Here are the chances of getting pregnant from precum while ovulating

Precum has several myths and misunderstandings pregnancy. People ask certain questions about chances of getting pregnant from precum, fertility of the precum, and most importantly, they want a pet answer regarding what are the chances of getting pregnant from precum while ovulating?


More Often, people feel very shy to ask these kind of questions even from their doctor. But, here at this forum you will find enough about the chances of getting pregnant from precum that it will not put you in any kind of fascination to ask anything further regarding the chances of getting pregnant from precum.

We have tried to cover almost all the aspects regarding the precum. Its difference from cum, its chemical composition, its role, its production, reasons behind its excretion, its harms and all other queries that are related to it in any aspect.

What are the Chances of Getting Pregnant from Precum While Ovulating?

There are various forms of getting encounter with the precum like oral, cuddling, genetic teasing etc. Situations when you come in touch with precum evolves a mere question in your mind that what are the chances of getting pregnant from precum in any of these situation?

We have answers to all of your concerns and baseless worries regarding chances of getting pregnant from precum – just go through the whole article to get optimal answers because everything you wanna get to know is available here!

Let’s rock and roll!


When does the Precum Occur?

The first and foremost question before encountering with chances of getting pregnant from precum  while ovulating is, when and how does the precum occurs? Right?

It is mandatory to know the origin and occurrence of the precum to get a right idea about any of the relevant aspects. Firstly, you must know the composition of the precum. You must be well-aware about components of this material.

Precum is composed of dead of dead or infertile DNA cells. Also, there are high chances that this material may not contain any kind of sperms – neither dead cells nor fertile cells.

It is just a fluid that comes out from our private part because of sexual intimacy and dirty thoughts regarding any aspect. It could be your partner, any other female, or any kind of adult content that could arouse your emotions and stiffness in your private parts – That’s it.

Difference Between Precum and Semen

Both these materials have a hell of difference in their chemical composition and overall states except one common aspect i.e. slickness.

Both are very different from each other except the one fact that they have a common point of excretion but that don’t make them alike. They are far apart in all aspects.

Precum contains dead sperms or it may not contain any sperm. On the other hand, semen is fully loaded with sperms because it has a specific task and a whole different chemical composition from the precum.

Do We have Control Over Precum?

The true answer to this is NO! We have no control over this fluid because it is the outcome of some kind of chemical reactions taking place in our mind while we are in middle of the intercourse or encountering with any kind of dirty thought.

Some physicians believe that this fluid is meant to ensure a painless erection because it smoothens the passage and you can have an enjoyable excretion.

But, we can’t control this because this fluid is a response of some kind of chemical reactions taking place in the mind.

These statements are also viable to support a fact that it contains no sperms because it is a fluid that makes a passage for painless ejaculation. Since, it just forms a passage, it has no chemical resemblance with the ejaculation material. Moreover, it has no sperms or dead sperms therefore, it can be termed as a harmless fluid.

Can you Get Pregnant from Pulling Out?

Pulling out seems like a big deal but it isn’t if you are able to judge the combined responses of your desire to get finished inside or outside.

If you are well-aware about your body conditions and you have a good timing to pull out while you are about to ejaculate, pulling out can really help you out to get better chances to stop the pregnancy.

The chances of getting pregnant while using the pull out technique depends upon how rightly you do it. Because, pulling out could only help you if you pull out at the right time.

If you want a pet answer or pulling out, I would say that YES, you can prevent the pregnancy by pulling out your private part from the body of your partner – only if you have a perfect timing to do it. It requires self-control and active pull out to keep your partner away from the pregnancy.

Pregnancy and Pull Out Technique

The chances of getting pregnant with precum are very rare if it doesn’t contains the whole semen. If you want to keep your partner away from unwanted pregnancy, you can use this technique because it is really effective in most of the cases.

When to pull out?

Timing is the most important aspect of pulling out. Only precum can’t make you pregnant. You have to pull out your private part from your partners’ before the ejaculation takes place.

Your semen must not come in touch with the inner portion of your partner private part – that’s the rule of thumb. You must ejaculate outside.

If are saying that you will pull out after the ejaculation that’s not gonna help you at all because it could be too late.

Once you cum inside the partner, her chances of getting pregnant rises almost 100 percent because you can’t control the natural process once it is triggered – that could affect the health and life of your partner.


P.S: Pull out right before you cum!

Can you Get Pregnant from Swallowing?

Well, it is the most interesting question that comes up in everyone’s mind because it has several aspects related to it that makes it interesting.

I would ask a question to you first, what’s the connection of your stomach with your private part? What’s the distance between your stomach and private part?

You will surely find it interesting to answer that there seems no connection of your private part and stomach.

Similarly, there’s no logic of getting pregnant by swallowing. You must not believe that there’s anything gonna happen from swallowing cum – It is illogical.

Some Useful Tips to Avoid Pregnancy


    • Rather than pushing your limits to use so many precautions and so many different techniques, it is good to use protection like condoms because that’s the best option in all the forms and cases.


    • Condoms are better than using pregnancy control pills because what can be pinched with a small needle needs no hammer – don’t pollute your body with the meds instead, use a better form of protection i.e. condoms.


    • Avoid putting your mouth on the private part of your partner because that really causes some other deadly diseases like mouth cancer, stomach issues, tasteless tongue etc.


    • Keep your genitals clean so that you could avoid all forms of itching.


    • Don’t put your hands or fingers in mouth after touching the private part of your partner because your fingers aren’t clean enough to put them in the mouth.


    • Immediately wash your body with some germ killing soap so that you could avoid any form of issues that arises from the dirtiness.


    • Use warm water rather than cold one because that’s better as compared to the cold water.


Chances of getting pregnant from precum – The conclusion


The conclusion about chances of getting pregnant from precum is, it is not possible to get pregnant from precum unless until the precum contains some semen in it because the precum itself has no elements that could be termed as the fertility generating components.


Stop worrying about the baseless question and also stop yourself from thinking about the lame acquisitions of getting pregnant with the precum because it has no base. It is merely a false thought and improper hypothesis which has no material and grounds to get support from the reality.


P.S: Enjoy the beautiful feeling of having intercourse with your partner but please be careful because your life is too expensive to put on the risk!


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