How to Reduce Swelling on Face Fast

Swelling is generally referred as “Edema” retention of water in tissues. This water retention is due to many factors. When talking about facial swelling, it is really hard to determine this problem in the initial stages but severe ones can cause serious medical problems which, if not treated in time, can cause damage. These problems generally include drug reaction or simply a tooth abscess. The best answer of the reason for swelling will, however, be given by a proper health professional. Reduce swelling on face isn’t a problem generally but, you will be needing patience for this problem to resolve!


Step 1: Maintain a Position

This includes a specific position which allows swelling to drain off. Start by raising your head above the level of your heart meaning that it’d allow your facial fluid to drain off. This also includes standing upright or just stuffing your bed with a lot of pillows so when you lie down the water retention is drained off. You can also try elevating the head with other support.


Step 2: Use Ice


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It is a great way to relieve your facial swelling. You can apply ice or any cold thing on the affected area. This is the best thing to do if your swelling is a result of any impact of injury, bee sting or such other stings. You can apply the covered ice pack wrapped in cloth for about 20 minutes to the affected area. It is the most effective technique in case of swelling and it is better to start the treatment as soon as you recognize the swelled area.

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Step 3: Use elastic bandage


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It is also a great strategy to reduce facial swelling; elastic bandages adjust to the shape of your swelling area and try to relieve it with its amazing properties. You just have to wrap the affected area lightly with an elastic bandage, one such example is an ACE bandage. You should be very careful while applying compression to the affected area, as very tight bandage might cut off blood circulation. This is the last thing you’d want, therefore be careful with the pressure when putting on a bandage. It is also important that you never wrap your neck with such elastic bandages. The bandage must be applied to the affected area by adding compression to the area of swell or injury.


Step 4: Use Anti-Inflammatory Medication


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Anti-inflammatory medication is great for reducing swelling! The Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) like ibuprofen and naproxen sodium can help you reduce the pain. Anti-inflammatory medication has effects on both pain and inflammation. You can also use them in injury and diseases. Just follow the direction pages on the back side.


Step 5: Use Hydrocortisone Cream

It is also a beneficial way to reduce localized swelling on the facial area which occurs due to allergic reactions to bee stings or contact dermatitis. This cream is available at every counter in stores and it can cause a great reduction in itching, swelling and redness.


Step 6: Use Oral Antihistamine

An oral supplementation of antihistamine drug is also a great help to reduce the swelling caused by allergic reactions. There are many suggestions about taking an oral antihistamine drug like Benadryl as it can greatly reduce swelling and itchiness.

Facial swelling might be a result of too much salt in your diet, so if you are experiencing any signs that sodium in your diet is affecting your swelled area, you should immediately consult your doctor or, at the very least, try reducing the salt in your diet.

A 1 pound package of frozen peas or corns is great to be used as an ice pack as it is mouldable, reasonable and even reusable.

You should always consult your doctor before taking any of the medication. You might have some allergies with any of our provided suggestions so, if you can’t go all the way over, just give your physician a call before taking any of the above aggressive steps.

These steps are good to go if you have a rare and mild facial swelling but, if you experience it a lot then you should think about consulting a professional doctor for its proper treatment!

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