How to Strengthen your Ankles!

Strong ankles are important for an enhanced balance and performance. They also reduce the chances of injuries by keeping you well balanced. When people perform any movement or activity which might include running or jumping, the ankles face a great deal of stress and the muscles around it also undergo strain. If your ankles are strong, you can even endure great force and can avoid the risk of injuries. Moreover, strengthening lower leg muscles will help avoid chronic pains as well as lowering the risk of acute injuries.

This guide will help you on how to strengthen your ankles.


Ankle Stretching Exercises

Follow these steps carefully to execute proper exercise of your ankles.


How to Strengthen your Ankles! 9


Step 1: Use Method of ankle Turns

This can be done by sitting on a chair and sliding a long rope under foot or you can jump rope from under one foot.


Step 2: Pull Rope and Turn your Ankles

As you slide the rope under your foot, now is the time to pull the rope so your ankle tilts left. After you have done so, apply more pressure and pull the ankle to the right side. Continue moving the ankles to and fro in order to execute proper exercising. Now do the same with your other foot and repeat the process.


Strengthen Ankles at Home

This step involves smart exercising of your ankles. Follow the steps carefully to execute it properly;


How to Strengthen your Ankles! 10


Step 1: Sit down and cross legs

We all usually cross our legs while sitting but this one is for the purpose and that is strengthening your ankles. So, sit down and put your left leg over your right one.


Step 2: Now write letters

Don’t worry, we are not actually asking you to write ABCD but yeah, somewhat same! This is just that with your left toe thumb, try writing imaginary letters from A-Z. This will give proper movement to your ankle while you’ll be picturing your preschool. Jokes apart……. this is a great exercise to strengthen your ankles.

Now that you have exerted your left ankle quite well, it’s time to move on to the next level and give same challenge to your right ankle. So there is no favouritism as both ankles deserve this special treatment.


Lift Some Weight

Quite easy? Well, listen again.

Lift some weight with you ankles….. Now you find it challenging? Yeah sure, go for it!


How to Strengthen your Ankles! 11


Lifting weight is a great exercise for your toes. You must be surprised that your toes don’t have the same grips as your fingers but don’t worry, we have got it all figured out.


Step 1: Formulate technique to lift weight

You can do this by tying a belt or same sized rope around each end of not-so-heavy dumbbell so when you hold it from center, it forms kind of triangle when you lift the rope or belt.


Step 2: Try lifting it

Wait! Sit down first! But don’t take off your shoes. Now put the belt on your foot and lower your foot with the weight. However, the weight must not be very low and the rope must also be right below your feet.

Repeat the process with your other ankle and continue it until you have done the process, enough. It is a great exercise for strengthening your ankles and for strong legs. This exercise has been tried for practicality and it has shown some very good results. This exercise technique will help you a lot in strengthening your ankles.


Try Looking Taller

Yes, there is more, please! But with bare feet.

Have you done this before? Yes you have……. a million times. In all those posing for pictures and trying to sneak a better view among the crowd. Got it? Now try!


How to Strengthen your Ankles! 12


Step 1: Stand evenly on ground

By evenly, we mean bare feet. Level your feet with the ground and stand up right, maintaining your erect posture.


Step 2: Lift your toes

Lift them once you are balanced. Lift your toes from back, from the heels to be exact. You can do this for few minutes.

This is again a very good exercise and you can keep doing it until tired. As it doesn’t take much energy. , right?

Your ankles are very important as they keep you going. Your legs work because your ankles work. So, if you take your ankles for granted, please don’t, from now, at least! Ankles are great gifts and you can harm them with lack of proper care. Your ankles are just as important and they don’t require much as well. So, with a little exercising and some calcium, your ankles would love you forever and will continue to help you in walking, running and working smoothly. Therefore, take care of your ankles and do proper and timely exercises!

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