How To Get Rid Of Stretch Marks Instantly

What Are Stretch Marks

Skin is the most precious part of our body. The more beautiful it looks, the more confident we are. But it is the most fragile part as well and the most common problem it faces i.e. stretch marks. There are precisely three layers of skin the upper, middle and lower layer. The middle layer called dermis is destroyed due to may be expansion (as in pregnancy or obesity), lack of hydration, dryness, an excess of exercise or physical changes. The upper layer shows cracks in the skin these cracks are called stretch marks.Here are some best home remedies to get rid of stretch marks.

How Do We Get Them?

It is not uncommon to get stretch marks at all, we hit puberty we get stretch marks, we gain weight we have them, to add pain to the misery we lose weight we have them, women get pregnant they have them.

They are such a nuisance, I mean losing weight or having a baby are such blessings but everything comes with a price so here’s the price tag everyone it’s the ugly looking stretch marks.

How To Get Rid Of Stretch Marks

There are numerous ways of getting rid of the stretch marks. The key is to keep yourself hydrated, and your skin moisturised. There are a lot of great moisturisers available in the market. As the proverb goes “prevention is better than cure”, so the first step is prevention. Applying any moisturising lotion or oil as soon as the marks appear or even before, just keep your body moisturised with lotions and oils may prevent stretch marks and them to get worst.

How To Get Rid Of Stretch Marks Fast

As soon as you see your skin being wrinkled and scared mostly in the areas like buttocks, thighs, belly and knees, you have got to start working on it as soon as possible. Remember you have to be persistent and patient while you are trying to get rid of these marks. Choose a method of your choice, it could be either moisturising lotion, cream or oil apply it on affected area and leave it for at least an hour or two, overnight would be a great idea. This process will give results within ten days. But make sure that you repeat the process on a daily basis.

Other than that you can always move towards supplements. They can give easy and great results in no time.

Vitamin C intake in any form can result in prevention and cure of stretch marks. This could be taken in the form of tablet available in the market, or one can simply introduce Vitamin C is always the best healer can also be use to get rid of a bruise.

Vitamin E and Vitamin A capsules mixed in a ratio of 2:1 is also very effective. Vitamin E oil is also quite useful in that respect. Mixing these supplements in some lotion or moisturiser or any herbal solution can give good results.

Natural Remedies To Get Rid Of Stretch Marks

Nature is the best healer of everything. So the first thing everyone must try is a home remedy. There are a dozen of them listed and proved to be extremely effective. As said earlier the key to lose stretch marks is moisturising so there is nothing better than natural moisturisers. There goes a list of trusted home remedies:

    • Aloe Vera gel extracted from its leaves is the best cure for any skin issue. Apply this gel on your skin and be regular at it. Mix it with Vitamin E oil or apply it as it is.
    • Use Castor Oil for acne and the stretch marks. Apply the oil and keep the area warm to which the oil is applied. Use a bean bag or a warm water bottle to keep the area warm for a while then leave the oil overnight to let its magic work.
    • Almond Oil gives the same results as castor oil. Applied, in the same way, you can easily remove those scars.
    • Egg Oil is also one the remedies. It’s just a matter of availability that which oil you choose.
    • Egg White can be applied in a way that you have to beat egg white up. The white foam formed via beating the egg white is to be applied to the marks and let it dry. Later peel it off or scrub it, use oil to remove it or wash it, it’s your call.
    • Lemon Juice has bleaching property. It lightens the pigmentation in the areas it’s applied to. Hence, it can be used to remove marks.
    • Cucumber Juice also has bleaching effects thus removes the marks.
    • Potato Juice just like the last two it also works magic.
    • Cocoa Butter is also effective. Simply apply this to the affected areas on a regular basis.
    • Sugar mixed with lemon juice or this mixture added to any of the oils mentioned above can help remove the marks.
    • Glycolic acid applying this could be tricky. You cannot get out in the sun after applying it. Its works in a way that it makes your skin more elastic so when it expands it will have the tendency to do so and won’t scar at all.

Getting Rid of Old Stretch Marks

One must be very careful about the marks to be treated at the right time. They must be treated as soon as they start to appear or when they are formed. If someone waits too long to cure them, it gets difficult to do that. For the old marks, Laser Treatments and Surgeries like tummy tuck are done.

So everyone sooner the better, make sure you have a healthy diet. Take care of your skin properly , and keep it moisturised. Keep a check on these marks and as soon as they appear to take action on it.


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