Most Interesting Facts About Halloween- 2018 Events Around the World!!

Every society inherits rituals and superstitions that describe their cultural norms AND Halloween’s Eve is the best example of such traditions!

Halloween offers a lot of things to cheer about, for everyone; it is a fun time for kids to wear eye-catching costumes and nobody is going to stop them from eating candies. For adults, it is an opportunity to spend time with their family and buddies.

On the other hand, elders amuse everyone with their spine-tingling stories and memory collections.

I bet even you have such storytellers in your family too?


What is Halloween?

Halloween is an event that is celebrated by different names in different countries which depict its origin and importance. It possesses various names like All Saint’s Eve, All halloween, or All Hallows’ Eve. These titles describe superstitious beliefs of the people regarding this festival.

We all celebrate this occasion but very few of us, or probably none of us, know what is the meaning of ‘Halloween’?

The word Halloween has been derived from Hallow, or precisely All Hallow (old English), meaning “the feast of the saints.”

I know, I know…

You must be thinking, if it’s a night of saints then why does everyone celebrate it by putting on scary faces and costumes?

Don’t panic!

Let’s take a glance at the history of Halloween to search answers!

It is believed that this festival has its roots from ancient Celtic Festival of Samhain. In this festival, people would wear spooky dresses to avoid from the misfortune and roaming of ghosts. Christians have adopted some traditions of this festival. In the 8th century, Pope Gregory III entitled 1st November as a day to pay tribute to the martyrs and saints.

The night before the All Saint’s day was known as All Hallows’ Eve, and now “Halloween”.

But, the question is, what is Halloween all about?

Nowadays, Halloween is celebrated with the superstition that ghosts and spirits land on the Earth, on the eve of All Saint’s day.

But, with the passage of time, this occasion has transformed into a secular, social event which, now, has children-friendly activities like trick-or-treating.


DIY Halloween Costumes

All Hallows’ Eve is all about scary and creative looks! Everyone tries his/her best to pull off a scary attire.

As Halloween 2018 is approaching, what are your plans for it? Have you completed your search for the Halloween Costume? What will be your outfit for Halloween 2017?

Surely, you want something different, right?

We have the best DIY Halloween costume ideas for you!

Our innovative Halloween costume designs are easy to prepare.We have lined up some creative suggestions which will help you decide an outstanding attire, for the Halloween 2017.


Halloween Makeup Ideas

A scary look cannot be consummated only by a spooky dress! How is it possible to enjoy Halloween 2017 without a scary face?

Since the idea of Halloween whirls around ghosts and spirits, therefore, facial makeup has to look as amazing as the dress.

Halloween makeup ideas differ from person to person except for one common requirement, a horrifying look!

What are your desires for Halloween 2017? Do you want to have a blood-stained face? Are you willing to have bleeding eyes? Are you thinking about grisly nails?

Whatever you choose for Halloween 2017, it must reflect your creativity! Our Halloween makeup guide is designed to support your requirements to flaunt a horrifying look, effortlessly.


Halloween Parties

Halloween get-togethers enhance the charm of this fabulous event! Decorated front yards, illuminated lawns, candies, delicious cakes, and awesome interior decorations, all of these are few perks of this occasion.

What Halloween party ideas do you have in your mind for Halloween 2017?

Are you planning to have an outdoor party? What about the menu?

Believe me or not……,

Halloween is not all about terrifying looks! It is an opportunity to spend quality time with your loved ones. Therefore, arrange a delightful meal, put on a scary costume, and DON’T FORGET to order a CAKE! (Cuz, everyone loves CAKES!)

Nothing is better than watching a HORROR movie with all of your guests. It’ll surely increase the crisp of this fascinating event.

Halloween is celebrated all around the world.

Every country celebrates it in a unique way. Choice of dresses, desserts, and Halloween party themes vary, depending upon their customs and culture of that place.

We are sharing cities which are offering best Halloween Parties in 2017!



Best Cities to Enjoy Halloween 2017


1. Halloween Parties in London

Either you are a bachelor who is looking for fun with his/her buddies, or you are a married couple willing to spend memorable time together, London is the best place to celebrate Halloween 2017, for sure!

Halloween club night in London is wonderful because numerous local pubs and clubs organize fantastic Halloween parties for people. Keeping this tradition alive, a lot of Halloween parties are being announced by many organizers, for Halloween 2017.

We have a diverse list of Halloween 2017 parties.which will ensure a scary but delightful experience!

Halloween Special, organized by the Roots Gardens is probably the best party to celebrate Halloween 2017 in London. A complimentary cocktail is served to all guests, House music, frightening setup, and plenty of scary surprises will make you go WOW!

