adventures.


Koh Lipe, Koh Lanta, Koh Phangan, Koh Samue, and so on. These Thai Islands are captivating and just right enough for you and your darling. Moreover, the natural locations like mountains, Mekong River and picturesque landscapes won’t break your bank.





By visiting Malaysia you will get the taste of different cultures on one land. For a modish couple Kaula Lampur with the world’s tallest twin towers is very suitable to stay. However, if you love nature don’t worry, because Malaysian Borneo and Perhentian Islands will leave your eyes and soul stunned.





It might be the smallest country of Asia but it attracts 600,000 tourists per year. Floating bungalows, underwater experience in the crystal clear sea, and the all-inclusive resorts are not only enchanting but economical too.





Turkey is also considered as the part of Western Europe. It has a blend of diverse ancient cultures of   Byzantines, Greeks, Persian and Ottoman Empires. From art and culture to delish food and modern architectures Turkey provides vast honeymoon activities and opportunities. Staying in a dreamy cave in Cappadocia and enjoying a hot air balloon ride is a fancy treat for honeymooners.



Cheap honeymoon destinations outside India

India has some of the best cheap honeymoon destinations in his neighboring. Take a look.


A visit to the astonishingly appealing Singapore is a liberal treat to the Eye. The Sungei Buloh wetland, the Marina Bay, and the little India are ideal places to pay visit. Though Singapore is in the lap of luxury yet visit from India isn’t that expensive.



Bali, Indonesia

Bali is one of the most well-liked honeymoon destinations of the world. And if you live in India, great news is that it’s not that overpriced for you. The pretty as picture landscapes, jungles and beaches are way too relaxing for two souls. Hit Mount Batur to have a look at the idealistic sunrise, Lombok Island to see the waterfalls and party at the stunning Kuta beach.




The historical sites, white beaches and the scenic greenery are some major temptations of Srilanka. For a couple who loves nature, Srilanka to spend the beginning days of wedding is a spot on.



The un-requirement of Visa and the hotels that cost next to nothing is what makes it ideal for an Indian couple looking for cheap honeymoon destinations. The Bodhnath Stupa, Bhaktapur, Pokhara, Chitwan National Park are some spots to visit must.


Cheap honeymoon destinations in Europe

Europe has some of the best affordable honeymoon destinations. Due to its engaging charm, it attracts tourists and couples from around the Globe.



One of the most beautiful cities of Europe, Budapest has locations from the past. UNESCO World Heritage sites, museums, geothermal hot springs, and the multiple cultures of this city gives it popularity among tourists. Fisherman’s Bastion and castle hill are places you have got to visit.




Prague, City of a Hundred Spires, is as pretty as paradise. The Prague Castle, Charles Bridge and the small Eiffel tower are top attractions in Prague. Plus if you want to dig more into the history, the Old Town Square and Astronomical Clock would be worthy options.




For an inexpensive honeymoon go to Lisbon, since it has beauty on budget. The fairy tale beaches, Perched atop seven hills, and historic French-style architecture makes it a stylish city.  St. George’s Castle and Alfama are some tourist and weather friendly destinations of Lisbon.




From natural beauty to historical sites and modern architecture, Dublin owns it all. Romantic walks with your significant other, visiting Museums and its striking beauty won’t disappoint you surely.



Cheap honeymoon ideas

For affordable honeymoons couple must give attention to some of our opinions.

Book early

Since now you two have exchanged rings, and planned for a wedding time you should start looking for honeymoon packages. You may save upto 50% by booking early.


Hire a travel advisor

Hiring a travel advisor is another crucial choice that you should make. They won’t only advice you a cheap and cheerful package but will also give you some personalized advice for a terrific honeymoon.


You might ignore this idea but a hometown honeymoon can be a remarkable one. And above all it is one of the most reasonable honeymoon ideas. You can buy a luxurious hotel from all the extra money you have saved from the travel cost. Moreover, have a fancy meal and check out some well-liked honeymoon attractions of your own town.


Road trip

A lovely long drive on a scenic route will not only save loads of your pennies but also give you some quality time together.