What do Guys Like to Hear in Bed?

The myth that guys stay quiet most of the times can be easily negated especially when he is in bed with his partner. The time spent in bed does not necessarily have to be focused on just one singular activity. Many couples indulge in varied activities and what a guy wants to hear in bed depends on a situation. Most importantly, do not hesitate and share with him whatever needs to be stated.

Often, girls don’t talk too much. It might be due to shyness or whatever the reasons. But remember! All the relationship experts have emphasized on the fact that a healthy relationship is one where you communicate with your partner. So take the opportunity and use the time when you both are relaxed and intend to have fun. Be open and expressive.

What do guys like to hear in bed isn’t a common question but girls are quite curious up to some extent to grab the concept that what their boyfriend will prefer to hear while they are in bed!


What Things Do Guys Like to Hear in Bed?

Buckle up girls because we are gonna share some insights with you that will help you to get more attention from your counterpart.

I assure you, you are gonna love these unique ideas because it’s always a good thing to have a relaxing and trustful conversation with your partner/boyfriend. Guys like to hear different kind of things in bed specially things that satisfy their egos.

Being a girl and an equal partner in a relationship, pay attention to the likes and dislikes of your partner and focus on them. The discussion topics can vary from hobbies to life choices. It does not have to be limited to intimate talk only. That’s what we are going to share with you!


Excited? Let’s roll!

I am Excited

It’s possibly the best thing to start the conversation by asking intimate questions and details. This ensures you won’t be bored or distracted and the flame of attraction keep burning. Your guy loves to hear even the smallest intimate details although traditionally girls restrict themselves when it comes to expressing their feelings. But trust me, your guy also needs to hear how you feel and what you want.

You are the best

Don’t you believe in him? I bet, you do! Therefore, it isn’t a bad thing to start things up with the hints and suggestions of him being the best. Let him know that he is the only one whom you want to be with. Such interactions have proven to create a special bond between couples. It will make him proud of the relationship and the fact that he is making you happy!

A loud Hello…!

It’s the best way to welcome him home. Shout it loud because that’s gonna let him know that you have been waiting for some fun time later after dinner time. Disclose on him that it was more than a mere wait – guys like to hear such things especially when both of you are alone.

You can spice up the charm and charisma of this decent trick by welcoming him – the moment he enters in the bedroom.


You are my lottery

Lottery is a unique and precious thing. Moreover, not everyone is lucky enough to win a lottery therefore it is a clever way to show your love and affection. He will surely feel loved and special for being your prized possession.


Angry Cutie

A pleasing sense of humor to praise his looks because if someone looks good (cute) in anger – he will surely look awesome and pretty in the routine. Also, it is a nice way to let him know that you are ready to have him in your arms.


I am feeling shaky

Mostly, people feel shaky and nervous if they are encountered with an awkward situation but keep in mind that people also feel shaky, shy and nervous in front of the one whom they love. Therefore, it is a nice way to let him know that his presence makes you wobbly – don’t forget to look into his eyes because the shine of his eyes at that moment will depict how excited and happy he is – listening this from your side.


Call him by his First Name

Calling someone with his/her name makes a natural contact and establishes a natural connection of mutual understanding. Therefore, it’s gonna be an awesome way to strengthen your bond with him if you call him with his first name. It will let him feel prominent and closer to you – especially if both of you are alone in the bedroom – of course you can also do this in the public.


Things Guys Like to Hear from their Girlfriends

Guys like to hear certain things from their girlfriends especially things that are related to them – in any aspect. Whether you are in public or alone with your boyfriend, you can share different things with you guy because he will like it.

Guys like to hear from their girlfriends about their looks, attitude, and behavior because somehow comments coming from the partner have a different impact on senses.


Let’s dive deep to get a clear idea about things guys like to hear from their girlfriends.


A unique nickname

Believe it or not, nicknames greatly impact your relationship in the long run. You have to be very choosy and precise about the choice of nicknames.

You should use different nicknames to call your boyfriend because it will make it clear to him that you are connected to him at a special level.

Try using nicknames to call your boyfriend in public as well as in privacy – it is vital to choose a unique nickname.


I dream about you

We only dream about the one whom we love. We only dream about the one who is in our heart, right? Therefore, it is a nice way to show off your love and affection for him. Tell him that your most recent dream was related to him. Of course you can make up the details to create the interest.

I love your fragrance

Each and every aspect and personality trait of the person whom we love is amicable. Therefore, there should be no shame in telling him that you love his looks and all the personality traits. Body fragrance is possibly the best trait to get started with. Share with him that you are a fan of his looks and how he smells.


I am in love with you

Whisper in his ears that you love him. It’s a nice way to let him know that he matters a lot. Moreover, it is also a cute way to depict your intense feelings for him – he’s gonna love it!


What do Guys Like to Hear While Texting?

Texting is another form of communication. If done properly, it is a great way of expressing the hidden feelings of romance and love. You have to keep in mind about things guys like to hear while texting because it is important to do texting in the right way.


A bunch of ideas are strangling all around the world regarding what do guys like to hear while texting but we are gonna share some special tips and awesome things that will surely help you to make your mark in a unique and best way.


Let’s get started!


I’m Feeling Safe While Texting You

If you don’t feel safe or comforted while having chat or conversation with anyone – you can’t do it from the core of your heart, right?

Since, you do feel comfortable while chatting with your guy, it is also important that you should disclose this fact on him – he’s gonna love it!

He’ll be more interested in talking to you and he’ll always be ready to respond to your texts and conversations.


Admire his style, NOT looks

It is a common mistake that almost every girl makes at the beginning of any relationship. Oh girl…! Did you make it too? Hmm…! Never mind!

Keep it in mind that unlike girls, guys like to get good vibes about their style. Getting an appraisal about looks doesn’t bother them as much as they feel excited and graced if someone praises their style. So, you can start off by simply sending a text, “Your texting style is quite interesting!”


Ask for a favor – Be straightforward

The best way to grow your relationship with your guy is by asking for certain favors. Like; while you are chatting with him, ask him to wait a couple of minutes because there’s someone on the door.


In short, you need to behave like a pro. This is the only way to keep up the charm and curiosity that love life demands.

The whole purpose of this article is to make you understand that little things do matter if you are looking for a long-term relationship. Start off with minute things and you will see him coming after you – that’s the simplest way to show off someone that you have something for him in your heart.

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