Growing Taller –at What Age do Men Stop Growing?

On average, a boy at the time of birth is around 18 to 20 inches in height. The very same person, in normal circumstances has the tendency to grow up to 7 feet, in his lifetime. But not all men happen to grow up to 6 feet tall.

The factors affecting his height include:

    • Genes – the height of his parents.
    • Nutrition – whether or not he is well nourished.
    • Environment – the type of work, lifestyle etc.
    • Hormones – whether or not the body produces adequate amount of growth hormone.
    • Stress – one of the key factors one might not grow as tall.

In today’s society, height is considered majorly. Parents at a very tender age, start to worry whether or not their child will grow up to a decent height. Questions such as how long do guys grow; till what age do they grow etc. have become far too common. In order to eliminate all the confusion, all together, we have come up with the following answers.


At what Age do Bones stop Growing ?

In order to answer when men stop growing, you will have to first figure when they actually start to grow. As mentioned earlier, an average man grows up to 6 feet in height in their lifetime. Research shows that men tend to grow the most during puberty. Which hits one at the age of 12 to 16. This is the time, when bones grow the most. In average, a boy grows almost 12 inches in this time period alone. The legs, arms, hands and feet are the fastest to grow, during this age.

The growth however doesn’t stop at 16. The bones continue to grow taller, gradually till the growth plates close, which normally occurs at the age of 21.

Growth plates are basically bones that make up our joints, which facilitate growth with the help of the growth stimulating hormone, produced by our body during our sleep. When these plates have reached their growth limit, which is determined by our genes, our bones no longer use the growth hormones to grow further. Hence, putting a stop to our growth.

That’s exactly when the bones stop growing.


What Age do the Females stop Growing ?

Compared to men, girls tend to reach their height limit a lot earlier. Research suggests that most women will reach their ultimate height by the age of 15. That is when their growth plates start to fuse. The peak growth time in girls is usually around the time they hit puberty, which is between 8 to 14 years. On average, most girls go through a rapid growth spurt, around the age of 12, which is when their growth cycle is at its peak. That’s when the doctors suggest, intake of a nutrition-filled diet, to ensure healthy growth.


So it’s safe to say that on average, women stop growing after the age of 15.


Growing Taller –at What Age do Men Stop Growing? 3



When do you Stop Growing in Height?

Talking about men, the usual age around which their body stops growing taller in height is around 18 to 21. However, there are rare cases where one might keep growing till the age of 27, but again it’s quite rare.

However, in case of women, their bodies stop growing in height, by the time they reach 15 to 16 years of age.

But then again, each human grows on a different scale. You cannot expect the same growth results from two different individuals. So the simplest of answer to the question, when does one stop growing in height is, when the growth plates in one’s body start to close in.

Here is the complete guide about how to increase height in 1 week.


Can you Grow Taller after the Age of 21?

Well, where most individuals believe that the growth comes to a halt at the age of 21, there are a few who claim that one may grow up to the age of 27.

The truth is, we never know. As mentioned earlier, it all depends on when the plates close in and not what age you are. Yes, the plates usually close in by the time one hits 18-21, but that may not be the case, for everyone.

The only way to be sure is to get an x-ray done, to determine whether your growth plates have closed in or not. If by the age of 21, your growth plates haven’t fused, there is a chance you may be able to grow your height taller, with the help of extra dosage of growth hormones. But if they have closed in, which is usually the case, then there are barely any chances.

In case your plates haven’t closed in as yet, make sure you take a good night’s sleep as it is during our sleep that the growth hormone is released. Exercise also helps in the release of this hormone.

However, if the growth plates have fused in you can do nothing other than working on your posture and stretching. These may not give you outstanding results, but a growth of 1 inch is common.

Another great alternative are status shoes, which increase your height up to 3 inches, which isn’t bad at all.

However, if you are far too desperate to grow your height, then there is a surgical procedure that includes extreme amounts of pain, as the legs are first broken and then left to heal at a gap, which allows space for bone growth.

Since, the surgery sounds and is scary, the best solution to this problem seems to be to accept who you are. It will not only boost your brain power and confidence but never make your height feel like a hindrance.


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