What Does it mean When You Dream About Someone – Some Amazing Facts!

Dreams triggers a realm of fantasies, curiosity, and eccentricity. We all dream about someone or some things about which we are always curious, and we try our best to decode what exactly that means, right?

Dreams incorporate things like anonymous faces, events, and sometimes a blend of both of these! We become more curious about dreams when we see familiar faces in strange perceptions and events; this leads us towards more curiosity and instinct to know, what does it mean to dream about someone we know?

All such things not only make dreams astonishing but also make them questionable! We ask ourselves questions like why will he/she do this to me? What the hell was that?

In short, dreams open windows of curiosity and we try to get answers of those mysteries and mysterious events that we have witnessed in the dream! The worst thing about dreams is, they are very hard to remember as a whole! In the morning, when you will try to relive the dream, you’ll find traces of your dream – not the whole dream!

Just like me, if you are also curious about dreams; let’s find out what does it possibly mean when you dream about someone!

What does it mean when you dream about someone you like?

Dreaming about someone whom you like isn’t an uncommon thing. We all have such dreams which depict the picture of that person whom you like very much!

But, you need to find out some aspects of your dreams about that special person. Try to remember the events or scenarios of your dreams. I know, it’s not easy; but you have to put up some effort In order to drive a conclusion about your liking!

Try to remember the face expressions, subtle responses, and events that occur during the dream. In the dream, if they like you back it is a positive sign for you. It’s an indication that he/she too has some feelings for you!

On the other hand, if your dreams are about break ups, ignorance, and negative response. It depicts that he/she isn’t interested you in the way you are! You can make up few things to impress her but, if he/she isn’t showing a positive response; it’s better for you to move on!

What does it mean to dream about someone you miss?

We all suffer from emotional attachments because it’s purely natural. When that special person isn’t with you, your heart and mind doesn’t accept it!

Don’t worry! You are not the only one who experience such things – it happens with everyone! Me too…!

Dreams connect you with the person whom you are missing. Your memories with that person, good times that both of you have spent together, and venues etc. all aspects remind you about that person and if all of this happens in your dreams too, you are in love with that person. Moreover, it is a symptom of love addiction.

In short, you heart, mind and soul is addicted to that person. This could be the only reason behind your intense missing.

What does it mean when you dream about your crush?

Dreams have a strong connection with our thoughts, liking, and mindset. The more we think about someone, more chances are getting him/her in your dreams.

We can’t stop ourselves from thinking about our crush, right? It might be the only reason that most of our dreams encircle around our crush!

If your dreams about your crush are in the context of happiness, pleasure, and exhilaration. It means that there are high chances of getting involved into a long term relationship with your crush.

On flip side of the coin, if things aren’t very comforting in term of dreams; you must took it seriously because it might depict that you will not get an easy YES! I short, you need to make some adjustments in order to win your crush’s trust and attention.

What does it mean when you dream about your Ex

Dreaming about your ex is something that always put everyone in extreme curiosity because it is always a difficult situation for everyone to find right answers of the wrong or sad happenings of the past.

There’s an old saying that perfectly depicts the situation of someone’s who still dreams about his/her ex, “A mind wants to forget but, a heart will always remember!”

Now that you are having your ex in your dreams, you must be looking for solutions of all the unanswered questions, right?

If you dream about your ex too frequently, it means that you are missing him/her in your life. Besides dreams, if you are having feelings of guilt, restlessness, and remorse; it means you heart and mind isn’t accepting the separation of your ex.

In other words, your body has become habitual and addicted to that person’s personality – no matter how bad or good time you have spent with him/her!

Conversely, if you are having your ex in your dreams but it isn’t very often; it might be because of some good times that both of you have spent together. Every time you get pass nearby anything or any place where you have been before with your ex, your mind recalls those memories and you get a glimpse of your ex in your dreams!

Dreaming about someone you LOVE

When you dream about someone whom you love from the core of your heart, it’s very important to have a close look on everything you see in your dreams because the context of your dreams will depict how passionately you love that particular person!

If your dreams are about happy moments, romantic dates, hugs, fun parties etc. it’s an indication that you have a strong connection with your partner. Moreover, it is an authentication of your LOVE, hidden feelings and passion – you carry for your partner.

