Top 70 Awkward Questions to Ask a Girl

Questions are very important to make a girl fall for you. But, awkward questions to ask a girl is a different thing, right? Whether it’s about awkward questions to ask a girl on the first date or it is about to tease her by asking weird questions. You must choose wisely because in a relationship a bit awkwardness is OK, but not too much!

We all do awkward things at some stage of a relationship, agree? I hope, you do…! But, when it comes to talk in a weird way by using a trick of awkward questions to ask a girl – it is very important that the conversation must not lose its tempo and naughtiness.

By and large, to take your relationship to a next level and to bring ultimate closeness with the chic, one must has to think out of the box and implement things differently i.e. awkward questions to ask a girl, Intimate Questions to Ask your Spouse, and awkward things to do for your girl etc.

Best 60 Pacified Awkward Questions to Ask a Girl

Being different, funny, and naughty will enhance your bonding and interaction with your dream girl. Therefore, you must not have any hesitation in asking awkward questions to your girl.

Let’s cut the crap and start being awkward.

Most Awkward Questions to Ask a Girl

Our list of awkward questions to ask a girl contains all kind of variety regarding different scenarios, situations and occasions. You will find every aspect covered because we are gonna share a whole list of awkward questions to ask a girl.

  1. Am I the kind of guy you are looking for?
  2. Do you have such honest relationship in the past?
  3. Is it the worst experience of your life to go out on a date with me?
  4. Am I not appealing to you? You are looking at me quite weirdly!
  5. You look like a drug addict, have you been taking drugs in the past?
  6. Am I the craziest thing you have ever seen in your life?
  7. Am I the one whom you should get married?
  8. You are smelling a bit weird, what’s the date of your last shower?
  9. Am I the deepest secret in your life?
  10. How many guys you have ever dated before getting into the relationship with me?
  11. What’s your worst peeing experience?
  12. Have you ever thought, how long you can hold your pee?
  13. Have you ever urinated in the public or in front of your friends or boyfriend?
  14. What’s your preferred choice – LOVE or MONEY?
  15. Do you remember the first time when you used the computer?
  16. Do you have any regrets of your past life – I mean any?
  17. Have you ever pooped in your pants – except being child?
  18. Am I the most attractive guy you have ever dated?
  19. What is it in me that you are a big fan of me?
  20. What’s the worst memory regarding drinking?

Weird Questions to Ask a Girl to Turn Her on

When it comes to the dirty questions to ask a girl, guys are master – yes, I’m damn right! Guys know very well, how to hit the iron when it is hot – especially, the dirty talks.

We have complied a list of awkward question to ask a girl that contains all forms of the dirty and sexy questions for girls.

Let’s take the naughtiness to its heights!

  1. Is it OK if I kiss you the way I wanted too – i.e. in front of all?
  2. What’s your preferred kiss location – In the public or when we are alone?
  3. What’s the color of your favorite under pants? I’m damn sure, each color suits you because you are too hot and sexy!
  4. Have you ever done lesbian with any of your fellow girls or ex-friends? I mean ever…?
  5. Am I more satisfying or your ex-boyfriend? What’s the point of difference between me and him?
  6. Do you ever had a wet dream with me or any of your ex-bf?
  7. Whose your favorite teacher with whom you would love to do weird things i.e. hugging, kissing, fuc*** etc.?
  8. Do you like slow sex or lightning fast jerking? Which one is your favorite?
  9. What’s the most romantic sex position? It is all about your choice baby!
  10. Did you ever had sex in the bathroom or under the bed?
  11. Who is your favorite porn star? Don’t be shy because I know you have a lot of craze to be innovative!
  12. Have you ever tried putting a bunch of fingers down there? I mean ever…?
  13. Have you tried masturbating in the public or on a bus stop?
  14. Have you ever masturbated in the class room?
  15. What do you think about you and me on the same bed – without clothes (naked for all night)?
  16. My six sense is saying that you are too horny at moment, isn’t it right?
  17. Do you like the idea of using sex toys? Have you ever tried it before?
  18. Don’t you fantasize to have sex with me? I think, I’m probably right, am I not?
  19. What is your opinion about the threesome? I think, it’ll be great!
  20. Isn’t it possible that both of us are in the kitchen cooking some hot (really hot) stuff – naked?

Awkward Questions to Ask a Girl about Her Body


You can let her feel special and enchanted by putting some awkward questions regarding her physique, posture, and outlook. Don’t hesitate to put awkward questions to ask a girl about her body and beauty – if done rightly, it can be a hell fun.


  1. My favorite thing about the opposite sex is the body shape – And you have a perfect body. What about you? What’s your favorite in the opposite gender?
  2. You walk like a queen. Do you know that? What’s the secret behind such loveable walking recipe?
  3. Your b**bs are too hot. Do you always wear a bra?
  4. What kind of undergarments you will prefer keeping in mind your sizzling body?
  5. You always look fresh, young, and energetic – what is the secret behind such everlasting shine and perfection?
  6. Please tell me, when was the last time you waxed?
  7. Can I guess the color of your sizzling-hot pu**y? I believe, it’s the best – doesn’t matter which color it has!
  8. Do you like yoga? Looks like it is a key thing that makes you so fit, calm, and fresh.
  9. When was the first time you waxed?
  10. Your body is too soft and silky. Is it as hot as it is soft?


Funny Questions to Ask your Girl


Every person in this world wants some fun and humor. Therefore, there’s gonna be no problem at all if you try to change the tempo and mode of your relationship by asking some funny questions to the girl of your dreams.

Let her know how chill and fun loving you are by showering your humor filled conversations on her!

Let’s rock!

  1. If a hot stranger is standing behind you in a queue and he gets hard on you and you feel his pe*is on you bum, will you stare him with a creepy look or you will move slight backward to feel more?
  2. You look like a keen observer. Have you ever watched your neighbors while they were having sex?
  3. Have you ever thought of taking nude pictures of yourself and uploading them to a porn website? Have you…?
  4. Have you ever been attacked by a wild animal except me?
  5. What is your favorite job except blowjob?
  6. Are you in favor of the same gender relationships? If yes, why?
  7. Would you accept a guy with the small penis? It’s just a question – don’t think I am asking a favor!
  8. What are your favorite bra stripes i.e. vertical or horizontal, or you prefer a bra less outfit?
  9. What part of the male’s body you wanna see at first? Suppose you are having a one night stand with a stranger.
  10. If I ask nicely, would you watch a porno with me – Lesbian porn movie?


Some Other Awkward Questions to Ask a Girl

I’m gonna share some general questions to ask a girl that will help you to promote moderate conversation and light chit chat.

  1. What’s your favorite hobby? Collecting, Exploring, or Cooking?
  2. Who is your favorite male movie actor? What about the female actress? Share with me your choice.
  3. Which is the most beautiful part of your body – I mean absolutely beautiful?
  4. Have you ever aroused someone just to seduce them because you wanna see him masturbating in front of you?
  5. What’s the worst chat line you have ever heard from your any of your contacts?
  6. Do you prefer book reading or going out?
  7. What’s your favorite music type – jazz or rock?
  8. Have you ever kissed a girl?
  9. Which is the second language on which you have fair command?
  10. Can you share with me the most emotional moment of your life?



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