What to eat after a hangover and vomiting

When it comes to partying, none of us plan on sipping all night long, but when we do, we regret it in the morning almost every time!

While you are reading, there is a 50% chance that you must have experienced a throbbing headache, paired with an upset stomach and a spiking thirst, along with a mind full of regrets. All these paired up with hope to find detail information about what to eat after a hangover.

But many times there are festivities, which makes even the best of people to get carried away. That is exactly where this quick guide will help you.

Stated below are natural, everyday food items that we apply when looking to cure a hangover.

But before you go through this guide, make sure you check this out to understand what exactly causes the hangover.



1. The Power-Packed, Poultry King – EGGS


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What makes eggs a personal favorite is how killer it is against the toxins. Eggs provide the right amount of energy needed to get through the dreadful day.


    • Cysteine is an amino acid present in abundance in eggs which helps in the breakdown of toxins, that our body can’t, alone!


    • It is rich in Vitamin B, which according to the study of ‘Annals of Internal Medicine’ can diminish the awful symptoms of hangover.



2. The Potassium enriched Banana


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As we all know, bananas are jam-packed with one nutrient that we lose excessively while drinking and making trips to the restroom. Yup, none other than the vital Potassium.


    • The body reacts severely to the loss of potassium, mostly by brimming down the energy levels and making one feel fatigue. Banana helps overcome the fatigue-ness by notching up the potassium levels.


    • Studies also indicate that the amount of Vitamin B6 present in one banana is enough to lessen the brutal signs of a hangover by around 50%. Well if this is truly the case, 2 bananas will be enough to help kick start the dreadful day.



3. The Natural Hydrating Element, COCONUT WATER


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If you have gone through, ‘The Science behind Hangovers – Disclosed’ you will know that the biggest consequence of drinking is Dehydration, which plays a key role in inducing a head throbbing hangover.

When it comes to dehydration, drinking plain water cannot do work alone to hydrate the system. Something far more powerful and filled with minerals and nutrients is required. What can be better than pure coconut water?


    • Many run to grab an energy drink, but according to tests, most of the energy drinks contain extra amounts of sugar and other chemicals. Whereas fresh Coconut water has none and hydrates the system as effectively as any sports or energy drink.


    • Coconut water is brimming with electrolytes and potassium which helps hydrate as well as provide the much-needed energy, after fighting from toxins all night long.


4. The All-Rounder, TOMATO JUICE


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Tomatoes are best when grilled with cheese and topped with seasoning. But who knew it could also help cure a hangover and free you from that killer headache and upset stomach!


    • Studies show that tomatoes help boost the function of the liver which leads to a better and faster processing of the unwanted toxin and helps cure the upset tummy.


    • But that’s not it! Tomatoes are also known to have loads of potassium and sodium present in them which helps cure dehydration and get rid of that throbbing pain in the head.



5. The toxin killer, ASPARAGUS


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Yup, we are talking about that serving of sideline which you exchange for a serving of fried potato wedges, EVERY TIME. If only you could just call up your go-to place and place an order of nothing but those steamed stems of asparagus.

    • Studies suggest that the amino acids and vital minerals present in the asparagus help protect the liver cells against the toxins.


    • But that’s not it! These green stalks also help flush out all the toxins from the body due to their diuretic nature.


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6. Nausea Slayer, Ginger


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It has been more than a few centuries that Ginger has been used to take care of symptoms such as stomach aches and nausea. Despite the bitter after taste, ginger works like magic when it comes to curing morning sickness.

Studies have proven that the usage of ginger during a hangover cures the upset tummy and nausea. Whereas, if used before partying, it can eliminate the risk of getting a hangover despite how hard you party.

We know chewing ginger might be difficult, so here’s how you could make the best out of ginger without having to chew it


You will need:

    • Ginger


    • Hot water


    • A mug


    • A plate to cover the mug


Add a few pieces of ginger into the mug. Pour hot water over it and cover the mug with the help of a plate and let it steam for five minutes. The steam will help the flavor blend in.

Drink it away!


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