Sparring of High Cheekbones vs Low Cheekbones

In the contest between high cheekbones vs low cheekbones, the race to rate beauty and attraction seems to be dominated by the high cheekbones looks. Low cheekbones however aren’t very popular in the race of beauty yet these people are beautiful too!

When it comes to the comparison, high cheekbones and low cheekbones have their own strengths, modes of attraction as well as decency.

High cheekbones looks have a supremacy over the low cheekbones looks when it comes to the comparison between high cheekbones vs low cheekbones. The Hollywood, Bollywood, fashion weeks, and all the fashion icons seem to prefer the people high cheekbones looks because of their natural attraction.

On the other hand, low cheekbones looks aren’t preferred as much as high cheekbones but no one can neglect the aspect that low cheekbones looks have their own texture and attraction.

All About High Cheekbones vs Low Cheekbones

We are gonna dive deep into a deep analysis of the high cheekbones vs low cheekbones but before going there it is important to understand that beauty is a subjective thing. It only impacts the persona – The real beauty is the beauty of heart and mind.

What’s High Cheekbones?

To identify the high cheekbones, pay a close look to the upper part of the nose. You will see a whole bone encircling till the upper part of both of the ears. People whose high cheekbones are visible are subject to categorized as natural attracters because it has a vast impact on their personality and pretty looks.

What’s Low Cheekbones?

To identify the low cheekbones, pay a close look to the lower part of the nose. You will see a dip inside the cheek. This dip is the identification of the low cheekbone.

People preferences between High Cheekbones vs Low Cheekbones

Low or high cheekbones preferences vary from culture to culture and society to society. Generally, people prefer high cheekbones because of the symmetry of the face in the case of high cheekbones. Most of the people believe that high cheekbones looks are more powerful, compelling, and attractive.

Moreover, many people believe that high cheekbones looks are more appealing and beautiful as co pared to the low cheekbones looks.

Psychology also proves that people are more likely to stare or look at the faces who have prominent high cheekbones because of the symmetry of the face. Since high cheekbones looks are very rare therefore, it might be factor that people seems to be attracted a lot from such looks.

High Cheekbones vs Low Cheekbones –

High Cheekbones an Ultimate Standard of Beauty

High cheekbones looks have been a point of attraction for ages. Whether you talk about the top rated classic female film star Katherine or you wanna get a glimpse of dominancy of the high cheekbones in the modern era, Angelina Jolie is the best example to get things moving. High cheekbones is among the most prominent feature of her looks that makes her unique, attractive, and sunning hot!

In short, high cheekbones attraction hasn’t ended. These people are still dominating the industry because of their looks.

Fashion industry too prefers the high cheekbones. Models do certain things to get prominent high cheekbones so that they could top the whole contest.

How to make your cheekbones more prominent?

If your high cheekbone is visible that’s good but making it prominent is important because a prominent high cheekbone is very important to make your beauty count.

There are various ways to make your high cheekbone prominent and more visible. The best way is through light makeup. Make up will let you get a look that will attract others towards you because your high cheekbone is more visible.

Make up will not only improve your look but also you will feel more confident because you have a polished look that can attract everyone in the big party.

Some Tips to make your cheekbones more prominent


    • Always use a light toned makeup.
    • Don’t use too dark shades.
    • Wore a wardrobe that suits you because your dressing is very important.
    • Don’t get over weight or bulky because more flesh on the cheeks can restrict the visibility of the cheekbones.
    • Take proper diet and use plenty of water to get a natural shine and freshness on the face.
    • Workout to get a fit physique because fitness is another key of attractive persona.



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