10 things to calm you down in an instant!

The ultimate ways to calm yourself down , is to book a luxurious vacation. But not everyone has the time and money to be laying around on the beach, getting their bums tanned.

Hence, we brought together a list of ten things to calm you down, without having to ask for a leave from job or empty your bank balance!

From how to stay calm when angry, to ways to calm down when stressed, the below listed methods work like a charm. No matter what time or situation, guaranteed:


List of  Top 10  Things to Calm you Down

1. Lay Yourself Down

In stressful environments, like at work, it is impossible to doze off. But shutting your eyes and resting for a quick while during the chaos, helps lose all anxiety. It rejuvenates your senses and helps get back in the game again, fresher than ever.

So, next time you feel frustrated, grab a pillow and take some rest.

2. Count Backwards

The oldest method we know. Don’t worry it still works amazingly well, when it comes to calming yourself down. This basically is a distractive method, which makes your mind drift from anxiety driven thoughts to something as basic as remembering what number comes before 5.

A few minutes until the interview and nervousness strikes? Backward counting is the way to go!

3. Massage Your Palms

We all know the power of massages, don’t we? But having one right in the middle of a heated conversation with colleagues, seems inappropriate.

We have an alternative that works as good, when you want to calm your nerves down.

With your thumb, soothingly massage the palm of your, other hand.

It will relax your muscles in an instant, dumping all the stress away.

4. Grab an Ice Pack

When stress hits, cool yourself down with an ice-pack. Cold water would work just fine too.

When one is stressed or having an anxiety attack, the blood pressure starts to rise, making your heart flutter, faster than ever. At that point, rub an icepack or run cold water, over your wrists and behind your ears.

This will help, cool the blood flow, bringing your stress levels to normal.

5. Try the Grounding54321 Game

This too like, counting backwards, is a distractive strategy. It takes your mind off the grave situation, until your stress levels get back to normal, which make you feel more in control.

To stay present, try using the Grounding 54321 game: a technique that works by taking your focus off your anxious feelings and causing you to focus on your surroundings instead. Essentially, it’s a distraction trick that – with a bit of effort – takes your mind away from your feeling of uneasiness and brings your focus back to reality. To play, name five things you can see in the room with you. Name four things you can feel. Name three things you can hear right now. Name two things you can smell right now. Name one good thing about yourself. [source]

You will be surprised to see how well this trick works.

6. Get your Hands on Some Dark Chocolate

This is by far one of the best things to do to calm down! Sure, eating isn’t the most favorable of things to do, when under stress. But Chocolates are one heck of an exception.

Dark chocolates are not only tasteful to eat, but they also help regulate the stress hormone levels. Which is all that we need and want!

7. Sniffing Some Fresh Air

When stress levels hit a new high, running out to an open air area is your best bet.

The hit of fresh air will not only revitalize your system but also give you a lasting boost of energy.

8. Smell Some Coffee

Drinking coffee, does often freshen one up, but more than the intake of the beverage itself, the overwhelming smell does the trick. It helps in reducing the stress hormone, even before you take a sip.

9. Get your Body Moving

Anxiety can hit hard, especially when one has been sitting in one place for hours. It makes your brain think that you have been stuck in the same situation for way too long.

So as soon as you feel anxiety crawling from beneath, stand up and wiggle your feet.

10. Stretch the Muscles Out

Stress can literally freeze your muscles. One quick and easy way to fight that is stretching.

It helps relax the muscles which results in relieving all muscle tension and makes you feel relaxed, instantly.

This marks the end of ten simple things to calm you down instantly when anxiety hits.

But before we wrap up, here’s a shout out to all those who tackle stressful work environments and social situations on a daily basis. You are the true definition of strength! <3


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