Let’s visit something scary……!


You would surely be thinking; “WHAT is it?”


It is a visit to deserted Hampton Court Palace on the evening of Halloween 2017!

Get frightened by the Family-Ghost-Tour, of this momentous Palace. Darkness, spine-chilling decorations, and horrifying sounds in the background will ensure an awesome beginning of the Halloween 2017 for you.

Are you looking for something exclusive?

TURNT Halloween Boat Party is the best option to seek adventures!

Its unique atmosphere, amazing view of the iconic landmarks of  London, Hip Hop music, and three floors for dancing makes it different and superior over all other Halloween events in  London.

2. Halloween Parties in Atlanta

Let’s celebrate the Halloween 2017 in Georgian style!

Atlanta is famous for its Adult Halloween Parties. But, this city offers numerous other mini-events to turn your Halloween celebration into a thrilling experience.

Celebrate your ancestors by attending the ‘Day of the Dead’ Festival! This festival guarantees enormous entertainment, lush Mexican Food, and free entry to the Atlanta History Center. A storytelling ritual and altars honoring the deceased makes this event unique and worth a visit!

Prepare yourself for Atlanta’s renowned event – An Adults only play at the Center for Puppetry Arts!

It is the most popular event among all other Adult Halloween events in Atlanta. From October 14th to 31st, choose any of the dates to enjoy this creepy entertainment of dreadful spirits and ghosts.

Register yourself for a Nightmare Halloween party at the famous Peachtree Street for only $10!

It’s probably the best place to enjoy the Georgian music. We guarantee you can’t stop your feet from dancing on these blazing tunes. Get the spookiest attire to win a prize at the Halloween 2017 costume competition – It’ll be organized at the 200-peachtree street.

3. Halloween Parties in Charleston SC

Charleston SC, the Holy City, is the best place to celebrate Halloween 2017.

Charleston SC is considered as the oldest city in the United States of America. Therefore, its rich historical background is a mystery in itself. Ancient buildings and old churches cast a ghastly effect on everyone’s mind and thoughts, making it a necessary place to visit!

Charleston’s most ghostly place is its old jail. This prison has witnessed a lot of cruelty and death. The most popular Halloween event in the Charleston SC is a tour to this terrifying prison.

This penitentiary is considered as the most haunted place in the city because it has witnessed the screams of many prisoners who had been buried alive. *chills*

Therefore, don’t miss this scary tour if you want to celebrate Halloween 2017 in its true spirit!


Are you a wine lover? Is your age 21 years or above?

If YES, this city is gonna be a heaven for you!

Are you wondering WHY?

Caribbean Rootz is organizing an awesome festival on 29th October 2017. This festival is far better than other local bar crawls.

Attend this fabulous festival to taste the best Rum (or Rhum).  This event is the best forum to celebrate Halloween 2017 in Caribbean style. Wear the spookiest costume, and enjoy Caribbean music – we guarantee that you can’t stop yourself from dancing!

4. Halloween Parties in Chicago

Halloween in Chicago is not a one-day event – the Windy City celebrates it all month, round!

If you are looking for some terrific Halloween 2017 events, Chicago with its versatile past, is ready to SCARE your nerves!

Join Halloween 2017 gathering on October 24 to be part of a creative initiative. Along with an arts festival, a nightmare parade at Columbus Avenue is held at the end. It is the best part of this gathering!

Chicago Halloween events are unique because there’s music, everywhere!

Don’t you know how to dance?

Worry no more…..!

Nobody’s gonna notice your dance moves on the Halloween, anyways!

If you are a music lover – which BTW, who in the world is NOT, go visit this place and give it a try!

Virgin Hotel’s Undead Disco is an outstanding dance-Hall. On the eve of 31st October, this disco promises great entertainment with its best DJs and hot compilations.

Dive into the blood shedding and scariest plays on the eve of Halloween 2017 at the Public House Theatre to get a glimpse of the Chicago Halloween Purge.

5. Halloween Parties in Key West

In the Key West, Locals passionately celebrate the Halloween!

Last week of October has always been very busy regarding Halloween celebrations, at this part of the town.

Like most American cities, Halloween Parade is the most notable event in this city. But in Key West, marching style of the locals are different. This parade on Duval street has witnessed a lot of transitions in the past years – from giant Batman to mocking Octopus; everything is perfect!

Each year at the Halloween, this city introduces something unique and creative to the world. Every participant of the parade presents something different. Such innovations turn this march into an excellent Key West Halloween Parade!

Let’s see, which new trend this city will introduce at the Halloween 2018?!

6. Halloween Parties in Nashville

Halloween in the Athens of the South isn’t as noisy and music flooded, as in the other states of the America! The people of the Nashville celebrate Halloween in a different manner.

