7 essential beauty products when you are travelling!!

Have you planned a trip to Greece, or to the snow covered tops of Switzerland? You know, makeup essentials are one thing you must have under all circumstances……..because you never know when and where you might need it!

Since we want you to feel comfortable on your trip without the extra load of baggage, here’s a list that we have prepared. This will help determine products that are a necessary in your beauty travel bag while rendering all the other that you THINK, you would need!

Let’s begin!

1. The tan-protector, sunblock:

Tan-protector, sunblock

Be it at any beach or a snow-filled location, a sunblock is must be carried in your beauty travel bag because unnecessary tanning is a bummer when it comes to traveling. The sunblock not only helps prevent the tan but also avoids the risk of getting the UV rays absorbed into your skin.

For the perfect sunscreen, you need to check where you are traveling and what activities will you be sporting into. For a city tour, a sunblock with an SPF within 30-35 works well enough whereas, for deserts, beaches, and alike places, you would have to notch the SPF up to a 100. For more information regarding what sunblock would suit best, check this out.

2. An all-rounder, BB Cream:

BB Cream

Well, BB creams are found to be very popular in the market recently and why not, they are a complete package, after all!

From primer, foundation, sunscreen to a moisturizer, this product works in place of all! If packing light is the motive then this is the first thing you should throw in your beauty travel bag!

It gives your skin the perfect light coverage when looking to go for a natural yet refreshing look while the SPF present in it will keep the skin from getting unnecessarily tanned.

Smash box’s Camera Ready BB Cream serves the purpose amazingly well!

Before and After BB Cream

3. For formal looks, a foundation:

formal looks

If you have anything formal to attend, we would suggest you pack a foundation otherwise don’t carry the extra luggage! If you are looking to give your face a full, heavy coverage than this beauty travel product is a must to take.

P.S. Go for the foundation which you usually use and know that it suits you best.Try not to experiment when traveling.

4. A rosy tint for the cheeks, Blush:

Rosy tint for the cheeks

Travelling can sometimes dull you face and rid you of color. It may be due to tiredness or the difference of weather. But whatever the case, it is nothing a nice rose colored or a peachy blush can’t fix.

A blush adds a pop of color to your face which gives your look a fresher, brighter appearance.

When packing, one thing I couldn’t seem to leave behind is my 8 blush palette. But then I found Milani’s Baked blushes which are individually packed shades, beautiful to the core and save me from the hassle of carrying the 8 blush palette.

Also, they cost less than $10 each, so even if it does break during travel, it doesn’t cost me a fortune, unlike my 8 blush palette!

5. Instant look enhancer, Mascara:

Instant look enhancer, Mascara

Well, this travel cosmetic is a must have for sure! Be it a spontaneous date or a stroll in the city look, mascara is definitely a must-have. It makes the eyes instantly pop which is a life-saver if you can’t sleep well without your bed. The mascara helps take away the sleep deprived look from your face, exchanging it with a fresher, wide-eyed look.

Oh, go for nothing but a waterproof formula because you never know how the weather can be; rain or humidity might mess up your usual formula! And the last thing you want on your travel trip are mascara streams running down your, otherwise flawless, face.

Unsure as to what water-proof formula works best? This guide will help you out!

And guess what? Your waterproof mascara also doubles as a smudge free liquid liner, saving up all the more space! Now isn’t that just cool!

6. Fight the dryness or get your face clean within seconds, Vaseline:


So, makeup or not, Vaseline is a must-carry in your beauty travel bag. In the case of dry chapped lips and skin, this is what is going to suck the dryness away!

If the weather is anything but dry, Vaseline can always come in handy when wiping off makeup at the end of the day. Especially that waterproof mascara which has proven to be a little clingy. But nothing beats the power of Vaseline. So pop it in the bag, right away!

7. How can we forget the lipstick?


For me, nothing says fresh and ready to rock look, better than bright colored lippies! So, for me, it is surely a must-have. But, if you aren’t into bold colors, don’t forget to keep light colored lippies and a lightly tinted lip balm to give your face a pop of freshness to look chic and stylish all day!

Because no one wants to look dull and utterly tired in all those pictures, right?

Bene Tint works wonders as for both lips as well as cheeks and it is a soft rosy shade, unlike what the packaging showcases, and seems intact for good 12 hours. Perfect for when you want to sport the natural look!

P.S. here are a few essential tips to keep in mind when packing for travel:

  1. Make sure to get your hands on travel size products because they are easy to squeeze in when space is an issue.
  2. Also keep in mind, makeup products such as compressed powder and blushes are vulnerable and might break easily, if not packed with utmost care.
  3. Pack products that last longer than 8 hours so you don’t have to go through the hassle of re-touching, every now and then!
  4. Last but not the least, ENJOY even if you don’t look your best. Because possibility is that you might not even see them again! 😉

Shoot up a comment in the space provided below if you think I’m missing out on any essentials? Feel free to add yours in the list too!


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