12 Signs of Verbal Abuse in Our Daily Life

Ever felt yourself like a joke? Being laughed at, constantly used and abused? If yes, then it’s one of the signs of Verbal abuse too. Often times you don’t even realize that you actually are a victim of emotional abuse. Just because verbal abuse does not leave bruises, burns or cuts, doesn’t mean that it’s not painful. In truth, these scars of emotional abuse are deep enough to leave a severe impact on a person’s mind and personality.

Sometimes, however you are fully aware that you are a victim. Yet you choose to not give up, you might feel that with time things will work out, and with your love and care you will win your abuser’s heart. But the question is, did your effort make anything better before? No, Right? So, my friend compromising is not an option here.

The problem is, you cannot reason with your abuser and all these tears and begging won’t do any good either now or ever. No matter what you do, how much you try, you can neither stop nor control your abuser. Therefore, the best option for you is to leave! Take yourself off of this never-ending torture, find your inner peace and… Move on!


Signs of Verbal Abuse from Partner


Domestic abuse is not only physical, but emotional too. It kills slowly but surely, it destroys your esteem and peace of mind. It is a constant fear which leaves a person unsafe in their own home. Your partner might blame you for being too sensitive, that is however not the case. This is your abuser who needs to be blamed, not you.

Most of the times the abusers like to control you and by abusing they feel like being in charge of your thoughts and emotions. In such cases forgiving your abuser and accepting him once again with an open heart will make him even cogent.

Verbal abuse in marriage is frequent. Generally, women are the one who get abused. Since, they mostly choose to stay voiceless for the sake of their family, things get dirtier. You must Remember, once a victim, always a victim!

Do you know? ‘Every year about 20.7 million women are abused verbally.’

If you feel like a constant victim of these 12 major signs of verbal abuse from boyfriend or girlfriend, husband or wife. Just walk out of this relationship. Now!

1. You Feel Humiliated

Humiliation is absolutely insufferable. In a tie-up respect is as crucial as love. If your partner shouts abuse at you, specifically in public, it’s unquestionably not healthy, it’s Abusive!

Do you know? ‘Almost 20% of adults are abused by their partners in public.’


2. Your Partner Don’t Care about you or Your Needs

When your needs are not their priority, your requests are ignored, they don’t seem to notice your feelings, and don’t support your goals. This is certainly a huge Red sign!

3. You Feel like Being Controlled

It can be nerve wracking to be always bossed around, being controlled and unable to take your personal decision. It’s normal to have a dominating partner but a frighteningly controlling mate can be a pain in the neck.

4. You have to do Everything they Ask

Whether it hours of light or hours of darkness. You just can’t say ‘NO’ or you have to bear the consequences, and it can be too much to bear.

5. You can’t Make your Partner Happy with Anything

You feel guilty constantly even after giving your best, you are blamed that everything is your fault. Yet you try harder next time, but no matter how much effort you put in, it means nothing to your partner. Stop being so hard on yourself, it’s not your mistake.

6. You Felt like Being Cheated

Cheating is unforgiving, it also leaves a person in a mental abuse. If your partner have been unfaithful to you or threaten you to be unfaithful. That being so, there is no reason for you to continue without trust.

7. You are Brunt of Mean Jokes

Laughing together is the best part of any relationship but laughing at each other can be the worst. If you are the target of your partners mean jokes, and called abusive names. If your opinions, suggestions and idea are ignored as if you’re an empty-headed. That’s rude and shouldn’t be disregarded!

Do you know? ‘One-third of adults have been called abusive named by their partners’


8. Your Partner Controls and Questions your Finances

It’s good to take care of expenses, if however you cannot spend a penny without their permission. It’s a big no-no!

9. You are Frightened of their Behavior

The worst time of the day is when you know they are going to be at home. It throws you into panic because you are afraid to talk to your mate. You need to realize that constant fear might end up giving severe anxiety. If your partner threaten you, punish you or neglect you. This can be more than a flesh and blood can stand.

10. You do not have the Right to Complain

You cannot complain and they won’t apologize. They just never accept their mistakes or say sorry. There’s no denying that it’s emotionally torturing!

11. Your Personal Information is no more Personal

Since your partner stays up with you 24/7, they know many secrets of yours and it’s their responsibility to keep them personal. If despite that, they are disclosing your confidential matters, they might not be very sincere to you.

12. You Always have to Think Before you Speak

It feels like being trapped and helpless when you cannot just say anything without thinking because you know your words might be twisted and sadly it’s not a good sign!


Signs of Verbal abuse from Parents


Verbal abuse is not only a part of a husband-wife or a girlfriend-boyfriend relationship. Verbal abuse can be done to anyone anywhere, it may happen to you at work, school even at street by some random souls. However, some signs of mental abuse from parents leave life-threatening impacts on child’s personality. In some severe cases this torment may leave kid’s entire life in ruins. Most of the times, parents are unaware what their scolding or calling harmful names can do to their kids. A child’s confidence blows up if parents constantly let him down or yell at him in front of others. If one of the parents in abusive other must try their level best to control the situation by calming down their mate or by standing with their kid. Likewise, if any relative or teacher of kid witness any of these 12 signs of verbal abuse in children they should ASAP try to communicate with guardians before the situation gets out of hands.

  1. Depression, anxiety and loss of confidence
  2. Constant aggression or hyperactivity
  3. Sudden change in academic performance
  4. Frequent absences or leaves from school
  5. Attempts of running away
  6. Attempts of suicide
  7. Disengagement from friends
  8. Lack of trust in Parents
  9. Rebellious attitude towards people
  10. Presence of unusual fears.



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