Lose Weight to 8 kgs In Just A Week!

Are you a victim of death….by chocolate ?

Have you ever been caught up, stealing….cupcakes and pastries ?

Do you have a mental breakdown…when you look at yourself in the mirror ?

Do others have a mental breakdown, when they look at you in the mirror?

Do you wake up everyday, determined to lose weight, and fall back asleep?

If the answer to all of these is YES

Then Hunny Bunny, IT’S TIME!

It’s time to let go of all the fat, like all the superficial men let go of you! It’s time to cut off some flesh, and tighten up that skin! It’s time to fit in all those size-0 dresses you had wanted to rip off when your colleagues wore them!

It’s time;


I don’t understand, why all these genetically skinny women brag about their body. Yeah girl, you literally got it from your mama, while I got it from the CHEESE CAKE FACTORY for a million dollars! (Adding every penny I paid for the freshly baked cheesecake I’ve had since I was born)

If you’re a chubby girl, I bet you’ve heard at least one of these absolutely brutal comments, from the boys who think they’re “too cool” to date so much flesh;

“Don’t jump in the pool, the water will flood out” “if you sit on him, he’ll probably die of excessive baggage” “An x (infinite) large for this one” “table for 3, she equals two”


The Master Plan to Lose 8-kg Weight in a Week


Day 1 (fruit day)


Lose Weight to 8 kgs In Just A Week! 7


The first day is the most important day for any diet plan. This is because your body is not at all prepared for the change. Hence, it will react the most to the diet on this day. As you proceed, your body will start adjusting to the changes and as a result, it will only have half of the impact on day 1. Therefore, use this day to the fullest!


Quick Tips for Day 1:


    • Gather all your favourite fruits.
    • Every time you feel hungry, fruit it away.
    • Drink lots of water (8-12 glasses).
    • Make fresh juices (No shakes).
    • Avoid bananas.
    • Watermelons and cantaloupes work like magic!


Day 2 (vegetable day)


Lose Weight to 8 kgs In Just A Week! 8


Congratulations on successfully surviving day 1! Here comes the second day!

Day 2 is all about vegetables. You can make salads and even juices. Vegetables are the healthiest way to cut down uncurbed mass, and what’s even better is, they don’t just bring you in shape, but also brighten up your skin and thicken your hair!

It’s like having the best of both worlds!


Quick Tips:


    • Raw, boiled or cooked. It doesn’t matter!
    • Avoid oil
    • Beans, raw and cooked carrots, cucumber, broccoli, lettuce, cabbage; are all great options!
    • 8-12 glasses of water are a must

P.s: Those of you, who have gastric issues. Be sure to start your day with lighter fruits to avoid disrupting the environment at work and home. (If you know what I mean)


Day 3 (combining day 1 and 2)

This day is when you get to mix fruits and vegetables, to make a delicious breakfast, meal and supper!

Remember, to eat in every 2 hours (including the 3 basic meals). The hack is to eat less at one time. Divide your meal!


Quick tips:

  1. Follow the tips for 1 and 2
  2. Make juices (stay hydrated)
  3. 8-12 glasses of water
  4. Avoid any creamy toppings like mayonnaise
  5. Have fruits in the morning
  6. Vegetables in the evening
  7. Both at night



Day 4 (bananas and the milky way)


Lose Weight to 8 kgs In Just A Week! 9


For all the banana lovers out there (you better all be) cut them pieces and “Eat em’ like it’s cake”

Bananas contain fibre and resistant starch, which support weight loss. They’re also a nutritious, low-energy-density food, which is good for dropping pounds. And they don’t live up to their once bad reputation of being a diet-wrecking fruit to avoid. But whether they’re good for weight loss comes down to calories. You should set your daily calorie goal to ensure healthy weight loss and must include the calories from bananas as part of your total daily intake.


Quick tips:

    • Minimum 8 bananas
    • 3 glasses of milk
    • Take a banana with every glass
    • Banana milk shake will suffice
    • You may take any other fruit if banana seems too heavy to cause acidity (only for breakfast)



Day 5 (feast day)


After 4 days of working hard, you deserve a bonus said no boss ever! But diet never fails to make you happy. Enjoy some rice on your 5th day of diet.

I repeat SOME*


Quick tips:

    • CUP of rice for lunch
    • 6-8 tomatoes in the day
    • 12-15 glasses of water

You can begin the day with salad.

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Day 6 (feast day again)

Another day of happiness! Allow yourself to have SOME more rice, because you’re doing a great job!


Quick Tips:

    • Cup of rice for lunch
    • All other vegetables throughout the day when you feel hungry
    • Water intake: 8-12 glasses


Day 7 (the day it ends)

If you have managed to drag yourself to the last day of the diet plan, you deserve a pat on the back! I’m sure your body looks thinner and you feel fresher than ever.

Day 7 is a summary for the rest of the days! Repeat everything you have had in the past six days. From fruits to vegetables, to milk, rice and tomatoes. Add all of them to your menu, and whenever your stomach gets noisy, grab any of these and eat.


Quick Tips:

    • Make as many juices as you’d like
    • Don’t exceed the limit of “a cup” of rice
    • Salads with fruits and veggies are the best way to go
    • Evade drinking a plentiful amount of milk
    • 8-12 glasses of water are a must

I bet these 7 days have been exceptionally tough, yet eminently rewarding!

However here’s one advice you could all use!

Many people work hard on their diet, and lose weight! This is only temporary. The kgs you burn, by not eating, only lasts for as long as you start eating again!

The key to a sustainable weight loss, is to work out for at least 15 minutes daily. You can include in your workout, all the exercises your body is flexible with, even if it means a 15 minutes walk or jog. Some may go the hardcore way, while some bodies can only manage light exercises. Keep your pace, but don’t neglect activity. The more you exert your muscles, the better

Happy weight loss!


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