25 Cute Things to Text Your Girlfriend to Make her Smile

To make her smile is the worthiest thing, one wishes for his girlfriend. You can send cute and funny texts to your girlfriend to make her smile. To make her smile is important w.r.t the aspect that it will strengthen your relationship with your girlfriend.

Texts have become a key source of communication in the modern era. Therefore, if you want cute things to text to your girlfriend to make her smile, you are not the only person who has this wish – most of the guys want it.

Sending her cute texts to make her smile will surely enhance your closeness as well as frankness with your girlfriend. Choice of the topic is very important aspect when it comes to sending cute texts to make her smile.

You must consider some aspects of your relationship before sending funny texts to make her smile. Try to get answers of few questions by plotting some texts just to get to know that whether she is ready or not!

You must be wondering, how can you make her smile with texts, right? If YES, don’t worry! We are going to share some awesome tips and tricks that will help you to carve out laughter on her face.

You can surely let her feel special through text by keeping in mind few things that will help her to feel the difference.

Let me share few tips regarding texts to make her smile.


    • Don’t text randomly – try being specific.


    • Never start a conversation with a fun oriented text, firstly, try to judge her mood then show your cards of text to make her smile.


    • Don’t involve things in the chatting that are either offensive or she hates them.


    • You can make fun of her own self by pointing out some silly mistakes that she might have in her tone of speaking, choice of words, and most importantly in her dressing.


    • You can send her text regarding her friends but avoid involving her family in these fun oriented chats.


    • There’s no restriction in texting bold – sexting.


    • If you are busy, let her know immediately – Don’t put her on hold for too long.


    • Always give her a proper reason so that she doesn’t feel bad.


    • If you have a busy schedule, try to set a proper timing with her and make sure you are available for her in that specific interval.


Flirty things are quite appropriate for texting. Girls love to get praising comments from the counterpart. Flirty texts to make her smile is OK but don’t overdo it. Always text knowing your limits because it is an important aspect for any flourishing relationship.


The Pancake

You were looking fabulous today. Your dress was so naughty and charming that it was making me crazy. Looking at you was giving me a feeling that you are a lovely and delicious pancake whom I must try or taste at least – you are undoubtedly beautiful.


The Magnificent

Do you know, who was the soul of the last night party? Don’t think too much. You were the soul of the last night’s party because you were looking so amazing and beautiful that I just can’t took my eyes off you. You were the magnificent one!


Dream Girl

In my dream, I tried to figure out the difference between you and the moon. I was just unable to compare your beauty with the moon because you are so beautiful and good looking that the light of your personality was too shiny as compared with the moon.


The Gorgeous

Who would you recommend as the most gorgeous person? I would love to share my answer first, you are the most gorgeous and beautiful person in my life because I could find anyone else like you.


Life Light

Every aspect of my life seems full and lovable except one faithful and beautiful friend. But, watching you in the hot swim suit makes me feel crazy and my heart pumps the element of love in my blood. I’m telling you these things that I feel you are my life light.


One Liner

You straight hairs, curvy body, and most importantly the gracious looks are making me insane because it is very hard for me to keep myself away from the most charismatic personality of my life. Please, don’t send me the nudes – Because I don’t wanna get blow off – Hahahaha!



I have imagined few things for you, can you please confirm these things? I believe, you have the sweetest lips, I am sure you have awesome butt, and most importantly I am quite sure that you are the hottest person. Do you agree with me? OMG…!



You are as hot as the recently prepared cup of coffee, you are as sweet as the dates, you are as fresh as the freshly collected lemon, and you are as refreshing as the cup of green tea! In short, you are so beautiful that I can’t stop myself from saying you – Bodylicious.


Hottest Walk

You walk like a princess, don’t you know that? Your sizzling movements make me go out of my mind, your hot body gestures are an assurance that you have the best body, and your way of talking makes my heart to listen to you forever! Don’t you know that?



Hey Beautiful, I just can’t put myself on wait to see you again because I feel quite lonely without your beautiful smile, awesome conversations, and most importantly, I miss those catchy body gestures that makes me and my heart blow! I can’t wait more to see you!