Halloween events in Nashville are limited to tours of the ghostly buildings and mansions. Visits to the museums, live theater and traditions of scary storytelling, makes Nashville’s Halloween different from other big cities of America.

In Nashville, bar crawling and adult parties are very rare. Instead, Nashville Halloween parties are very different from the rest around.

From the past few years, Nashville Nightmare Haunted House has gained a lot of attraction. Scary decorations, horrifying sounds in the background and darkness all around the building to make it look scary, are few scary features of this haunted house.

Moderate weather in the month of October is the main reason behind a lot of outdoor events and festivals. Numerous pumpkin patches attract families, especially children.

Are you a pumpkin patch lover? Do you like pets too?

On Halloween few miles outside from the city, Lucky Ladd Farms organize an awesome festival with multiple activities for all age groups. This diverse festival is the best place to celebrate Halloween with your family.

7. Halloween Parties in New Orleans

With a rich historical background of the Crescent City, multiple wars in different eras and quiet flow of the Mississippi River, New Orleans is pretty much a REAL haunted city crowded with wandering spirits.

New Orleans Halloween events are versatile and unique!

The New Orleans Halloween parade (Krewe of Boo) is the most important Halloween event of the city. Angry young men in ghostly costumes, headless horsemen, spookiest skeletons and many of the sorts, will march through the streets of New Orleans on 24th October.

Besides the traditional parade, the oldest Fan Club of the New Orleans (Anne Rice’s Vampire Fan Club) is offering Undead Con, an event with featured discussions on Halloween, ghosts, and spirits.

Do you like DISCOUNT?

I’m sure, we all do…!

From 29th October to 1st November, the famous Bizzare Bazaar SALE attracts everyone to purchase costumes and traditional acrylic fang caps at a DISCOUNTED price. Cheap and terrifying costumes compel everyone to get the scariest look, right?

8. Halloween Parties in New York

The financial hub of the USA celebrates Halloween with prestige and style! This ever-awaken city offers plenty of Halloween events.

All of the New York Halloween events depict graciousness and financial viability of this city. From Dog Parade Prizes to lush discounted Halloween treats, every event guarantees something special – which no other city seems to offers.

New York Halloween Parade is famous, all around the world. Do you know what’s so special about this parade?

Don’t know…?

There’s nothing to worry about;

We’ll let you know!


People dress up their puppies in spookiest outfits and compete with all other participants to win a PRIZE! So, if you’re a pet lover, visit Avenue A and B on 24th and 25th October to be a part of this outstanding event.

Coming back to our discussion, so everyone like music and dancing, I am sure!

Join Mad-Hatter Halloween Boat Cruise to start your day with rocking music and dance. DJ Scumfrog will be mixing beats to entertain the audience with exquisite music.

Halloween will be the inaugural year for LA to NYC; New York Haunted HeyRide. This NYC Halloween event will continue until 1st of November, so don’t forget to join this spooky ride, to interact with mysterious creatures, psychotic clowns and much, much more!

9. Halloween Parties in Philadelphia

The Athens of America celebrates the Halloween in true spirit!

Philadelphia’s Halloween events include tours of the old prison, ghost stories about the various mortuaries, Halloween parades, and numerous other festivals that provide abundant family activities to celebrate this event, in the best manner.

Laurel Hill graveyard hosts multiple events in the month of October to share scary murder stories and featured death stories of those who are buried in that cemetery. Candle tours of the graveyard are frightful, though!

Franklin Square Park hosts family-friendly activities by transforming its golf course into Philly-Themed Halloween Park. Food stalls, the Trick-or-treating event for kids, scary decorations, Pumpkin Patches and spots reserved for Beer; all these activities make this park the best place to celebrate Halloween 2017.

As always, scary tour to the old prison of Philadelphia is a major Halloween event in the Athens of America. Horrifying clothes of the actors, terrifying screams in the background, and darkness ……… this event isn’t surely for the heart patients!

10. Halloween Parties in Washington DC

The Chocolate City celebrates Halloween with some splendid series of mini-events!

Halloween events in the DC are as vibrant as its global politics. From Costume Parade to traditional family-friendly activities, Washington DC’s Halloween events offer a lot to celebrate Halloween in its right spirit.

Silver Spring Zombie Walk (24th October 2017), and high heel race (27th October 2017); both traditional events attract masses. From senators to a common man – Everyone participates in these Halloween events!


This city offers many family events and kids-friendly activities as well!

Night of the Living Zoo, and especially Boo at the Zoo are popular kids-friendly events. These events include magic shows for kids, live music, pumpkin designing show, costume contests and healthy surprise treats for kids.