Phlegm is the mucus secreted by the respiratory system of the human beings. There are mucous membranes in the respiratory system which is excreted by coughing through the mouth and the nose. It might be very painful sometimes and it may hinder swallowing and eating. Phlegm is different from mucous as mucous. Phlegm is excreted if there is an inflammation or infection in the throat or nasal passage. If you go to a doctor, you will be prescribed antibiotics which are harmful for the liver.

Sanity is that you should try home remedies which are very effective and long lasting as well. There are normally no side effects of home remedies.


Carrots contain a lot of antioxidants and vitamin C. The antioxidants boost the immune system of the body and thus reduce the mucus in the nasal passages. Vitamin C in the carrots is very good for the phlegm in the nasal passages. It also reduces coughing. All you have to do is:

  • Take a few carrots and extract the juice.
  • Mix two teaspoons of honey in the juice.
  • Drink it two to three times a day to get rid of phlegm in throat.

Chick Pea Flour

Chickpea flour has many healing properties and has lot of energy. Here is how to get rid of phlegm using chickpeas.  For treating phlegm, fry two tablespoons of chickpea flour in a frying pan, without adding oil. Keep on a low flame until it turns light brown. Add one tablespoon ground almonds and fry them a little over the heat. Next add thirty ounces of water. Consume this mixture in three to five days thrice a day. It will definitely make your phlegm condition get better.

Eucalyptus Oil

Eucalyptus oil is a very powerful remedy against the phlegm. Phlegm can be easily and quickly removed by the usage of Eucalyptus oil.

  • Add equal amount of coconut oil in the eucalyptus oil.
  • Massage lightly on the chest and the neck area with this mixture of oils.
  • Do not attempt to apply the eucalyptus oil in pure form directly on the skin. Mix it with some other oil. Eucalyptus oil is very strong and it may cause severe headache if applied directly.
  • Phlegm will vanish away with only a few applications. It should be applied before bedtime once a day. You will notice considerable results in a few days and reduction in phlegm in throat.


Gargling with warm water provides relief to the phlegm in throat. It also heals the throat gradually and aids the swallowing process if you are having any difficulty in swallowing because of the phlegm. It is the simplest way to learn how to get rid of phlegm.

  • Add a dash of salt to the warm water to add the antibiotic properties to the water.
  • If a dash of turmeric is added, it will boost the healing process and excrete the phlegm from the throat quickly.

“Phlegm is a common condition which almost everyone experiences if someone catches a cold. Some home remedies can prove to be useful to improve the condition.”

Lime, Lemon And Cayenne Pepper

Lime has a lot of Vitamin C which helps in sore throat. Garlic has antibiotic properties and it helps in reducing the infection of phlegm in throat and the nasal passages. Cayenne pepper has the properties of dissolving the phlegm. It is a spice that also improves the metabolism of the body.

  • Add a pinch of cayenne pepper in warm water.
  • Chop one clove of garlic and add it in the water.
  • Add a few drops of lemon juice and consume it thrice a day.
  • Within a few consumption, you will be able to get rid of phlegm in throat.

Grape Juice

Grape juice is a natural expectorant. It has very powerful healing properties. Grape juice contains vitamins and minerals and also some amount of calcium and iron. It was used by Romans to heal sore and phlegm in throat and all respiratory ailments. They used to mix the Grape juice with a few drops of garlic juice and a herbal spice which was very helpful in respiratory tract infections. The Greeks used the same recipe but added honey to the concoction. So if you’re looking for some delicious way about how to get rid of phlegm, just drink grape juice.

  • Add two tablespoons of honey to two tablespoons of grape juice.
  • Consume this concoction twice a day for at least a week.

Ginger And Honey

Ginger has many medicinal properties and it was used by many herbal doctors for curing many diseases. Ginger heals the respiratory system. Honey has healing and anti-infection properties, which help to heal the body of many ailments. Ginger and honey is used by Asian herbalists for all bodily infections and the respiratory tract infections are treated easily with them.

  • Remove the outer skin of the ginger. Crush it in a mortar with the pestle.
  • Add a tablespoon of warm honey (warm it in a microwave for 6 to 10 seconds.)
  • Consume this concoction with a spoon thrice a day for three days.
  • Alternatively, if you do not want to add ginger, add a tablespoon of honey in warm water. Consume it thrice a day and it will make you feel better and reduce phlegm in throat.

“In the cold season phlegm is a common ailment which is mostly due to carelessness in the cold weather. If timely home remedies are practices then you can cure the condition in a short span of time.”

Chicken Soup

Chicken soup has been used since ages for repairing and healing the body. It is often used after surgeries as it is very powerful and ensures smooth healing. If taken in the cold conditions, such as phlegm, chicken soup makes the body warm and burns the phlegm inside the throat and nasal passages. It also helps in opening the nasal passages if they are blocked by phlegm. Chicken stock is given to babies to keep them warm in the winters and to prevent them from catching cold. So make sure to use chicken soap, if you’re wondering how to get rid of phlegm.

Onion And Lemon

Onion and Lemon is another powerful remedy against phlegm. It helps in healing the phlegm in throat and making the throat and the nasal passages free of phlegm.  Onion has properties which dissolve the phlegm in the respiratory tract. All you have to do is:

  • Peel an onion and add two tablespoons of sugar and juice of one lemon to it. Keep the onion for half an hour. After half an hour it will tune into a liquid. Consume this thrice a day until all your phlegm dissolves.
  • Alternatively, chop an onion and extract its juice.
  • Add one lemon’s juice to the onion juice.
  • Keep the juices in an airtight container for an hour.
  • Then boil a glass of water and add the juices in the boiling water. Let it boil for two minutes. Then turn off the stove and let it cool. Keep it in an airtight container and consume about one sip of the mixture every three hours. You will find a great relief the first day and in few days you’ll get rid of phlegm in throat completely.

Black Pepper

Black pepper is also one of the ingredients which are well known for its healing properties. Grind a tablespoon of fresh black pepper. Do not inhale the vapors as it will make you sneeze. Add a pinch of the ground pepper to a tablespoon of honey. Alternatively white pepper can be used.

Herbal Tea

Herbal teas are used by many dynasties for healing properties. They include different flowers and herbs which used to be boiled in water. They include wild herbs which help against phlegm. These herbal teas have antibiotic properties. These ensure the healing of the respiratory system and make it easy to excrete phlegm from the gastric system. So make sure to use them regularly to get rid of phlegm in throat.


Turmeric is a powerful spice which helps to clear the throat and nasal passages of the phlegm. Ground turmeric can be added to warm milk and consumed at night before you go to sleep. You will find instant relief from the phlegm. In the morning you will feel a lot better. Alternatively a pinch of turmeric can be added to a teaspoon of honey and consumed with warm milk. This has to be taken once a day for a week.

Green Tea

Green tea powder is another healing tea. It helps in reducing the phlegm in throat and respiratory passages. It has antibodies which act against infection and gives relief to throat and nasal infections.


  • Use a humidifier in the room before you go to sleep
  • Use a nasal aspirator to slack the phlegm
  • Take steam and inhale the steam for about fifteen minutes daily.
  • Drink hot beverages so that the phlegm melts and you get relief.


  • Don’t smoke or consume alcohol.
  • Don’t take excessive fried foods or dairy products.
  • Don’t swallow the phlegm.
  • Minimize the use of cold beverages.