Oppositely, if you dream about quarrels, anger, and instability of your relationship; it might be a sign that your connection with your love is getting weaker!

Drastically, if you see your of love of life with someone else (in your dreams) it is a worse possible sign that you could lose him/her to someone else. It might be an indication that you aren’t passionate about your LOVE as you were!

Moreover, it could be a sign that someone else is more passionate about him/her as compared to you! Just don’t forget one thing, it is just a dream – nothing else!

What does it mean when you dream about someone dying?

Are you experiencing such dreams and don’t know the logic or reason behind such mysterious dreams in which you see someone dying?

If YES, let me share some explicit reasons behind these kind of terrible dreams.

Before going further, take a pause and try to answer my questions i.e. Is any of your friend or close family member suffering from any deadly disease like cancer, HIV, or any other such ailment? Is someone you know has discussed death related topics with you in the recent past?

Firstly, if any of your relative or friend is ill, that person might be the reason behind such dreams because subconscious part of your brain will remind such things and you pass by matching scenarios in your dreams. Same is true for the second question.

In short, when you get to know some odd or uncommon things like diseases, death, or horror; subconscious part of your brain never forgets such uneven things – which let you see the mysterious and sometime annoying dreams!

Dreaming about someone who has passed away

No one ever wants to get separated from his/her loved ones, right? But, death is the biggest reality and truth of this life – something we can’t stop or refrain from!

When you dream about someone who has passed away, these dreams could either be purely positive or negative – there’re no in-between situations in these kind of dreams.

Mostly, people find their loved ones in their dreams who has recently passed away. It’s very common thing and it happens because of the love, care, affection, emotional and physical attachments that you have for the deceased.

There’s are quite a few spiritual theories for such kind of dreams. Some people believe that spirits of the deceased come in someone’s dreams to reveal the reasons behind their death. But, it happens because of the different perspective of their death. For example, was the individual was killed by someone and the killer never found or the individual died in an accident?

In short, you might be seeing a deceased person in your dreams because he/she wanna reveal the mystery behind his/her death.

What does it mean when you dream about killing someone?

Feelings of hatred and animosity are natural. There’s a saying, “We hate actions not the people!” If you are witnessing a murder in your dreams or you are killing someone yourself in the dream, it might be because of the anger and hate that you carry for someone.

If you are seeing dreams of killing someone with whom you have a severe fight in the recent past, it could be because of your anger. Naturally, our brain takes a bit time to forget bad comments and exchange of bad words during a fight.

If you are having a dream to kill someone with whom you have fought in the recent past, these kind of dreams might because of the anger, disrespect, and hate that you have for that person at the moment.

There could be other possible reasons for such dreams like you have witnessed a murder or right before you fall asleep you were watching a movie which contains a lot of action and thrill.

What does it mean when you dream about someone in sexual way?

Sex is an important aspect of life as well as some of our relationships. Sexual dreams often regarded as “Wet Dreams” occur because of some undeniable reasons.

Sexual thoughts and fantasies are the major reason behind dreaming about someone in a sexual way! Moreover, keep in mind that having a sexual dream with someone doesn’t mean that you have a sex-connection with that particular person.

For example, if you had a sex dream with your beautiful teacher or friend of your girlfriend/boyfriend, it doesn’t mean that you are interested in that particular person!

It could be because of the fact that your teacher was looking so good in the outfit that you couldn’t stop yourself staring at him/her! Or, friend of your GF/BF was looking so pretty that you couldn’t ignore him/her without taking into account that your friend was with you too!

In short, sexual dreams are all about sexual thoughts and intense sex fantasies that you might have someone!

Key Things to remember about Dreams

    • A dream is a dream – The situation and scenario isn’t always the same as you see them in your dreams.
    • Don’t take your every dream seriously – some dreams are meant to be ignored – especially, “The Wet Dreams!”!
    • Don’t share all of your dreams with everyone!
    • Never change your relationship, mood, or feelings for someone just because you had a bad dream about that person.
    • Always think positively before going to sleep so that you could have good dreams – matching to your thoughts.


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