Yoga Exercises for Beginners to Help You Get Started

Looking for easy to follow, Yoga exercises for beginners?


Well, here you are. Yoga, the simple but effective way of workout, has a rich history and tremendous effects. The followers of yoga are staunch believers in the hidden powers of the human body. They follow different yoga poses and positions to explore their physical powers and utilize them for healing and positivity in life.


Yoga not only helps you heal your body but enhance the physical immunity, achieve peace of mind, de-stress yourself and relax our mind and body. Beginners at yoga may wonder how simple poses and positions can assume such great, impactful stature. But through the years people have been following the same techniques on a daily basis to achieve their required benefits.


Yoga exercises are much helpful in various ways;


    • Yoga exercises for back pain and other physical pains are much effective.


    • Yoga exercises for weight loss are not very quick ways for weight loss. However, it is more about the improvement in a mental state that prevents you from indulging into unhealthy habits like insomnia, eating junk, etc. that may incur putting on weight.


    • Yoga improves flexibility of body


    • It strengthens muscles and tone them down


    • Yoga helps improve the respiration process, procuring physical energy and vitality


    • Metabolism and Digestion are also maintained with the help of Yoga


    • Yoga helps to prevent the Cardio and blood circulatory health.



Beginning Yoga is a good choice. All you need is a quiet corner and ample time. However, yoga does not take a lot of time. To begin with the poses, you need to warm up your body a little to prepare it to relax.


You have to sit with your legs crossed and hands placed in your lap. Close your eyes and take a deep breath through the nose. Stay in this position for two minutes and slowly bend your upper half sideways for some time or up to fifteen breaths. On both sides exhale and inhale relaxing your mind.


Yoga workout for beginners involves some basic beginner level yoga poses. These are also called ‘Aasan’. Each pose serves different purposes. For beginners, it is important to follow each pose properly and stay in that pose for some time two to three minutes or up to fifteen breaths. Breathe in and out focusing on your body.


A list of some yoga poses for beginners is as under:


1. The Mountain Pose


Sanskrit Name: Tadasana


Purpose: This is a solid breathing pose which helps you start with your daily Yoga workout plan. It clears your mind and gives you a sense of centre.


The Pose: You only need to stand straight with feet apart till the width of your hip. The weight is distributed evenly on both feet this way. The arms are fixed by your sides while the neck and spine are straightly aligned with each other. As you focus, you can move your arms in a circular position to the top of your head and join palms.


2. Tree Pose


Sanskrit name: Vriksasana


Purpose: This pose strengthens your spine, calves and ankles improving your balance.


The Pose: Yoga exercises for beginners include balancing and strengthening, stretching and breathing. Tree pose is also such a pose. After you have followed the Mountain pose, lift your left foot and place it inside on the calf of the right leg and balance yourself standing on right foot only. Lower your arms till your chest; palms still joined like in mountain pose. This is a prayer position. Close your eyes and take deep breaths for some time. Move your arms back up in the same position, then switch legs and repeat.


3. Child’s Pose


Sanskrit Name: Balasana


Purpose: This is one of the yoga exercises for back pain. The body relaxes relieving the back or neck pain. People with knee problems, however, need to be cautious doing this pose.


The Pose: You have to bend your knees and tuck your ankles under your hip. Then move forward the torso with arms stretched forward. Bend your back till your forehead touches the ground and knees touch your chest. Arms flattened above the head on the ground. Breathe in and out for a while.


4. Warrior Pose


Sanskrit: Virabhadrasana


Purpose: This pose helps you stretch your legs and ankles.


The Pose: You have to stand with your legs apart around 3 to 4 feet. Then place your right foot straight at the right angle and left foot a little inward to keep balance. Relax your shoulders by stretching your arms downward by your sides and then stretch them back up with palms facing down. Stretch your arms straight in alignment with your body. Bend the right knee forward slowly till the knee is at 90 degrees to your foot. Stay in that posture for a while then switch sides.


5. Triangle Pose


Sanskrit name: Trikonasana


Purpose: This is also one of the yoga exercises for back pain. It can also be thought of as one of the Yoga exercises for weight loss as it stretches your full body, thighs, knees, waist, ankles and also relieves back pain.


The Pose: Take Warrior Pose on your right side without bending the knee. Bend your waist sidewards to touch your inside of right foot with the outside of the right hand and stretch the left arm straight upwards towards the ceiling. Now move your gaze from right hand to left hand to align your back. Stay in this posture for some time and then repeat on the other side.


Yoga is not only workout but a state of mind. Yoga exercises for beginners consist of many simple poses. Beginners may follow the basic poses at first on a daily basis to get them into the routine. Later then, they may switch to harder poses to achieve further benefits of Yoga.


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