7 prime rules for living life to the fullest

At some point or other, we all think about living life to the fullest, but we rarely succeed at it!

Ever really thought why?

Because we never really work towards achieving this particular goal, like we do in case of other goals in life.

Living life to the fullest is not just about partying or travelling, it is more about feeling content.

Here are 7 rules that we believe can bless you with a meaningful and content lifestyle.

Let go of your past:

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Many of us have a habit of sticking to our dreadful pasts. Learn to let it go! Because first of all, you can’t really go back in time and change it unless of course, you know how to time travel. However, you don’t try to concentrate on making your present better and work for your future, you let your mind linger on issues of your past.

Moving on is the first step towards a fulfilling life.

“The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.” – Socrates

What people say about you is just their opinion:

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We are surrounded by people who seem to love stating their opinions about almost everything. Turns out, dodging such people is kind of impossible. We know, because we have tried and unfortunately they are unavoidable.

However, what can be done is to keep in mind that all they say is just their mere Opinion about you. It is what they THINK you are, not what you ACTUALLY are! You may not be able to block them but you can surely block their opinions and not let that affect you.

Time is the best of all cures:

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Be it a breakup, a volatile memory or a demise of your dear one; nothing can cure the throbbing ache or the burning rage, other than time. The purest of all healers is time with which every sore wound can be cured.

As a natural instinct, it seems like it’s impossible to survive, but with every tick of the clock, with every passing season and so on, the wound heals. It heals enough to let you live in peace. The emptiness fills up. The scar fades away. Leaving behind just a memory!

So let time do its magic!

You, alone are in charge of your life:

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Living a fulfilled life means, taking charge of your life. But many of us lack the confidence of leading our own lives.

Sounds ironic, right?!

But, that’s what society has turned us into ….. Cowards!

If living life to the fullest is what you mean to do, grab your reigns right away. Take charge of your life and lead yourself towards the path of fulfilment. Because you ,alone, should have the right to decide what’s best for you!

If you want a change for yourself, if you want to break free, if you want to work towards a content lifestyle; you yourself will have to bring the change!

Don’t judge or let judge:

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We, as humans, have reached a whole new level of judging people!

From one’s attire, to their lifestyle, we stop at nothing.

Psephologist say, happiness in life can be brought by letting go of this habit!

If contentment is what you are looking for in life, stop judging those around you. Let them lead their lives, as they please. While you lead yours according to what you believe. Neither judge, nor let yourself be judged!

Stop thinking and enjoy the moment:

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With the amount of technological developments, life has, in a lot of terms, become easier but at the same time, quite complicated too!

First and foremost thing that I find has struck out of balance; lack of communication.

Yes, vocal, face to face communication! We, in the name of socializing, have only been virtually stalking people rather than interacting with them. This has led us to promote miscommunication and being judgmental in the name of liberty and freedom of speech.

We keep thinking about how the society will jump up to our actions or how social media will disown us rather than enjoying the short time you have in this world.

Let go of what society thinks and start living life your way today because we never know what happens tomorrow!

Be Happy:

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Happiness is the lost key that leads one right up to the door of fulfilment. But with our busy schedules and tiring duties, we often forget how necessary it is to keep ourselves happy, in order to lead a life of fulfilment.

With so less time and so much to do, it seems hard to be able to take out time for personal sake. But, it is as essential!

If your budget or schedule doesn’t allow you to take a vacation every 6 months, the least you can opt for is a spa-day every 2 weeks or so, a movie night with closed acquaintances or anything that makes you feel content on the inside.

Many believe writing brings them joy, some listen to old all-time favourite tunes while some say, all it takes to refresh them is a nice novel with hot coffee.

I believe, the simplest way to keep yourself happy is to let go of everything that makes you sad!

What do you believe, makes life a fulfilled journey, worth living?

Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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