11 Ways to Get Rid of Phlegm without any Medicine

Phlegm is undoubtedly very terrible and it makes you feel very sick. You feel awful when you wake up with this congestion in your throat and then you start coughing a lot of phlegm. This gives you a painful throat and causes discomfort. Now, in this much discomfort and pain, you surely wouldn’t want to get out of bed at all, right? But you have to go see a doctor because you know it won’t heal itself!

How about we give you some amazing ways to get rid of Phlegm to make sure that you don’t have to go see a doctor and get medicine. You just have to follow these amazing tips to clear your throat using home remedies and techniques.

Eat Foods that Help Reducing Phlegm

This is the best and basic approach for treating phlegm naturally.

Following foods will help you treat your phlegm naturally;

1. Add Some Honey in Lemon Tea


This is a great way to treat your aggressive mucus linings. You can buy lemon tea from the market and you can also make some lemon tea by adding 2 teaspoons of lemon juice in warm drinkable 1 cup of water. The lemon juice does the trick by using its acidity to break up the mucus while the honey will cause soothing of your throat.

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2. Some Spicy Foods would be Great

Nobody would have told you so until now, isn’t that true?

Here we are advising you to eat spicy foods because they actually help to reduce the throat pain. Have you ever noticed that just a little bit of wasabi gets your nose running? YES?!!! Spicy foods such as pepper or wasabi act strongly and help in loosening up your noxious phlegm.

3. Never Forget about Warm Liquids


Warm liquids are great for soothing up your throat and relax your mucus. So, grab on whatever warm liquid you can get hold of, whether it is chicken soup, tea or just some warm coffee. Warm liquids give the warmth to your throat and eventually breaks some of the mucus stuck in your throat.

4. Gargles are always Helpful

No rocket science here people!

However, this tip gives simple, applicable and guaranteed results. You just have to mix about a half of teaspoon salt in a cup filled with warm water and then gargle with the mixture. Make sure you tilt your head backward during the gargles. It definitely helps and has been known as the most effective remedy for phlegm.

5. Drink a Lot of Water

Plenty of water is important to get rid of phlegm. If your body is making a lot of phlegm, it might indicate that the body is naturally trying to kick off the disease. It also indicates that immune system is working hard to give your body what it needs.

Just give your body enough water to make sure that it has everything required to get the job done.

6. A bit of Cider Vinegar would be Good

Yes, it surely doesn’t taste good when you are actually sick but it gets the job done just fine. It is amazingly good when it comes to making your throat better, just swallow it as soon as you can. Wait for more 5-10 seconds and if the taste still is there, drink some water to rinse your palate.

Avoid few things

There are certain things that enhance the production of phlegm. These things must be avoided to stop the production of more phlegm.

7. Don’t Smoke

When you have a lot of mucus stuck in your throat, make sure you don’t enhance its production by smoking. Try to avoid smoking as it dries out your vocal chords so your body starts creating more phlegm in order to reinstate the moisture that was dried out, due to smoke.

8. Don’t Consume Dairy

It is important that you don’t consume dairy products when your body is already producing phlegm. It is so not because dairy will actually cause more production of mucus but in various people, the fat content of milk act as an enhancer and thickens the mucus. Therefore, it is better to avoid dairy.

9. Stay Away from Irritating Smells

These smells might induce choking and it’s better to stay off the limits from them. The smells which might induce this kind of irritation to your nose include paints, oils etc.

Focus on some relieving strategies

Following things might help you;

10. Inhale Steam


It is great for thinning down the stuck mucus. You can also take a hot shower to loosen up the stuck mucus in your throat. Steaming strategy is always helpful.

11. Spit it Out

Don’t swallow back whatever comes in your mouth with coughing. It is important to spit it out as much as you can.

We hope you find a cure from all of the above tips!

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