General Dentistry: Everything You Need to Know

Are you someone experiencing recurring mouth or tooth pain? Are there any broken or missing teeth that are causing issues?

Have you been avoiding seeing the dentist for some time?

General dentistry is a great choice for anyone who wants basic but reliable care. A general dentist is a great addition to your healthcare team and can educate you on oral care and problems to look for.

See below for tips on finding a general dentist.

What is General Dentistry?

It is a field of dentistry that provides preventive and corrective treatments for the teeth and gums, as well as promotes oral health. It involves a variety of oral treatments such as fillings, crowns, bridges, dentures, and extractions to restore the patient’s mouth to a healthy state. It also focuses on the prevention and detection of any dental diseases or abnormalities.

It educates the patient on proper oral hygiene and habits that can help in achieving and sustaining the best health. The main goal of general dentistry services is to promote good oral health while preventing future dental problems. The goal is to improve the smiles, health, and confidence of each patient.

Diagnostic Services

It is the identification and understanding of dental problems, diseases, and other issues affecting oral health. This is to track down the underlying cause of a patient’s oral problem and to decide the necessary treatment course. It involves a thorough physical examination, a review of medical and dental histories, and imaging through X-rays and other specialized tests.

The results of these tests, as well as any symptoms, will inform the dentist of which steps to take to resolve any problems or prevent future ones. By uncovering the source of the problem, a general dentist is better able to give the most suitable and correct care.

Preventive Services

This includes regular check-ups that allow your dentist to find and discuss issues early. This could include cleaning, exams and X-rays, fluoride treatment, sealants, nutrition advice, and more.

By going to issues early and preventing disease you may be able to avoid costly and painful treatments and procedures to fix the problem later on. Going to a local dentist office is important for ensuring oral health, as it can help catch cavities, decay, gum, and other oral problems in their early stages, which can help save time, money, and pain down the road.

Cosmetic Services

There are a variety of treatments and procedures to improve the appearance and smile of the patient. This can include whitening treatments, contouring, veneers, bonding, and even the replacement of missing teeth. These treatments can improve the color, size, shape, and length of teeth.

It can also reduce and repair any signs of wear and tear on the teeth, as well as change any misshapen or discolored teeth. This is a good way for you to get the best-looking smile possible. It can increase a person’s confidence and self-esteem, and make you look and feel you’re very best.

Find the Right Dentist Today

As you can see, general dentistry is an important way to support your oral health. Regular visits to your dentist ensure that you keep your teeth and gums healthy.

Do not forget to practice good oral hygiene routines, and brush and floss regularly. Don’t wait to see the dentist. Book an appointment today!

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