How Lemonade is helpful to Prevent Heat Exhaustion

Do you know what the best cure is for heat exhaustion in scorching summers?

Cold Water? Yes!

But this cold water is not only pure water but is mixed with the most influencing ingredient used in summers i.e. Lemon. Lemonade is one of the best things for preventing heat exhaustion. The severity of the summers makes people dull, lazy and dehydrated due to loss of water in the body.Because of extreme sweating, people tend to gets dehydrated, which cause the most dreadful condition and can also lead to sudden death if not treated immediately. This condition can be controlled by regular intake of water and multiple types of other fluids.

Symptoms of heat exhaustion

There are various symptoms of heat exhaustion including:

    • Faintness
    • Severe weakness
    • Diarrhea
    • Mausea
    • Fatigue
    • Headache etc

It happens when all of a sudden, a person starts feeling dizziness when exposed to severe sunlight in scorching summers while having no water or juice etc. Severe headache and nausea is the prime symptom of heat stroke that can even cause your brain to stop working. It can make your body weak to its optimum level, with decreased blood pressure and uneven blood flow in your body. The body get heat strokes when its temperature reaches to 40 degrees centigrade or more than that. The worst conditions of the heat stroke and heat exhaustion can even lead up to deathly consequences if not attended medically in time. A person can also go in coma for the rest of his life if immediate relief is not given. The person feels totally exhausted if water is not taken immediately by him to fulfill the quench.

Heat Stroke Causes

Heat exhaustion can be caused due to two main reasons i.e.

    • when exposed to heat without taking cold water and other liquids containing sugar
    • Depletion of salt in the body which can cause nausea, vomiting and headache.

It should be noted that if the person having heat stroke is not medically treated on time, it can affect brain and other important organs of the body which ultimately results in person’s death.


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Preventing Heat Exhaustion

Prevention is always better than cure. People should know about the possible things they can use to prevent this exhaustion caused by heat.

    • In summers, people can avoid heat exhaustion by taking a lot of fluids and drinking plenty of water. Keeping body hydrated all the time is the most essential.
    • Wearing thick clothes in summer can also lead to cause heat in body to rise which can be easily avoided in summers by opting lighter kinds of stuff for clothing especially when going out during daytime.
    • Being to places where cooling facilities are available such as fans, air conditioners or coolers that prevent you from getting heat stroke.
    • The use of vegetables and drinks should be a regular part of the diet.

Heat exhaustion can happen to anyone at any place if the above-mentioned measures are not taken. The blazing heat of summers can become cruel and cause heat stroke to anyone no matter what age a person is of. Heat exhaustion is also seen widely among children and older aged people. They are more prone to getting dehydrated since their bodies are weak and much susceptible to the scorching heat.


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Treating Heat Exhaustion

The most important concern is the timely treatment of a person suffering from heat stroke and heat exhaustion. At times, the person having heat stroke is not in a condition to be taken to the Doctor and needs to be treated immediately with the help of available resources. It should be kept in mind that there are many ways through which we can treat a person having heat stroke in a minimum time.

    • The easiest way is to get out of the heat and rest in a comparatively cool place to enable your brain and body to be relieved from the severe heat.
    • A person should immediately search for water or any type of liquid containing salt or sugar.
    • Lay down on bed, take deep breath and relax.
    • Take a shower and help decrease the body temperature.

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Lemonade do Wonders in Treating Heat Stroke Promptly

    • A perfect combination of salt, lemons, and sugar with water can do wonders in treating heat exhaustion in minimum possible time.
    • When a person gets a heat stroke, the blood pressure drops suddenly which causes severe weakness and the person can also get unconscious within a couple of minutes. To prevent this, lemonade is the best immediate cure since it has got sugar mixed with salt that helps in maintaining the blood pressure.
    • Honey mixed in lemonade makes the person gain his energy back at a quicker pace.
    • Other fruit juices can also be taken to rehydrate the body and brain.
    • Lemonade is the fastest solution of your problem whenever you are hit by heat stroke in severe weather condition.
    • It gives you energy, strength and helps you gain salts within no time.


How to Make Perfect Lemonade

Perfect lemonade can be made by following the simple steps given below:

    • Take 1 cup of cold water
    • Add one table spoon of sugar and salt each and mix them in water thoroughly
    • Take a couple of lemons and remove their seeds.
    • In this sugary water, squeeze a couple of lemons and add the lemon’s pulp and mix them well
    • Crush some ice and add into this juice.
    • Delicious salty and sugary lemonade is ready.



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