5 classic wardrobe essentials ALL women need!

May 05,2016

Every once in a while, you find yourself whining about never having enough clothes to wear, despite ...Read more

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How to grow your Nails Faster?!

May 10,2016

Nails enhance beauty; healthy nails are important for good health! If you're looking for How to ...Read more

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How to Take Care of your Skin during Summer!

Apr 27,2016

No one can take glow of your skin, not even summers! Fight summer’s heat with these amazing ti...Read more

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7 essential beauty products when you are travelling!!

May 14,2016

Have you planned a trip to Greece, or to the snow covered tops of Switzerland? You know, makeup esse...Read more

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Makeup Trends that you can ROCK even in your 40\'s!

May 14,2016

Are you afraid to try out those chic makeup trends because you think you are turning too old? Wel...Read more

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5 ESSENTIAL shoes for a fashion-forward shoe closet!!

Apr 21,2016

If like me, shoes happen to be your weakness, I’m sure your credit card has a negative balance...Read more

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8 Things You Can Relate To IF you Wear the Same Makeup Look, ALWAYS!

May 20,2016

So, there are three types of women in this world: Those who love buying all sorts of makeup an...Read more

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5 outfits to rock on a date!

May 09,2016

Raise your hand, if you want to look refreshingly chic, fashionably forward and comfortable in your ...Read more

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The perfect explanation for why women are so emotional!!

May 30,2016

 Is it true? Why are there always talks about women being more emotional than men? The proba...Read more

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6 Beauty Tips for women they need to TRY now!

Jun 06,2016

Yes, we believe beauty comes from within, but sometimes it needs a bit of polishing, and these beaut...Read more

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7 ways to perfect your eye makeup game

Jun 25,2016

If you are a makeup junkie, you ought to know that 50% of your overall look is determined by your pe...Read more

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5 stages of leaving an abusive husband

Jul 01,2016

Are you sick of keeping track of the bruises on your body? Do they even hurt anymore or are you just...Read more

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Top 10 songs you can use as anniversary messages

Jul 13,2016

Girlfriend: “hey darling, when’s our anniversary?” Boyfriend: “you’...Read more

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How Weight Loss Can Change Your Life?

Jul 22,2016

Do you ever have those days, or those depressing moments, when you look at your ex-boyfriend’s...Read more

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10 Best Destinations to Travel Alone

Jul 22,2016

Ever thought about going solo on an adventure around the world? Do not give up on that idea.... Y...Read more

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Things About the Eyebrows you Must know

Jul 22,2016

Over the years, I’ve witnessed severe melt downs by various women. Some for their children, so...Read more

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7 Best ways to Propose a Girl

Jul 25,2016

Are you a medical student? Because boy, oh boy! To propose a girl is way more complicated than phys...Read more

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Top 7 Foods to Eat for a Flat Belly

Jul 26,2016

Have you ever thought what you would look like if you had flat abs and a super healthy body? A bl...Read more

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Lose Weight to 8 kgs In Just A Week!

Jul 27,2016

Are you a victim of death….by chocolate ? Have you ever been caught up, stealing….c...Read more

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9 Natural Ways to Get Rid of Facial Hair Permanently!

Jul 28,2016

Can’t believe it? Pinch yourself! This is for real. Being a woman, I deeply understan...Read more

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6 Vital Vitamins for Women\'s Health

Aug 02,2016

“Vitamins for women are like blood for vampires” –anonymous (by me) Every day o...Read more

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6 DIY activities to keep your infant busy

Apr 19,2016

Catering an infant is a 24/7 job which can sometimes (probably always) be tiring! Mothe...Read more

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5 Meaningful Tattoo ideas for Women

Aug 10,2016

If you’re on this article, you’re probably on the hike for some heartfelt tattoo ideas! ...Read more

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DIY Idea for Nail Art Design in 7 Easy Steps

Aug 17,2016

  “I am different when my nails art is done! I am more dynamic! I gesticulate more, I...Read more

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10 Best summer perfumes of all-time for women

Sep 02,2016

There is just something about summertime that insists upon zesty, floral scents and therefore, summo...Read more

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5 Amazing Tattoo Sleeve Ideas For Women

Sep 10,2016

Gone are the days when tattoo sleeve ideas were only a “man’s thing”. Guys better...Read more

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How to Cover a Tattoo with Makeup in 6-Easy Steps

Oct 15,2016

Where there are people who choose to flaunt their inked body parts on a daily basis, there are simpl...Read more

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20 Short Ombre Hairstyles that Everyone should Try

Oct 20,2016

One of the biggest fashion trend of this year that has taken the world by storm is short ombre hair!...Read more

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How Much Does It Cost to Get Your Nose Pierced

Nov 01,2016

Nowadays, many people get their nose pierced! It is a new trend that people have taken a liking&n...Read more

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Awesome DIY Hair Chalk Ideas for Stunning Look

Nov 12,2016

Hair chalking is fun do and adds color to your plain look. These temporary coloring DIY hair chalk i...Read more

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How to do french braids quickly

Dec 01,2016

French braiding is thousands of years old styling technique, yet the new ways have been introduced w...Read more

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Harmful Ingredients in Cosmetics and Their Effect on Your Body

Dec 26,2016

Ever wonder... ? What is that one thing you reach for, when an inflamed zit pops up on your cheek...Read more

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How to Get Rid of Yellow Nails at Home by these Easy Steps

Dec 28,2016

When it comes to keeping yourself in-style and on point, get rid of yellow nails are the last thing ...Read more

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Top 25 Cute Ear Piercings Ideas You Need to Know

Dec 31,2016

Want to try some cute ear piercing ideas but feel hesitant? Get your fears out of your mind and have...Read more

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5 DIY organizers using a closet staple – Hangers!

Apr 14,2016

Organizing can sometimes make the strongest of women feel weak in the knees, especially if she has a...Read more

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How To Get Rid Of Stretch Marks Instantly

Jan 23,2017

What Are Stretch Marks Skin is the most precious part of our body. The more beautiful it looks, t...Read more

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Can You Use Castor Oil on Your Face for Acne?

Jan 25,2017

Out of hundreds of medicines, bazillions of high-end products, all your skin demands is castor oil f...Read more

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Buying the perfect, Yet Cheap Flower Girl Dresses Under $20

Apr 01,2017

When we talk about, deciding the wedding day attire, the first and foremost, and the probably only t...Read more

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What is the difference between Foil Highlights and Balayage Highlights?

May 28,2017

There is a reason why Balayage highlights has kicked out foil highlights and became professional&rsq...Read more

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