12 Ways Facebook can ruin your Marriage Life

In recent time, Facebook has become a major social platform. Without any doubt, it’s the best way to stay in touch with your buddies and loved ones but it also has some drastic effects on your relationships and, Facebook can ruin your marriage life in several ways.

I know you must be wondering about, how Facebook can ruin your marriage life, right? A question must be strangling in your mind that what’s the link of this social platform to your marriage devastation?

Don’t worry! Be patient! I’ll answer that in a moment!

First, let me share some facts with your regarding Facebook that no one can deny. This social platform has numerous attractions. Now a days, it is not only a medium of communication but also a major source for sharing your ideas, creativity, and business promotion. You can find out each and everything regarding what’s going on in the world!

The point I wanna make from all of the above-mentioned facts is, we all spend a lot of time on Facebook without getting bored.

This is the only negative aspect of this loveable social platform. We might get tons of laughter, all kind of NEWS, and many more but; its addiction let us to forget our loved ones – especially your life partner!

Certainly, Facebook can ruin your marriage if it has really made you addicted enough that you just consider it above everything else.

12 Ways Facebook Ruined my Marriage

No Time for Partner

One man cannot serve the two masters; similarly, it isn’t appropriate to use Facebook when you are with your spouse. It’ll depict conflict of priorities and you can’t afford this complex situation if you are married.

In short, what I wanna say is, your partner must be your first priority.

It Depreciates your Romantic Ties with your Partner

The dark side of over use of Facebook and other social platform is, they create negative impacts on the mutual relationship of husband-wife.

Your love life seems to be pre-occupied by these social platforms. Hence, both of you experience depreciation in romantic ties.

Your Partner Starts getting Fidelity Doubts

Too much use of Facebook makes your partner suspicious. It creates your image as a bad person. Your partner asks questions to herself/ himself like whom he/she is talking to? Am I not important for him/her?

Such negative thoughts aren’t good for the survival of your marriage and, believe me Facebook destroy marriages when your partner starts considering you a cheater!

Your Partner gets Jealous –An Ultimate way Facebook can Ruin your Marriage

Have you ever noticed the changed behavior of your spouse regarding Facebook use? I’m quite sure you have observed some mood swings in your partner’s behavior at some point especially when you were using Facebook.

Did you tried to find out the reason? I bet, you haven’t!

Believe me or not, those bad facial expressions were because of the fact that you were not giving him/her the proper time and attention he/she requires.

Staying Online Satisfies you rather than Talking to your Love

Naturally, we are attracted towards things we like. Same is the case with Facebook! Some people get addicted to this so badly that they just can’t find satisfaction in anything else – Even they don’t find it interesting to talk to their loved ones!

Things you Discuss with your Partner are Facebook Oriented

What else could be bad if you have nothing to talk about with your spouse other than Facebook? Facebook can certainly ruin your marriage if all the things you discuss with your partner are somehow related with the Facebook.

It’ll not only lower your level of mutual understanding but you will also suffer from a disconnection with your spouse with the passage of time because you’ll left with nothing that could make you both happy – How Sad!

Your Partner doesn’t Count on you Anymore –An Alarming sign Facebook can Ruin your Marriage

Trust is the building block of any relationship, right?

What if your partner doesn’t trust you anymore? What if he/she thinks you’ll not be able to choose him/her over you Facebook and social media addiction?

Believe me, you are at a dead end!

This is absolutely an alarming situation for both of you!

P.S: You must limit your Facebook user especially in front of your spouse.

You Partner points out Experiencing Behavioral Changes

Have you experienced any kind of change in your attitude and behavior in recent times – especially when you are spending excessive time on Facebook?

Whether you agree or not, your behavior couldn’t be the same because your partner isn’t happy with you anymore because you are ignoring him/her!

You Argue with your Spouse because of Facebook –An absolute sign Facebook ruining Marriages

Is Facebook the bone of contention between you and your spouse? Ever wondered, why?

It’s because you have chosen this time pass over your family, loved ones, and especially your spouse! If your partner is having an argument with you time to time and it is somehow related to your excessive use of social media.

You must revisit your priorities. You’ll surely find that you have adopted something that will give you nothing except anxiety and restlessness!


Some Other Signs Facebook can Ruin your Marriage

    • You are not giving proper time to your family which is weakening your bond with the kids as well as their mother.
    • Your family claims that you aren’t the same. It could be because you are spending most of your free time on Facebook rather than sharing it with your spouse and kids.

Facebook can ruin your marriage if your partner is demanding access to your Facebook account. It could be because he/she thinks that you are rebuilding connections with the past affairs.


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