Think Twice before Planning a Trip to Popular Destinations

Justin Bieber and Kim Kardashian are so…… overrated! Donald Trump, Legends of Tomorrow, Stonehenge is definitely very overrated as well.
Wait! What?
How can Stonehenge be overrated tourist destination? This might be a question in most of your mind. You can argue for hours about the historical significance of Stonehenge. You can argue that this place is the most popular tourist destination of the time. At the end of the day, I will still maintain that Stonehenge is an overrated tourist destination, although it is popular but not the best choice to plan a trip to. 

The Popular Tourist Destinations and the reality

It’s not just Stonehenge, right?! There are many other popular tourist destinations which are visited by thousands. But why are these places overrated. Let’s examine some of the best tourist attractions and at the same time consider the ground reality.

1. Stonehenge

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According to the statistics and surveys, Stonehenge is considered to be one of the top tourist destinations with its history and its mystery. What we have seen in movies and books is a collection of stones standing in fields with a mystical aura. Tourist throngs this site. But the reality check is that the site is inaccessible as it is surrounded by fence. Plus, nearby network of highways has totally killed the mysterious aura of Stonehenge.

2. London

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The first time visitors come to London, they prepare a long list of tourist attractions – London Eye, The Shard, Leicester Square, Piccadilly Circus and Oxford Street, to name the few. London is one of those cities which are actually full of so many amazing historical places but these and other tourist attractions have become more of a tourist trap. One such example can be Leicester Square which is just a park with thousand of pigeons in the middle. Moreover, people wait in lines for more than 30 minutes to spend a lot of money on cinema tickets. Is it really worth it?! For one, these areas are expensive and secondly a lot of time is wasted. Hey! A tourist can miss out some of the better attraction.

3. Bondi Beach

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As huge as it is, Sydney is incredibly beautiful with mighty nature sprawling all around. This beauty has naturally become the source of one of the best tourist destinations. Considering a very long and extensive list of tourist spots in the city, it can only be advised to skip Bondi Beach and rather visit Maroubra or Bronte. Yes, it is considered to be a beautiful location but the minute you reach there, you will see more people than sand. Prices of food and souvenirs in this area are extremely high.

4. The CN Tower

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Yes, it is beautiful! Yes, it is a marvel of modern day construction! But how sensible can it be to spend a lot of money for the entrance and even wait for hours, during the season. For the tourists, time is the major constraint. Within the given time, tourists try to cover as many top travel destinations as possible. But a visit to the CN Tower can turn into a disappointing decision. Experts suggest trying the 54th floor of the Financial District’s TD Tower to have an amazing view of the city and the CN Tower. It will surely save money and hours of waiting!

5. Pyramids of Egypt – A Popular Tourist Destination or Not?

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If there is any place in the world that carries a lot of mystery, magic, magnificent architecture and treasures, then it is the Pyramids in Egypt. In addition to tourists, Hollywood movies have also contributed in increasing their aura. But tourists of today get disappointed once they reach this destination physically. The pyramids are old and crumbling. Moreover, they are off limits to general public. The turbulent politics of the region can also turn out to be a mess for the people who tend to visit the place.

6. The Leaning Tower of Pisa

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Pisa Tower is like any other Bell Tower found in the region. The only difference is that it is leaning. Horde of tourists can be seen taking photos with it, pretending to push it back. I mean, how can anyone enjoy or even feel the historical significance of this place amid such a crowd?

7. Las Vegas

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Las Vegas – another one of those tourist attractions that dazzle you first and then leave you utterly disappointed! It is just a long boulevard with flashy lights all around and the replicas of world famous landmarks. The hotels are not even close to anything flashier that is being displayed at the outside. It can be must-visit place due to its popularity but otherwise it is not even worth a thought of a second visit!

8. Eiffel Tower

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The Louvre, the Champs Elysees and the Eiffel Tower; basically sums up the best tourist destinations in Paris. Among these, Eiffel Tower is the most overrated. It suffers from the same problems that all the top travel destinations suffer from. A romantic destination, incredible view from the top is what every tourist dreams about before coming to Eiffel Tower. But the reality dawns when you see huge crowd and fully packed restaurants.

9. The Taj Mahal 

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While Taj Mahal is considered to be the epitome of love and beauty yet it seems to be very much overrated for me! In an attempt to have one decent photo in front of this monument, one has to pay the fees and of course has hours of wait. Moreover, the surrounding areas of Taj Mahal are full of filth and slums. Thus, making it very unpleasant especially during the summer season.

10. Venice 

Think Twice before Planning a Trip to Popular Destinations 30

Riaalto Bridge and all the other canal passages in Venice have become so overwhelmingly overrated that it comes as a guilt as to why such a popular tourist destination have become a source of such an utter disappointment. Yes, it is one the most beautiful cities but the crowded canals with boats and people make it so….. Un-worthy! During the summer season, tourists are at peak increasing the suffocation.

During the summer season which is tourist peak season, it is not advisable to visit this beautiful city.As it is obvious that certain tourist destinations have become overwhelmingly famous over the years and people are ready to pay hefty amount of sum to visit these places to have a glimpse of these ‘best tourist destinations’. But at the same time it is highly recommended to consider some alternative options which can be budget friendly and relaxing at the same time.

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