How to Take Care of your Skin during Summer!

No one can take glow of your skin, not even summers! Fight summer’s heat with these amazing tips! Now that summers are here, everyone (especially ladies) are worried about their skins because you know sunburns can be so bad. Not only sunburn but generally summers have a bad impact on skin and it can make skin dead and unhealthy in no time. Summers can snatch all the liveliness from your skin. Therefore, be very cautious about your skin during summers, particularly. There are few tips which can help you keep your skin radiant and flawless in summers as well.

1. Understand how summers affect your skin


How to Take Care of your Skin during Summer! 7


It is vital to know how summer sun can affect your skin. The sun rays have a great impact on skin, so it’s better to understand how it works to prevent its impact on your skin. The following points will help you understand this mechanism. Let’s have a look at the type of radiations that target our skin during summers;

– Ultraviolet A (UVA)

It is the one with the longest wavelength of the sun. This is also the one that enters your dermis; the deepest layer of your skin. This type of ray penetration in the skin can boost free radicals and can ultimately promote aging.

– Ultraviolet B (UVB)

This wavelength of the sun enters into the upper layer of the skin which is known as the epidermis. These rays cause the reactions such as sunburn, allergies, and skin cancer. After constant exposure of six months to UVB rays, your skin develops high risks for fatal melanoma.

– Ultraviolet C (UVC)

These are the rays which reach us after being filtered by the ozone layer and they are most damaging to our skin.

– Scratch Test (ST)

This test will reveal the sensitivity of your skin. If you scrape your skin with your heel, you’d get to know the sensitivity of your skin.

– Infra-red (IR)

This is actually the heat from the sun which has a negative impact on collagen and immune system.

2. Know what sort of sunscreen you require



How to Take Care of your Skin during Summer! 8


Knowing your requirement of sunscreen is important! Some only offer physical barrier (mineral) while others offer more protection to absorb ultraviolet radiations. The word we usually hear to handle sunburn is known as SPF  “Sun protection factor” and it shows how much time the protection would be provided under the sun.

    • Switch your sunscreen from chemical to mineral sunblock if it initiates sensitivities and causes other skin problems for you. The mineral sunblock is better because it contains zinc oxide and titanium dioxide and it might work better for you.
    • Oily skins require SPF less than 20 because if you use any higher scale, you might risk your skin chances of getting loaded with chemicals and oils. You should always take SPF into consideration when you choose a sunscreen; look at the labels carefully and find labels like oil-free or non-comedogenic (they wouldn’t clog your pores and cause even more oily skin)

3. Try to avoid direct sunlight from 10 AM till 3 PM


How to Take Care of your Skin during Summer! 9

These are the times when skin burn rates are higher. It is the most damaging time for the skin as the sun is hottest during these hours. Your skin will be directly exposed to radiation when you go under the sun during these hours. Plan your activities while considering these hours. The time before 10 AM and after 3 PM is considered cooler. So, if there’s any exercise or any chores planned for the day, make sure to perform them in cooler hours so your skin isn’t directly exposed to the scorching heat!

4. Wear protective clothing


protective clothing


There is a lot of clothing available at the stores which has label UV protection and some clothes even have UV absorbing colourless dye. The UV protection clothes are good alternatives if you really have to go under the sun during those fatal hours. You have to cover up your skin in order to ensure that sunlight doesn’t take your skin glow away. Wear these but choose lighter fabrics that won’t irritate you or rash your skin. Also, make sure you choose light colours.

    • You can also wear accessories like a hat that will benefit your skin and provide a perfect cover to save you from direct sunlight.
    • You can also wear sunglasses to protect your eyes. Eyes are sensitive and so is the area around eyes. Make sure you wear large sunglasses to cover your eyes and other areas around them.
    • You can also wear gloves and closed boots to make sure that your hands and feet are also protected from the heat.


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