6 Weird Reasons for not losing weight!

6 Weird Reasons for not losing weight!

Often dieticians have been tortured with the same question over and over again, sometimes more than 20 times a day, about how to lose weight! At most occasions, the answer is as simple as healthy eating habits and exercise, in many situations, it isn’t.

In an interview with a dietician, we were told that gaining weight is not always related to your lack of physical activity or intake of a poor diet. Many times, there are factors that may sound minor but have a huge hand behind your increasing weight that is getting stubborn day by day, refusing to budge down even by a pound.

We refer to this as, reasons for not losing weight

Now there are several reasons for an unexplained weight gain, beginning from lack of water intake to oversleep. Yup, sounds unbelievable, but scroll down and see for yourself!

6 Reasons Why You’re not Losing Weight


1. Drink More Water for Weight Loss

6 Weird Reasons for not losing weight! 13

Researchers have derived dehydration from being one of the chief reasons behind the dreadful and unexplained weight gain.

When one takes scarce amounts of water for a long period of time, our body goes into survival mode. This means storing whatever liquid you take, in tissues and its surroundings, which results in a swelled and bulkier self.


By taking 8 glasses of water a day. It may feel like a task for the first couple days, but it will gradually fit in, like a routine.

Not only will it help reduce your face swelling but will also make you feel fresh and energetic. Research proves that the right amount of water intake can keep one young, both on the inside as well as on the outside.


2. Your Body is Under Pressure

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Studies suggest that people living or working in stressful environments are more likely to gain weight and have a difficult time shedding it.

Though there are many people who tend to lose weight when under pressure, but research suggests otherwise.

During high-stress levels, our body releases cortisol, which amplifies the appetite, resulting in increased hunger. It’s usually for carbohydrates and fatty foods, which in layman’s term are called ‘cravings’.


Keep calm!

I wouldn’t suggest medicines to control stress, as they too result in unexplained weight gain.

Instead, fit Yoga into your everyday routine, which is a natural stress-buster.

My personal favorites are Big toe pose and Cat pose. To learn more, visit Yoga Journal and say goodbye to excess body fat!

3. Your Body is Aging

6 Weird Reasons for not losing weight! 15

Well despite trying, this factor cannot be avoided for long. You are bound to age at some point or the other in life. But what has aging got to do with unexplained weight gain?

The relation is simple, as you get older, so do all the other systems in your body. They may not work as efficiently as they did, let’s say 10 years ago.


Many often complained that their metabolism has slowed down. Now you know the answer that it is all due to the aging factor.


Well, how to fix this naturally occurring process?

Your metabolism may be aging, but it hasn’t stopped altogether. Make a diet plan and here is the complete guide about foods to eat for a flat belly.

Concentrate towards having healthy meals that are not too heavy on your digestive system.Also, pair it up with regular exercise and losing weight will no more be a problem.

4. Your Body Lacks Motivation

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Or so your brain thinks!

When one is trying to lose weight, the first thing they require is loads and loads of Motivation.

Psychologists say, sometimes, all people require is a kick to get their engines started (metaphorically). A kick of appreciation. A kick of motivation!

It’s a mind over matter situation, where despite their efforts, they are unable to yield results.


Positivity is the key to fixing this situation!

You need to start believing in yourself. You can always take small steps towards success – set small achievable goals that by the end of the day will lead you to your ultimate goal. Furthermore, make friends who share the same school of thought. Not only will this help in weight loss but also built up your confidence and moral.

5. Your Body is Sleeping a Bit Too Much

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Well, this one’s the weirdest and a little disheartening too!

A research that was followed for 6 long years shows, people who slept for 8 to 9 hours were more likely to get obese over time. Whereas those who sleep no more than 6 hours stayed comparatively fit and active.

Researchers were unable to find a solid proof as to why this happens, but it does happen despite the same diets and amount of activity.


Well, cut down your sleep time!

Research also shows, those who sleep early at night feel far more energetic with the same amount of sleep than those who sleep late. So it’s simple: early to bed, early to rise makes one healthy, wealthy and wise.

6. Your Body is Being Affected by the High Intake of Coffee

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Since decades, coffee has become like a constant in most people’s lifestyle. Research says, the right amount of coffee does keep your waistline in check, but it also proves that high doses of coffee can also bring the opposite effect.

The chlorogenic acid present in coffee beans can bulk your waistline if taken in high doses, such as 5 or more cups in a day. Even though the weight put on is not much, but it does deprive people of reaching their desired weight goals and body shape.


Well, there isn’t much that you need to do, other than watching the amount of coffee you drink per day. Keep in mind, everything is bad for health, if taken in adverse amounts.

If you are an addict, switch to healthier options such as orange juice or my personal favorite, lemon and honey mixed in warm water. Not only does it give your system the much-needed buzz in the morning to feel fresh, but also keeps your digestive system working smoothly, and helps lose belly fat.

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