5 Facts About Tragus Piercing Pain that Everyone Must Know

5 Facts About Tragus Piercing Pain that Everyone Must Know

Like an ear lobe, the tragus is a less sensitive part of our ear therefore, it is pierce-able. But, there are few dangers regarding this penetration. Tragus piercing, if not done professionally, can create a lot problems like intolerable pain or infection.

Who in the world does not like ornaments? It is every person’s desire to look pretty. But, when it comes to piercing, both men and women do not normally prefer the ear or belly areas! They still think to want something more interesting and unusual i.e. tragus piercing.

A blunt instrument can cause more pain. An improperly sterilized apparatus can lead to an infection and many fatal diseases like hepatitis, AIDS etc.

Things to Know Before Tragus Piercing

Which Instrument to use?

There are various instruments which are used for tragus piercing. Some people use a penetration gun while other prefer a pin. Both instruments are feasible.

But, I’ll suggest a pin, because it has several advantages over the gun. A pin or needle is easy to sterilize as compared to the gun.

As far as the associative pain is concerned, it is almost the same in both cases. A needle’s penetration is gentle as compared to the gun. Also, it smoothens the healing process.

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P.S. Ask your piercer to use a new needle!

Which jewelry to use for tragus?

Choice of jewelry is an important aspect in terms of pain, and healing process. Try to use lightweight ornaments to endure less pain. The use of a heavy piece of metal in early days of piercing can give you more ache.

In addition, do not use curvy and thick jewelry because it has negative impacts on the healing process. Such ornaments may enhance healing period. Use a straight barbell in the beginning and lately, you can switch to any jewelry that you would want to wear!

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The Tragus Piercing and the pain:

How can you not have pain if you are injecting something in the body? In tragus piercing, a piercer injects a needle or pin in the tragus to make a hole for jewelry. Surely, it cannot be accomplished without bearing some…!

I know what you are thinking right now! The pain… right?!

Believe me!

Generally, piercing is not a painful process. Expertise of the piercer helps a lot in the pain reduction.

But, how much pain you would bear? It depends upon various factors like your endurance, fear, and choice of jewelry.

If you can endure a little pain, you must not worry about this process. It is not a hectic one! But, if you want to wear heavy jewelry then piercing could be a little painful because in this case, the piercer has to create more space.

Fear is an important factor during the process of piercing. Greater you fear, higher will be the pain that you feel, because psychological pressure will make you conscious and a small pinch will hurt a lot.


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Tragus Piercing Risks:

What are risks related to piercing? It is an important question!

Piercing requires proper aftercare of the wound. Piercing can cause swelling. This is a natural process and a little swelling is nothing to worry about. Mostly, when a wound heals, it swells.

What about infection? An infection slows the healing process. Besides, lengthening the healing period can cause a lot of other problems. Tragus piercing infection can damage sensitive tissues of the body, especially ear tissues. It can disturb hearing of the person.

Unfortunately, if penetrating instrument is not properly sterilized, it can cause AIDS, Hepatitis, and other diseases.

Tragus Piercing pain comparison with other piercings:

There are several types of piercings that an individual can have like nose, lip and tongue, genital piercing, and many more.

But, the question is, which piercing hurts the most…?

Tragus piercing pain lasts only for some seconds. But, healing process takes time. Blood wastage is very small. Only few drops of blood come out of the body.

Ear and nose piercings are very common as compared to other piercings. Since, ear lobe and nose has very less nerve endings, therefore these piercings are not very painful.

On the other hand, tongue piercing is very painful. Actually, tongue is collection of nerves and muscles, therefore this piercing hurts a lot! Belly and genital piercings are also the ones causing a lot of pain.

Genital piercing is very complex, because it is a sensitive and important (I hope, you know, what I mean!) part of our body.

Precautions related to The Tragus Piercing:

Things to keep in mind are:

  • Always ask for a new needle or pin (if you are piercing with gun).
  • Visit a piercer, never try to do it yourself.
  • Immediately consult a skin specialist if wound is taking too long to heal.
  • Prevent your wound from water during a face wash.
  • Never apply any cream/gel on the wound without a doctor’s permission.
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