How to Text Girls to Get Their Attention

Most of the guys do not know how to make a girl like you over text, right?

To write an enchanting text message, you must be well aware of the psyche of the girl, and your relationship with the girl. It helps a lot in writing a friendly text message.

Do you know, ‘how to text a girl’ you just met? What about texting a girl you know well?

These are two different scenarios,OK?

You CANNOT use the same tone, and words to text both. But, there are few things which are OKAY to use with all girls like funny gestures, and flattering comments.

Making a girl grin when she reads your message is the key to get her attention. Always keep your texts with the females funny and lighthearted!

Looking for help…?

You are at the right place to get all the information to write an eye-catching and amusing message to the girl of your dreams.

4 Best Tips on HOW to Text Girls You LIKE

1. Be Funny

The most important aspect of any message is humor, right?

A good sense of humor is always useful to stay in touch.

If you can amuse the lady, certainly, you will get her attention. She will notice you. Funny messages will portray your image as a cool person.

Are you thinking about the response of that girl?

If she replies you with words like HAHA…, that’s funny or sounds COOL.


She is tickling because of your texts. Such replies depict that she is enjoying the chat with you.

2. Tease her in an Appropriate Way

A message containing some teasing words is the best way to grasp the girl’s attention. Such chitchat will enhance crisp in your relationship.

There is an important question which everyone ask, that is how to text your crush in a teasing way?

Teasing depends on various aspects of your relationship with the girl like your bonding with the chic, her nature, and most importantly, what is the subject of your conversation?

All these factors are equally significant!

If understanding with the girl is GOOD, however, she possesses seriousness in her nature then avoid teasing.

Oppositely, if the girl has no such issues, you can tease her!

Send her messages like, do you know, “Your hairstyle is similar to my grandmother’s hair-do?” Or, “you smile like my kitten (Believe me, she is gorgeous, just like you!)”

She will be teased by such surprising comparisons, as these comparisons show your interest and affection for her.

3. Be Bold

Girls are a big fan of daring and straightforward requests. So, be brave to ask her for a dinner, or invite her to a pub for some late night fun.

She will love your precise invitation OR she might also consider it!

But, be flexible in the schedule. Ask your crush, whether she is free or not? Also, don’t let it go if she is unable to join you for some reason and suggest another time and place. It helps a lot in gaining her attention.

Moreover, pass some flattering comments during the conversation. and You can also use these fascinating lines of the movie “Hitch”, “I couldn’t help but notice that you LOOK a lot like my next GIRLFRIEND!”

Such flattering lines will rattle in her mind and thoughts. Your girl will be persuaded, and she’ll feel your intentions too!

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4. Let her chase you

It is acritical aspect of the texting. Surely, you are thinking, why is it so important?

By nature, women like challenges! So be challenging in your texts, write some unclear things in the message. Let her think about those vague aspects of the text.

To text your crush without being annoying, be patient, and wait for the reply! DO NOT send another message, if she is not responding.

Try to keep your text ratio 1:1, because over texting is the biggest barrier to get the attention of this girl.

Things to remember – The Ultimate Texting Guide:

    • Be polite.
    • Keep your messages whimsical.
    • Never make fun of her friends or parents.
    • Never use offensive words.
    • Centralize your discussion around your girl; NEVER discuss anyone else, especially other girls.
    • Make your girl feel special over the text.
    • Do not be overconfident.

Chat with your crush using these tips and enhance your bonding with the girl. Mutual understanding will be developed and you will be able to get her attention i.e. the ULTIMATE goal of texting.

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