I loved you in the past, I am in love with you the moment I saw you, I am in love with you right now, and I will always love you, forever and always! You will be my love because there’s no one like you except yourself.



Your body tempts me, your touch makes me feel so special, and I am a big fan of the natural fragrance of your hot body because it always makes me the luckiest person because no one else have that privilege of being so close to you!


Perfect Life

I believe I have a perfect life because I have a perfect person with me – YOU! You give me a strength, appropriateness and a hope for life. You smiling face let me forget about all the hardships and bad happenings of my life. I am telling you these things just because I want you to know that you are a special person for me.



I don’t know why it happens, but, every time I see you, my stomach feels butterflies in it. It is not because I have feelings for you, I believe it is just because I can’t resist being happy with you.



My hopes are attached with you, you are the motivation for weight loss, and you are hope for me that enables me to feel like the most special person because you are special. Since, you are with me it makes me feel above all.

There’s an old saying, “first Impression is the last Impression!” Therefore, it is mandatory to insert an outstanding first impression. The first thing you say to her, the first thing you text her to make her smile, and the first words of the conversation matters a lot!

If you are unable to pick up a rocketing or confident start, it can harm the strength of your overall relationship. I’m just sharing this with you to make it clear on you that first text is important.

The question is, what could be the best beginning, right? Would it a simple text of Hi, Hello, how are you etc.? I must say, it depends upon you and the scenario in which you are chatting.

You can start the chatting with some simple texts like what are you doing? What’s going on? Looks like you are quite busy…! In short, you can send her anything that you consider is appropriate for the startup.

We are gonna share some super-duper ideas regarding texting so that you never get short of words. Let’s roll on!


Happy Napkin

If you have taken a dinner, lunch, or supper with her, you can start the conversation mentioning that event. Since, Napkin is the key part of any of these dining therefore, there is no problem in texting her in reference to that context.

You can send her a first text to make her smile by using the phrase “Hi, Happy Napkin!” or “How are you Happy Napkin?” Also, “What’s going on Happy Napkin?”


Missed Scroll

Let’s continue the eating mystery. If you have taken or you haven’t taken the scroll after the dinner, you can surely begin the conversation with that scroll. Don’t hesitate to ask about the scroll like “It was a fun-filled scroll with you, I hope you like it!”


The Pretending

Can pretend for a moment that you are a guy? If YES, what would be the things that you might wanna ask a girl?


The Big Lie – After Date

Going out with you probably the worst day because you were looking more beautiful than everyone else and honestly I was looking very bad among all. Don’t you agree?



Can you please get me out of the confusion? I am confused at the moment because I think you are a thief.


I am sure you are a thief because you have stolen my heart – But…! This is also a fact that I don’t want it back.

You are probably the right person for this masterpiece.



Your eyes tell me that you are a great drinker! I believe, you must have been a big fan of the Red wine because you red cheeks reminds me of sweet n sour grapes!

Fun is probably the only thing that everyone loves to have, right? Are you a fun text expert? Do you know how to use funny texts to make her smile?

If NO, don’t worry! No problem at all. We are enlisting some examples of funny texts to make her smile that will help you to carve out smile on her face through your naughty texts.


Party Nerd

Do you love to party? I think you are a party addict! Would you allow me to take a fun-buzzed party today night? I guarantee you one thing, you will surely regret if you are gonna miss this splendid offer!


Sofa Lover

Are you gonna be a sofa lover for this weekend or would you love to go to the party with me – you couch Potato?


Christmas Celebration

Let’s celebrate Christmas before Christmas because you are my Christmas tree, happy, lovely, and fun lover!

I am anxiously waiting for your “YES” Text.


First Sight

Are you a believer of the “LOVE at First sight?” Hmm…! I think, I have to walk by again because I have fallen in love with you and just wondering to get a YES from your side.


The Appreciation

With you, I had bundle of fun earlier in the day. I am texting you just to ask you, is there any remote that can reverse my life to that moment again?

I wanna relive that moment…! Again and Again and Forever!


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