Why Childfree People are Selfish by Choice?

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Why Childfree People are Selfish by Choice?


In the online world we see people debating every day. Whether it’s about the feminism, Gay marriage, Women rights, Muslims, Donald Trump and vice versa. The online world has divided us in two separate groups. No one in this race is the winner. But clearly we all have our opinions. ‘Childfree people are selfish or not?’ this one question has been a topic of debate for quite some time now.

Well, if you ask my opinion I am definitely more on the negative side. Yes, I do believe that childfree people by choice is selfish. They say ‘Children are Blessings, not Burdon’, they say it right.

You and your love might be enjoying your life to the fullest. It’s so perfect to a point where you don’t have room for a kid to mess up with that perfection. However, it is just like enjoying an ice cream but without a perfect topping. One can never imagine the beauty of something until they feel it. Having a child is just like enjoying the biggest blessing of nature.

Are Childfree Couples Selfish by Choice?

There is a difference between two things. Being childless by choice and being childless not by choice. Not all childfree are selfish. Our society needs to understand this. In many cultures it’s a taboo to be childless. This piece of thinking needs to be changed. There is nothing wrong in being not able to conceive.

One the other hand, being childfree by choice is selfish. Childfree life is great, but not as great as having children. Even if it wasn’t your choice to be childfree. You too have an alternative to adopt kids. Adopting a homeless kid or an orphan would be truly an impressive gesture. As having kids in one’s life is even delightful than one can imagine.

Why Childfree by Choice is Just Plain Selfish?

I know, I know, you love your job, your career is your priority, you love traveling, you want to enjoy your freedom, etc. Having a kid might take away your freedom. Childfree lifestyle is amazing right? Yet many reasons make me feel that childfree people are selfish.

Have you ever felt of what is it like to be called mommy? Or having a toddler holding your finger and showing you little things he loves. Have you ever thought of what is it like to have a baby who smiles at you and cries when you leave home? Isn’t that adorable? If that doesn’t make you want to have a baby then you might be a little selfish I’m Sorry!

The two main reasons why couples don’t want to have babies is either because they love their career and freedom or had a weak bond with their parents. Even if your career is above all your priorities, family is what you will need in thick and thin. Having babies is like building your garden. A garden filled with happiness and joy. If you feel kids are a big responsibility and will destroy your freedom. You might need to rethink keeping your private desires and ambition aside. Moreover, if you give this society a well-educated and disciplined child you will strengthen your own society, you will contribute in human race. And it’s definitely more selfless!

As I mentioned above, bad relationship with parents can also be a cause to not have a desire of kids. Your dad was a drug addict, he left you, or your mom hated you, there can be numberless reasons. Even then, you need to give thought to have kids. You need to be strong and think about the things that made you feel this way. You need to be positive about having kids. Not everyone has bad relationship with parents. It is indeed one of the most affectionate relationships on the planet. What you have been through might be painful. But maybe you won’t repeat the mistakes of your parents and actually built a perfect bonding with your kids. Have kids, just remember if you won’t, you will miss one of the biggest treats of life.

It’s beautiful to Have Kids

If you would ask a childfree couple: ‘I don’t want to have kids. Am I selfish for not wanting kids?’ They will tell you how busy you can get having kids. They will tell about increase in expenses and responsibilities. They will give you countless benefits to not have kids. They will make sure that to make you realize that you aren’t selfish but it’s just a choice.

They may be right to some extent. Since, having kids is a big responsibility. You have got to give your kid full attention, time and let me tell you raising a kid is also not that budget friendly. You are going to be a lot busy too. However, the beauty of having kid is incomparable. Being mother is beautiful. You will go through some unbearable pain but the time you will hold you newborn’s little fingers. It will make you cry with joy. It’s a miracle of nature, it’s a living sign of your love.

Dedicating yourself to grow your kid is what gives a women title of ‘Mother’. And it’s above any job, above any relationship. It’s a selfless connection, and a love without any conditions, in fact the purest form of love. This is the status given by God to only women. If a women doesn’t want to have this self-sacrificing relation then this is what makes her selfish.

For how long you can enjoy your life around yourself? For how long you can enjoy your ‘me time’? For how long you can work like a machine? One day your career might end, but your kids will be there. You will have grandchildren. You will have someone to share your achievements, and your life’s stories with. By the end of the day, it is not only going to be you, your partner and a lonely weekend. But you will have a home with people that you will call your ‘Family’.


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