6 Steps to make YOU the Best Wedding Guest!!

Do you know the amount of time and energy it takes to successfully plan one’s wedding function?

Many would argue that most of the planning and work is taken care by the wedding planner. But sorry to burst your bubble, it’s not!

The bride and Groom may not physically have to do the work, but the amount of planning that they put behind in making things work is exhausting. The amount of stress is exhilarating and you would surely agree to it that if you have had a wedding function, be it an upscale event or something just between close family and friends; it’s exhausting!

Despite such hard work put in by the Bride and Groom, many at times there are guests who may or may not subconsciously ruin things up. And trust us on this, you wouldn’t want to be that guest, EVER!

So, here are 6 tried and tested wedding etiquettes for guests that will help you in becoming the best wedding guest of all times:


Step 1: RSVP. Act as soon as possible!

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When someone sends you an invitation to attend their wedding, make sure you respond to their invitation as soon as possible. That is exactly what RSVP stands for!

Invites are usually sent out 6 to 8 weeks prior to the wedding date and the hosts expect your response to be within a week or two or latest by the 4th week. This is when they need to confirm to the caterers and decorators the number of guests that will be coming in.

Also make sure to respond to the invite, respectfully. If the invite is formally written, apply the same tone in your response.

If you haven’t had a chance to congratulate the couple or wish them luck as yet, slip in a personal note along with your response as well.

But most of all, make sure to respond to them even if you are not planning to attend the wedding. Making them wait is the worst thing you could do, hence being dumped off from the ‘best wedding guest’ wagon, right away!


Step 2: Gift. Try to stick to the registry!

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Once you have received an invite, the first thing you should think about is not what you are going to wear, but what you are going to gift the couple.

Yes, most people would jump straight up and head either to their closet in search of a dress they could use this season or sit to plan a much-needed shopping trip. However, the first thing you should be looking up is the couple’s registry, which is where they note down things that they need.

Once you have seen what the couple wants, finalize your budget and purchase it!

But make sure you do not tag the gift along with you to the wedding. Get it dropped at their address, which you could find in the registry.

Tagging along gifts to the reception means they will have to be looked after by the couple; this is not what they should be doing on their BIG day.

Moreover, if you plan on giving something other than that mentioned on the registry, make sure to stick to cash only so that they can purchase whatever THEY need. Because if they needed anything else other than the registry, they would have definitely mentioned it up there.

Even though you have up to a year after the wedding to send in your gift, but the sooner the better counts in!


Step 3: Attire. Dress according to the events

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Wedding attire etiquettes are something, many guests lack, nowadays!

Make sure you dress up according to the event which means if it’s a wedding luncheon, a light toned suit or dress shirt with a tie would work just fine, for men. As would a floral mid-skirt paired with a fitted blouse, for women.

If the invite calls for a formal evening, dark toned suits paired with a formal tie would look best on men. However, for women, cocktail dresses work well.

When the events are religious such as the ceremony in the church, make sure you have appropriate clothes on i.e. not much bare skin should be seeping through.

But make sure to NEVER, and I repeat NEVER, wear a white dress to the wedding. Since it’s the bride’s day, let her be the only one shining gloriously in that color.


Step 4: Timeliness. Be on time no matter what!

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Timeliness, we believe, is the key towards becoming the best wedding guest!

Make sure to be at all the events on time, especially at the ceremony because this isn’t the sort of event where the phrase ‘fashionably late’ works well.

Make sure to arrive at least 15 mins prior to the start of the event. The time is always mentioned on the invitation card. By doing this, you can be able to get seated in your place and not have to rush at the last minute. In the case of an up-scaled event, be at the event at least 30mins prior.

Basic etiquettes for:


Step 5: Ceremony. Respect their rituals!

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A wedding ceremony is the most emotional and respectful event among all other traditional festivities.

Different sects of religion believe in all different sorts of religious duties and rituals. Whether or not you believe in their rituals, it is your utmost duty to at least respect them when attending the ceremony.

We are not asking you to lead their rituals but if you are a close friend, just follow the lead of their family. In case there is something that makes you uncomfortable, make sure to take a back seat where your behavior neither bothers the bride and groom, nor their family.

Make a mental note before going to the ceremony to not criticize or compare religions or anything for that matter. It is a complete bummer, trust me!


Step 6: Reception. Be courteous

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The first thing that comes to mind about receptions is ‘ meeting the couple’.

Most venues have a receiving line where the couple stands with their family, gathering well wishes from the invitees.

Make sure to never cut the line. Wait for your turn, despite the urgency to congratulate them!

Also when it is your turn, make sure to not hassle the bride and groom with your long chatter, despite how close you are to them. Keep the long chats for the time when you invite the newly-wed couple for dinner or lunch at your place.

Till then, simply congratulate them and wish them good luck for future and move on.

Secondly, be courteous when it comes to their traditions such as the bouquet toss or the dance. It is up to you whether you choose to be a part of them or quietly enjoy the music and the open bar. But disrespecting or bickering about how useless these traditions look to you, will make you a bad guest!

On an ending note, make sure to never compare two weddings or criticize about how better a job they could have done. Because when it comes to planning their BIG day, the hosts put in every little effort they can. Though it doesn’t necessarily mean that their planning matches your opinion, every time!

What else do you think makes one the best wedding guest? Comment below and let us know!


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