5 Silliest Mistakes that Grooms Always Make!!

Have you been excited for your wedding since ever?

Like most of us?!

You probably are; it is the biggest day in your life and you want it to be more than perfect.

So, hold on!

Are you prepared? Are you ready to get all fancy and put on your tuxedo and stand there, holding hands of the love of your life in the grand wedding ceremony? Did it ever occur to you what exactly is your role as a groom when you are about to be wedded?

Yes, you get to spend a lot of fun time with your groomsmen celebrating the joyous event of your life. Whilst all the pre-party fun, you need to support your fiancé a lot and might do a little effort as well.

Doesn’t matter if you are very finicky about details or you just don’t like to interrupt much, there are some basic responsibilities of a groom that you have to perform. You should take up some work on your to-do list and make sure that you have your part executed well. Planning wedding needs your role just as much as it needs your fiancé.

So, once you are done with the engagement and there is sometime in watching your loved one walk down the aisle for you, you need to consider some of these common mistakes that guys just casually make. Please ensure not to make these mistakes anywhere near the wedding whether it’s before or after.

1. Saying yes to everything

Saying yes to everything

You know you guys get too excited when it’s about your wedding and everything has to be perfect! Make sure guys that you don’t get super excited and forget about your tight pockets. Sure, everything is so fancy and God she is so happy, ‘let’s do it’, you convince yourself. But, you have to stick to a plan and make sure your budget isn’t exploited in any of this pre and post wedding stuff, which will make you worry once you are done being excited and return to the real world.

How to avoid it

Plan out your budget with your fiancé beforehand and then make sure nothing tempts you because you guys have a pact and you wouldn’t let petty issues get in the way, right?


2. Inviting too many people

Inviting too many people

Anything like “Hey buddy, I am getting married, oh you should come. It’s on 20th at a plaza”.

God, you do that every counter and to every person, you see after the engagement. You should be careful about it because you are the one that’s eventually going to pay for it.

How to avoid it

Make a list of potential people and send out formal invitations. Don’t invite anyone unless you really want that person to be there!

3. Missing out meetings with wedding vendors

You just think that she’ll handle it, big deal!

Yes, she will but you know you need to be instantly informed if there are any changes and if something needs attention or even if you have to handle a situation.

Oh wait, but how can you?

You aren’t there, you aren’t attending any of the meetings because it is too stupid. Well, you might regret it once they are charging you like crazy.

How to avoid it?

Schedule guys, schedule it! Write it in the little black book and be there. You have to be the responsible one here. You should know when, where, what and why is anything happening related to your wedding.

4. Saying “I don’t care”

5 Silliest Mistakes that Grooms Always Make!! 4


Okay, let’s face it! You do it to look cool only and that is just enough of it. You actually care and how you can’t?

It’s the most important event of your life. You have got to care, even if she’s more careful than you. Your participation is necessary, at least look into what she’s showing you or telling you.

How to avoid it?

Well, just a bit of extra effort. Don’t say I don’t care! Instead “show me” or “tell me” is a better option to say. “I’m listening” will make you the super groom.

5. Not buying gifts for groomsmen

Not buying gifts for groomsmen

Oh God, they took time out of their lives to make you feel special, to PARTY with you.

By the way, it’s not something just made up, it is actually tradition and you have to get those gentlemen some gifts because they did the best to make your day even more amazing!

How to avoid it?

Right after you have selected your groomsmen and invited them, go and get gifts for your groomsmen!

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